Why is the knowledge of organisational behaviour important to practising managers today?

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Why is the knowledge of organisational behaviour important to practising managers today


Businesses are created and managed by people. Whether it is a small or a big enterprise, organisations are generated and run by the people in order to satisfy human objectives. Managers need an understanding of organisational behaviour because a large part of their job is trying to get people to work as effectively as possible within the workplace. Organisational behaviour is the study of how people behave whilst in groups and as individuals. A vital element that a manager needs to consider is the most effective ways in which to motivate individuals and offer various incentives to get the most out of them. Also, communication throughout the team needs to be carefully managed in order to maximise productivity within the workforce and ensure that all members of the workforce are driving towards fulfilling the organisation’s mission and objectives. Managers within organisations help in planning, organising, directing and controlling. They allocate resources, direct the activities of others and make essential decisions to attain organisational goals. Some of the important roles performed by organisational behaviour in management of business are as follows: Managing work force diversity – Managers have to deal with individuals and groups belonging to different ethnicities and cultures. Organisational behaviour helps the managers to effectively deal with the workforce diversity by promoting awareness and encouraging culture and gender diversity. Work life balance – Organisations that do not help employees to achieve work life balance will not be able to retain their most talented employees. Innovation and change – Organisational behaviour in stimulating innovation and change. Employees can either be a hurdle or an instrument of change. This also needs to be effectively managed to stem the possibility of a strong resistance to change.



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