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Procurement Approach

GRN Recycling pursues the conventional methodology that is received by the NSW Government while directing its acquisition exercises. This methodology portrays the technique that is trailed by the greater part of the government offices while leading its obtainment exercises. This methodology includes three expansive stages set by NSW obtainment for its acquirement procedure. explicitly Plan, Source, and Manage. The accompanying structure of the obtainment approach improved with helpful tools empowers GRN to screen the procurement exercises against the best practice recommendations (NSW Government, 2018).

Figure 1: Procurement Approach (NSW Government, 2019)


Planning in procurement includes counselling key partners to characterize our 'genuine' need, breaking down how the supply market functions, surveying dangers and eventually characterizing the best Procurement Strategy to meet the business prerequisites (Australian Government Department of Finance, 2019).

P1: Analysing the business needs

This involves identifying, analysing, and communicating the business needs for now as well as in foreseeable future.
The key steps to analyse business needs for GRN recycling are:

  • Identify the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Engaging the key stakeholders whenever required to win their commitment
  • Organising the brainstorming sessions frequently to come up with some unique ideas and unique ways to achieve the similar objectives in an efficient way (NSW Government, 2018).

P2: Analyse and Engage the market

We will likely build up an extensive profile of the elements of the supply advertise to choose how best to interface with it: 

  • Have a reasonable profile of the supply advertise, its capacities and its key drivers of progress which will shape it throughout the following 12 three years. 
  • Guarantee we know about new and inventive arrangements that the supply market could actualize to convey better an incentive for cash to the organization. 
  • Get an energy about the level of influence between the organization and the market. 

The key strides to investigate and draw in the market are: 

  • Distinguish first any plan that may exist at the Whole of Government level (for instance, prequalification plans and boards) or organization courses of action with a piggyback proviso and use them. 
  • Embrace an exhaustive examination of the supply showcase. 
  • Cooperate and draw in with the supply advertise in consistence with honour rules.

P3: Finalise the Procurement Strategy

We will probably build up a system to collaborate with the market dependent on our comprehension and investigation of: 

  • The business needs and requests related chances. 
  • The elements of the supply advertise. 
  • Key dangers and openings identified with the spend. 

The key strides to finish the Procurement Strategy are: 

  • Abridge our key discoveries about business needs, the supply market and key dangers and openings. 
  • Decide the dimension of Business Criticality of the venture and what top need openings ought to be driven out of the course of action. 
  • Comprehend the distinctive vital alternatives to get the best out of the supply market to convey ideal incentive for the office: 
  • How would we approach the market? 
  • What will achievement resemble? 
  • How would we oversee dangers? (Australian Government Department of Finance, 2019).


The primary goal of this stage is to recognize and connect with providers who will give the best incentive to cash result, in a system of honesty and reasonable managing. A key deliverable for this stage is to decide the fitting sourcing strategy, with thought given to choices other than simply offering (Procurement Academy, 2019).

S1: Approach the Market

A key step inside the acquisition procedure is drawing in with the commercial centre. We approach providers through market commitment exercises, for example, Request for Proposals (RFPs), Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and Direct Negotiations.

To pick up an effective result from these market commitment exercises we must:

  • Characterize clear appraisal criteria and procedures, as per the obtainment methodology.
  • Give providers all the data they must present the best fit-for-reason offer inside a system of fidelity and reasonable managing.

The key strides to approach the market are:

  • Set up an appraisal board comprising of the correct business clients and specialized specialists.
  • Characterize an appraisal plan that mirrors the key needs of the acquirement procedure, particularly with respect to the assessment criteria.
  • Ensure the RFx (a typical term for welcome to offer) documentation is clear, succinct and extensive and that the current significant records and layouts are utilized.
  • Give enough perceivability to the RFx, incorporate all key data required by the providers and give a similar dimension of data to every one of the providers.
  • Properly deal with the reactions in an open and reasonable procedure for instance, provider preparation, reaction to enquiries, issuing of addenda, the executives generally tender.

S2: Select

Our target is to guarantee we select the best provider for our necessities inside a system of honour and reasonable managing.

The key strides to choose the best supplier(s) are:

  • Guarantee reasonableness and straightforwardness of the determination procedure, including the administration of connections with providers.
  • Guarantee set of accepted rules/privacy understandings are marked by the determination board of trustees preceding experiencing the assessment procedure.
  • Preceding opening delicate reactions guarantee you have built up an organized and precise assessment process that is illustrative of the intricacy of the obtainment.

S3: Negotiate and award

We will likely get the best last course of action with the favoured supplier while guaranteeing prerequisites around honour and reasonable managing.

Key to a fruitful arrangement is being well prepared, comprehend what our destinations are and figure out what an effective result resembles. A decent exchange should leave the two gatherings fulfilled and prepared to build up a fruitful relationship (NSW Government, 2018).

The key strides of arrangement and contract grant are:

  • Consult in consistence with the procedure set out in the welcome archives and with full straightforwardness and responsibility.
  • Cautiously get ready and plan the exchange and continue to execute those plans.
  • Finish the course of action with the effective competitor/s.
  • Question the ineffective applicants.
  • Fittingly uncover and record the game plan (NSW Government, 2018).

Direct exchanges might be utilized in extraordinary conditions (for instance, the nonattendance of rivalry). A reasonable appraisal, considering a far-reaching information increased through explicit statistical surveying, should be made to legitimize direct exchange. An exclusion for extraordinary conditions is then to be endorsed by the proper representative before direct arrangement happens (NSW Government, 2018).


Each course of action verbalizes the rights and duties of the gatherings, so it is imperative to distinguish, comprehend and oversee them to more likely guarantee we 'get what we contracted for'. Marking a course of action isn't the finish of a procedure, but instead the beginning of an on-going association with the provider. It should be overseen to convey the best result for the association (NSW Government, 2018).

M1: Implement the arrangement

We will probably establish the frameworks of a fruitful course of action during the period between the marking of the game plan and the beginning of item/administration conveyance. 

The key strides of the usage of the course of action are: 

  • Characterize the correct dimension of the executives and assets as per the business criticality and multifaceted nature of the course of action 
  • Guarantee smooth change of administrations, particularly if there's another provider. 
  • Set up together with the provider group frameworks and procedures to guarantee consistence and figure out who oversees the key errands and exercises on the organization's and provider's sides. 
  • Connect with key partners and impart on the new game plan.

M2: Manage the Arrangement

We will likely convey an incentive for cash and drive the best out of the provider relationship. 

The key strides of the administration of the course of action are: 

  • Keep up the correct dimension of administration and assets as per the business criticality and unpredictability of the course of action. 
  • Oversee execution, drive persistent improvement and support advancement as a team with the provider and key partners. 
  • Track and report advantages to show proof of conveyed an incentive for cash.

M3: Renew

We will probably set up the technique for the following course of action. Getting ready for recharging ought to be a consistent during the oversee organize; it's anything but a finish of stage movement, rather a nonstop appraisal/improvement practice that will give the most ideal result to the following course of action. 

The key strides of the reestablishment of a plan are: 

  • Initiate discourse with both the provider and the inside partners preceding contract expiry on the qualities and shortcomings of the agreement. 
  • Initiate request and market investigation fully expecting building up an acquirement methodology (Watt, 2019) (NSW Government, 2018).


  • Australian Government Department of Finance. (2019). Procurement Process Considerations. [Online] Available at [Accessed 01 May 2019].
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    [Accessed 08 May 2019].
  • Watt, A., 2019. Procurement Management. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 3 May 2019]


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