What are the Levels of Management?

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What are the various levels of management, and how do they participate in the process of strategic decision making?


There are three levels of management generally found in an organization: corporate-level management, business-level management and Functional level management. Each level of management is discussed below:

  • Corporate-level managers

Corporate-level management contains the board of directors, president, vice precedent, chief executive officer (CEO), corporate staff and other senior executives. These individuals are responsible for final decision maker of any strategy within the organization. These manages are mainly focused on controlling and overseeing the organization. The major role of corporate level managers would be developed and define major goals, provide leadership to organization, strategic plans, organization policies, formulating the strategy in the direction of the business. In addition, corporate-level managers play significant role to span the individual business and provide leadership for entire organization.

  • Business-level managers

Business-level management includes the principle general managers, branch managers and department managers. These all managers are accountable to the corporate-level management for their organization’s functions. The Corporate-level managers decides the strategy of the organization, business –level managers create the action plans which has more detail information then strategy plan. They execute the strategy plans according to company’s policies and strategy given by top management. They provide guidance to the functional level managers. The strategic role of these managers is to translate the corporate level strategies to individual business. These managers are mainly focused on individual business. 

  • Functional-Level managers

Functional-level managements includes the supervisors, sectional leads and which are directly responsible for employees. There specific business functions are human resources, purchasing, product development, production, logistics, customer services, etc. within company or individual organization divisions. Functional managers mainly responsible for organizational activities. Their main scope to covers the departments, sections or terms. These types of managers are not involved in major strategic decision or role. They are mainly responsible for the overall performance of the organization. Functional level managers are role models for employees they provide basic supervision, motivation, staff supervision, performance feedback and career planning to their employees.


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