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Press Barons of The 20th Century: Media Essay
Essay: Media
Introduction: In this essay, the discussion shall exclusively focus on the history of the press barons in the 20th Century. The paper is structured in progressively discursive sections where the discussion is elevated in a sequential manner towards a conclusion....

Artificial Intelligence Essay
Essay: Computer Science
Introduction: This paper is the introduction to Artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is exhibited by artificial entity, a system is generally assumed to be a computer....

Essay on The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Essay: Technology
Introduction: The first concepts for AI started in the 1950s, where many mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers explored the possibility of machines that problem solved and made decisions like humans....

Sustainable Tourism and Its Impact on the Environment
Essay: ChatGPT
Introduction: This paper describes the main benefits and challenges of sustainable tourism (also known as green tourism) on the environment....

Gender Equity in Professional Golf
Essay: ChatGPT
Introduction: This short essay describes the issues around gender bias and inequity in the sport of women's golf, with male players still receiving better sponsorship deals and improved prize winnings over their female counterparts....

AI Essay Writer – The future of essay writing?
Essay: Information Technology
Introduction: In recent years there has been an explosion in AI writing apps with uses expanding into all areas of modern life. One particular niche that has seen a huge increase in AI usage is education, with AI essay writers now being capable of writing academic essays and assignment on any subject....

A Review of Literature around the Psychology of Online Slots
Essay: Psychology
Introduction: Review examining studies on how odds impact player decisions in online slots, including bet sizes and persistence. Literature shows odds knowledge reduces enjoyment but players rely on biases, escalating stakes despite losses....

Main Characteristics of Human Resource Strategies
Essay: Business
Introduction: To understand the main characteristics of human resource management strategies, there is need to define the meaning of human resource management and HR strategies and how they are linked to each other...

Corporate Restructuring Strategies Business Essay
Essay: Business
Introduction: Corporate restructuring is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of a company. The process of reorganizing a company may be implemented due to a number of different factors, such as positioning the company to be more competitive, survive a currently adverse economic climate, or poise the corporation to move in an entirely new direction....

Validity and reliability of assessment in medical education
Essay: Psychology
Introduction: Assessments have become a hallmark of the quality of any educational system and with a greater understanding of learning and developments in the field of psychometrics....

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Dissertations, Proposals and Literature Reviews from UKDiss.com

Comparative Analysis of Teacher Education Programmes in Pakistan & UK
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The study would attempt to find out the current status of teacher education programmes in Pakistan and United Kingdom to compare the commonalities and diversities....

Factors Affecting Global Advertising Strategies
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This project will analyse how global advertising is affected by numerous problems and what global advertising strategies can be undertaken by multi-national companies....

Evaluating Derivatives Market in India
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This study is an evaluation of the derivatives market in India and aims to understand the scope and growth, and the role of derivatives in India....

Issues and Opportunities in Brand Portfolio Management: FIAT
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The definition and the roles of brand, brand equity and brand portfolio with a brief specification of a global portfolio brand strategy....

Applications of Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Therapy and Student-Centered Learning
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: An in-depth look at the application of Carl Rogers' person centred therapy and student centred learning....

Expatriate Management in MNCs as Knowledge Management
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This dissertation in International Human Relations addresses the potential of expatriate management as a tool of knowledge management and its applicability to the reduction of turnover rates in a global economy....

Impact of Job Stress on Employee Performance
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: No one can work to their optimum level when they are under stress. This study aims to find the impact of job stress on employee performance....

Investment Appraisal Process
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: How an investment appraisal technique helps companies move in the right direction, regarding investment decisions....

Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This research presents the in-depth relationship between CG and CSR with focus on the two of the most-developed nations of the world, UK and the US....

Evolution of Computers from First Generation to Fourth Generation
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: In this dissertation, I set out to investigate what the computer characteristics from the first generation of computers to the fourth generation of computers are....

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Law Essays and Articles from LawTeacher.net

Development of the Principles of Tort Law
Essay: Contract Law
Introduction: In the case of Anns v Merton 1977, the plaintiffs were tenants in flats. The flats suffered from damage due to improper foundations which were 2ft ......

Negligence as a Tort
Essay: Tort Law
Introduction: Negligence as a tort is a breach of a legal duty to take care which results in damage undesired by the defendant to the plaintiff....

Duty of Care
Essay: Medical Law
Introduction: Duty of care can be described as a control mechanism that is used to establishing if one person can sue another for negligence. The landmark case......

Tort of Negligence Damage and Injury
Essay: Tort Law
Introduction: In order for a claim of tortuous liability in negligence to be actionable, primarily, certain fundamental pre-requisites need to be established in each case respectively....

Law and Contract
Essay: Contract Law
Introduction: Negligence refers to reasonable care, or specifically the failure to demonstrate reasonable care where an assumed duty of care towards another is assumed....

Negligence Duty Of Care Cases | Tort Law Cases
Case Summaries
Introduction: Example cases from English tort law covering negligence and duty of care, and economic loss....

Duty of Care Test in Caparo v Dickman
Essay: Tort Law
Introduction: An investigation of tests to determine the existence of a duty of care with case examples demonstrating rulings on duty of care....

The Neighbour Principle in Tort Law
Essay: Tort Law
Introduction: Does the neighbour principle enunciated by Lord Atkin in Donoghue v Stevenson provide an adequate basis on which to resolve duty of care questions in the law of negligence?...

Donoghue v Stevenson Case Summary
Case Summaries
Introduction: Donoghue v Stevenson, a Scottish dispute, is a famous case in English law which was instrumental in shaping the law of tort and the doctrine of negligence in particular. ...

Salomon v Salomon - Case Summary
Case Summaries
Introduction: A Case Summary of Salomon v A Salomon and Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 (Salomon v Salomon) - Separate Legal Personality (SLP) is the basic tenet on which company law is premised. Establishing the foundation of how a company exists and functions, it is perceived as, perhaps, the most profound and steady rule of corporate jurisprudence....

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Nursing and Healthcare Papers from NursingAnswers.net

Physical Therapy Management to Reduce Post-operative CABG
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery (CABG) is a medical procedure used in the treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD is a disease that causes narrowing of the coronary arteries...

Career Profile: Physical Therapy Assistant
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) offer care in varying forms including teaching clients/patients exercises for purposes of mobility, coordination and strength, training patients on how to use mobility aids such as walkers, cranes or crutches (American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), 2014). ...

Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Nursing
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Ethics regards standards of moral judgement and professional conduct. Nurses are highly accountable to patients, the public, employers, and the entire profession. It is imperative they have a sound understanding of various ethical, legal and professional issues they will face during their careers. ...

Benefits of Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Evidence Based Practice, also known as EBP according to (Liamputtong, 2013) is a “process that requires the practitioner to find best empirical evidence...

Concept Analysis: Causes and Effects of Compassion Fatigue
Nursing Essays
Introduction: Concept Analysis Assignment A concept analysis is a structured process which provides nurses with the meaning for a nursing theory...

Should Patients be Deprioritised for Self-Inflicted Illnesses?
Nursing Essays
Introduction: When, if ever, is it fair to deprioritise treatments for people whose ill health is ‘self-inflicted’ (e.g. brought on by poor diet or heavy drinking)? The inherent scarcity ...

Service Improvement Proposal for Reducing Re-admission Rates
Nursing Essays
Introduction: In recent times, the National Health Service (NHS) has been characterize by surging high cost and with regards to frequent readmissions (Revolving Door)...

Cellular Explanation of CAR T-cell Therapy
Nursing Essays
Introduction: One type of immunotherapy is chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy. This treatment has been linked to curing Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL)...

Market Review of Digital Health Technologies
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: The purpose of this review is to identify/discuss some digital health products deployed in the delivery of healthcare to Mental Health patients, particularly Patients with Schizophrenia....

Case Study: Determining Individual Care Needs
Nursing Assignments
Introduction: Development of a client profile and assessment of individual client needs. Determine the level of assistance required to complete activities of daily living....

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