Career planning incorporates is long and short term goals

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The perfect career is not a standard of living .it’s a state of mind and state of being. In the perfect job I’m applying the talent I enjoy most to an interest I’m passionate about in an environment that fits who you are and what you value. With the rapidly changing world of work. It can be difficult to make specific career plans for the near future. Let alone for the rest of your life.

Key concepts

The first step in career planning is self-assessment

Proper preparation is necessary for a career

Setting goals/ objectives is a critical element in choosing a career path

Making a career choice requires making major decisions

Career planning incorporates is long term & short term career goals

Long term

career planning

Short term

career planning

My knowledge, skills, values and interests

Identify which new knowledge and skills I want to improve

Research career opportunities

Formulate a careers action plan with contingencies

Up to 6 years ahead

From 6 to 10 years ahead

Check the careers action plan for realism

My career plan

As a accounting student my personal career plan target is an finance director as my first brother who working at augentius fund administration LLP as finance associate director

He is my role model. Since I was 7 years old, I started to keep expenses records with my pocket money. I have a greater opportunity to develop my career. Because two of my brothers in accounting field.

Prospective career path

Currently I’m doing BABS and ACCA as well after my degree it could be help to my plan to do internships in a companies which are focused on the financial sectors . Now a days a lot of opportunities for accounting field. It gives me satisfaction I have potential growth in my career.

Five smart objectives

I will finish my ACCA qualification within twoÍš years after my London school of commerce BABS graduation on self study basis

Improve my English skill to excellent level in written and spoken

Expand my networking through adding valuable business contacts through attend meeting, exhibition, seminars

Role of the Accounting/ Financial

Having noted the expanded number of tasks now undertaken by the modern financial function it is important to also note how the role of the accounting staff has changed in relation to the rest of the company. Knowing where you stand today is a necessary preside to contemplating where you might be in the future. The understanding of a company’s overall performance and its current financial standing is the key for any planning activities. The finance of the company will help to find out that information .a particular important area in which the role of the accountant has changed is related to processes.

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The most historically important role that the accounting staff must change is that of being a brake on other activities. The accounting staff tends to shoot down changes proposed by other department the changes will interfere with the controls. In today increasingly competitive environment, it is very important for companies to develop strong relationships with their key suppliers and customer. These business partners will demand extra services, some of which must be fulfilled by the accounting staff. With the globalization of business, competition has become more intense. It is possible that the ethical foundations to which a company adheres have deteriorated in the face of this pressure.


Job type- any

Location – London

Salary- not specified

Required qualification

A/L (accounting, maths & English)

Eight month experience

IT knowledge

Good communication skill

AAT part or full qualified

Job description

Book-keepers are often ambitious sorts, keen to develop their commercial expertise and become a finance assistant. Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional affiliations. Maintains strictest of

Key responsibilities

Estimate the bad debt reserve

Petty-cash maintain

Maintain book accuracy using pre-defined processes

Coach develops and grows capability

Dealing with cash


Skills/ experiences

Good communication skills

Current driving licence

Awareness of how to use management information

IT knowledge

{This following vacancy is retrieve from BP CONNECT M & S career site}

I have the required qualification to apply for the above job and I’m working at BP currently at this similar job

Finance assistant

Required qualification

AAT qualified

ACCA or CIMA (part or full qualified)

Experience of using computerised accounting package and excel

Excellent communication skill

Excellent organisation skills and phone manner

You will need 12 month general office/finance experience in a similar role, and be educated to the following standard 4 GCSE’S

Knowledge of management practices to lead assigned staff

Main duties

Providing holiday cover

Assisting with any other and hoc administrative task

Purchase ledger

Supplier statement reconciliation

Sales ledger- posting customer cash

Answering switchboard

Key responsibilities

System task –

Audit costing system

Review system cost and benefits

Review adequacy of data collection system

Reporting task-

Assist in development of the budget

Report on breakeven point by product and division

Report on capital budgeting requests

Report on product target costing

Report on periodic variance analyses

Report on margins by product and division


Ability to communicate effectively and clearly

Ability to work creatively with management and department staff to achieve objectives

Ability to delegate responsibility and authority to staff and work under multiple priorities

{This following vacancy is retrieve from Solihull care trust page – I got it from jobcentre}

I will finish my ACCA qualification within twoÍš years after my graduation then I will be qualified to apply to this job

Assistant accountant

The role

Our client is seeking a part qualified degree educated assistant accountant to join there busy finance department.

Required qualification

ACA/CIMA/ACCA qualified

Advanced system and excel skills

Sox testing experience

IT knowledge

Knowledge of UK statutory accounts under UK GAPP

Good communication skills both written and spoken

You should have a very good understanding of book-keeping

Minimum Íš years work experience

Key responsibilities

Create a credit scoring model

Measure department performance

Monitor periodic credit reviews

Provide for ongoing training of credit staff

Manage customer credit files

Manage the corporate credit policy

Manage the corporate financing program

Approve invoice write-offs

Ensure that accounts receivable are collected promptly


Skill in analyzing financial date and preparing appropriate related reports

Skill in relating organizational objectives to finance policies on costs, fees, ECT

Skill in identifying and resolving accounting and financial problems

Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, discretion and decision- making to achieve organizational objectives

Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationship with patients, staff, auditors and the public

Job description

Develop and monitors the internal audit program to ensure internal financial controls. Oversees the annual financial audit and any other special audits. Direct, forecasts, and analyzes the impact of special projects or new services and acquisitions. Assists the financial accountant and other management staff in the preparation of major clinic financial report review and recommends new operating procedures. Knowledge of clinic’s strategic business objectives and employee performance. Knowledge of finance and accounting function, including budgeting, credit, investment, internal controls.

After 6 years I will be qualified for this relevant job

Financial accountant

Required qualification

CCAB qualified accountant


Part qualified degree educated

Advanced excel skills and have a confident personality

Excellent computer /IT skills

Although previous experience would be and advantage

Minimum Íš years work experience essential

Key responsibilities


Compile the cash forecast

Initiate best practices improvements

Issue internal management reports as needed

Manage the annual budgeting process

Oversee outsourced function

Supervises financial analysis staff

Financial reporting

Issue timely financial statement

Review capital purchase proposals

Supervises tax reporting staff

Supervises public reporting staff


Maintain an orderly accounting filling system

Supervises accounts payable staff

Supervises payroll staff

Job description

The right individual will be a proactive, duties will include prepare balance sheet reports. Maintain bank accounts as well as maintain and reconcile VAT. Works with finance director to develop and approve financial statements, including balance sheet, profit/loss statement and analysis of variances in accounts, ration, income/expense as well as investment analysis ex- effects of fee changes on costs and profits, return on investment. Directs the preparation of statistical information and reports for management, government and other agencies. Attends a variety of meetings with management and department staff to review and discuss financial matters.

Finance director

As a finance director you will be expected to provide financial leadership to the group and as a key member of the executive board of management you will contribute to the strategic direction and growth of the organisation

A fantastic opportunity has arisen to be the finance director. Reporting to the managing director, the finance director is a senior member of the executive team and plays a full part in the strategic management of the business. Reporting on historic performance is a given but greater importance is placed on identifying trends impacting on the future performance of the company.

Required qualification

Fully qualified ACA/CIMA/ACCA

Strong interpersonal and team management skills

Experience in a similar role essential

Good communication and leadership skills

Minimum 8 years accounting experience

Excellent interpersonal skills

Excellent IT skills

Key responsibilities

Directs and control of finance and administration, human resources and IT provides skilled resources for the achievement of objectives.

As a member of the executive prepare budgets, take a full and active role in the company operations and respond to business imperatives with effective strategic and operational initiatives.

Arrange for equity and debt financing

Key role in commercial decision making

Develop financial and tax strategies

Invest funds

Invest pension funds

Maintain banking relationship

Implement operational best practices

Monitor financial reports

Manage the capital request and budgeting processes and accounting, investor, relations, tax, and human resources department

Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisitions. Understand and mitigate key elements of the company’s risk profile.

Main duties

Approve the accounting department budget

Attend executive committee meeting as required

Discuss financial results with senior management

Provide advice to management regarding the impact of acquisitions

Job description

The finance director is responsible for all aspects of the publishing company, including new product development, staff hiring and performance. The FD is responsible for overall profitability of the company’s publishing programme, including stock management for all departments within the company. Develops and plans department objectives with finance director and staff including short term and long term range accounting programs in budgeting, profit analysis, accounting system, and Medicare cost reporting and internal auditing. Directs financial accounting functions to ensure timely and accurate reporting of clinic financial information. Develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. Reviews all third party contracts and monitors contract revenues.

After 12 years I will be qualified for this job

Preparing for the interview

Identify my main objectives before the interview. Focus on what is most relevant to the interviewee’s background for ex- if I’m interviewing someone in human resources ask about the corporate culture and hiring practices.

Arrive on time – the best way to make a bad first impression is to be late for an interview and do not be too early as well

Wear professional attire and examine my self in a mirror before the meeting to be sure that you are pulled together.

During the interview

When you meet, extend a firm handshake make eye contact, and smile be sure to exchange business cards. Try to be relaxed and think of it as meeting s friend.

Avoid the temptation of talking too much

Be an active listener

It is appropriate to make small talk

Be conscientions of the time

After the interview

Immediately send a thank you note.

Continue with interviews until you are convinced you have found the most promising career path.


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