Planning a Wedding on a Budget

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A wedding is first planned when the two partners sit down together and discuss how they would want the wedding to be for them. From this, they will be able to state the amount of money they would want to spend on the whole occasion and ends up been a success. From the stated amount of money, they would be able to limit their expenses according to your priorities with respect to the following sectors: the size of the wedding, location of the wedding, time of the year, photos and video to be captured during the event, music to be played during the whole occasion. We shall cover the sectors above step by step analyzing them.

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Size of the wedding

The size of the wedding is determined by the number of guests who have the greatest effect on the total cost because this means more food and drinks, a bigger church or a hall for a reception, a bigger wedding cake and more invitations. The first consideration to make when thinking about the number of guests is who is more important and who should not miss the wedding. Because in most places charges are done per head and an addition of an extra 50 or 100 persons will be significant.

When it comes to invitations and decorations, you can save a substantial amount of money if you do it yourself and to be able to achieve this, you need to be able to design using a computer in which saving money comes in by coming up with ones own invitations. The same can be done with decorations for the church or the reception hall. With raw decoration resources, you can achieve a lot and as well put in your taste and creativity. Flowers add part of the decorations. Do you want fresh natural flowers which smell and are beautiful to top it up? By using the fresh flowers as the centre pieces of the tables and do a blend with the artificial ones. This will save a great percentage of your money to be spent.

Foods and drinks

And now the part that invites wedding crashers to a wedding in addition to single ladies is food and drinks, which without hesitation will be among the leading expenses depending on the type that you select for your wedding. The questions to ask yourself here are if you would want a buffet presentation or a formal sitting down meal of which the latter will be a little more expensive considering you will need more staff to serve the meals unlike the former.

Maybe another thing you would want to consider is what will be offered before and after the meals if really necessary. For this you have to be ready to spend an additional amount per head. Another point to remember is that alcohol has never been cheap and so if you are intending to have a mini-bar, that’s another cost to encounter because of the obvious reason, the waiters or the bar tenders. Go for the option of the cheaper house not forgetting the time the bar service will take to be on operation. You can save some money if the bar is closed for a while during the meal service.

Music and photography

The other important part of the wedding is the music and photography session. Depending on what you want, either live band/ entertainment, music playing during the occasion, or hiring a DJ, remember to weigh the options. Discuss the package options with the photographers as early as when you start planning for the wedding to be able to chose quality and save on money.

All in all remember this is a one time event in your life so do your planning considering the benefits it will give you and your partner for the future.


GENERAL PURPOSE: To help on planning a wedding

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: how to plan for a wedding on a budget and live to remember it positively

CENTRAL IDEA: overspending in weddings that people could save on to buy their first house


The major areas to consider while planning a wedding on a budget are: size of the wedding, location of the wedding, time of the year, foods and drinks, Photography and videos.


To reduce the size of the wedding, only invite the most important persons to attend it as this will reduce the size of the cake to be baked, the size of the church and the reception hall and in the end cutting down on the cost.

More so, you will have a small number of invitation cards to make which you have to do it yourself especially if you can design using a computer.

On foods and drinks, chose the type of presentation you would like to have and remember to put into consideration the time the bar will be operational which will cut down on the costs to the bar tenders and the waiters.

Always go for the quality cheaper options which may come as a package.

The same goes for the photography and videos,. Although with these it would be advisable to start planning for it as soon as you start planning for the wedding as you will get a good enough time to go through their productions and there you will give your judgment as to which one is better and your preferences. This form the basis of your memories of your wedding day, therefore be careful.

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This wedding is for you and your probable life partner. It can also be considered as the foundation of the marriage and so you need to live and enjoy it with good memories which begin from the thoughts, the planning, the photos and videos and ends with the memories again. From the savings made, you and your partner can it aside as a deposit for your future house or buying an item that will benefit the two of you in the future, give yourselves a treat of a lifetime or even put it as savings for an emergency in the future.

You realize that many people do an expensive wedding that ends up been a disaster or they regret about it after it has happened saying if and only if, I would have done this or that which was cheaper at the time but opted otherwise. Cheap does not necessarily come up with bad quality, you will be surprised buying your wedding gown at a cheaper rate from one end of town and get the same design and quality double the price at the other end of the town.

Walk around town or the city and compare the various prices and the availability of the different packages that are been offered and weigh them and finally give your preference. You will love it.

Remember it is all for you and your partner all the others are third parties.


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