An Essay on The Importance of Art in Daily Life

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Every day morning, many people enjoy sitting outside watching sunrise. They feel relaxed seeing the arrival of the sun with its pure light and the traveling of the night with its darkness. They consider that a new life will start as the sun starts her new life. Not only they watch the sun, many people enjoy drawing this view because they will feel for once that their minds are relaxed and not thinking except in this new born. This research highlights over the importance of art in our daily life. It also recalls us about the different types of art and how each of them depends on special artist and special instruments used. In this research we will also know the relation between colors and how colors are grouped in two. Also we will notice that art is most important than what we consider because we see art everywhere and each day because every thing in life is an artwork.

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”Art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination”. If you stand for a moment in front any work of art, which has many shapes and many line cannot be described, you start to imagine things by walking on that lines and shapes trying to connect them to get a specific shape done from your imagination. What if the picture is a sunrise? You will begin thinking in every sadness or happiness things that happened to you. No one these days knows the really importance of art. Art is everywhere in the entire world. It is one’s creativity and imagination. Art is the most things you use and see always without paying attention to that. If you want to know what does art mean? You have to look at every thing surrounding you, at every thing you use in your daily life, you will notice that every thing you see shows an art, especially your clothes, your hair design, your shoes etc… All of them are arts. Art help us see everything and everyone completely different. Art is not a reading to get bored or listening to get epileptic, it’s something which opens to us a field of questions and answers to things we see. That’s up to us. It doesn’t impose itself on us to hear, think, or even understand; on the contrary it takes us to a long-lost world, to a fiction world, to a field of thoughts. Art can be in different forms audio like music, songs, and poems. Visual as film making, photography and painting, they differ depending on artist, style and material used

Audio arts are the most used type of art. They can be in the form of music, song or poetries. They help in relaxing one’s mind. Music is thought to link all of the emotional and physical elements of the universe. Music can also be used to change person’s mood, and has been found to cause like physical responses in many people simultaneously. Music also has the ability to strengthen or weaken emotions from a particular event such as a funeral. (Stancato, 2009) Moreover the song, which is another type of audio art, has physiological effects too. Try for once to know what does successful and motivated people listen to, you will be amazed that they tend to special type of songs and music! You will never find a self-motivated person who does not listen to motivating songs. Although romantic persons listen to special type of songs and music, they listen to classical and romantic ones. Poetries are also a third type of audio art. The author poem expresses his feeling in his writings. They are similar to writing songs, and can be sung too. Both poetries and songs depend on music to be sang, they need an artist having soft voice and the writer’s mind and pen too. But music doesn’t need any of them. Music needs different musical instruments like piano, guitar and others. In addition to different instrument, they come in different times.

Visual arts are popular art. They differ from the audio art. Artists place images, forms, colors, ideas, down in such a way that can be communicated with you the viewer. When you read the work it will serve your understanding in a multitude of vibrant ways. It will begin to make sense, in some cases a perverse kind of sense. An artist will take you on a trip around his work. He will tell you what to view and in what order. He will attempt to provoke a variety of responses, even negative ones. He will appeal to your sense of wonder. This artwork will and should ask as many questions of both the intellect and the emotions as it answers. This is true of all art. In the visual arts, painting, photography, film making, there is no substitute for looking. The various theories of Emotional Color will, usually all unknown to the viewer, play an increasingly important role. What are these theories? Red for danger, black for death and morbidity, in the western world at least, are two of the most obvious. The Madonna’s cowl in a religious painting is always a certain blue. This was originally produced from a semi precious stone called Lapis Lazuli before the advent of chemical paint. The emotional aspects of this should be obvious. Warm colors, reds oranges, yellows appear to come towards the viewer and are on occasion welcoming. The cool colors, blues, some greens appear to recede. Atmospheric or aerial perspective is used by artists in this manner to provoke a feeling of distance or vastness. Have you ever considered why a certain type of music is called the blues? Or why colors themselves are thought to sing? Why certain color combinations are called Complimentary. (These are the opposites on the color wheel, a primary with a secondary, Red and Green, Yellow and Purple, Blue and Orange). (simm)Painting, photography and filmmaking differ in the instrument used and in the way each is viewed. Painting is the artisans drawing using his colors, brushes and his wide thought. The artisan’s drawing depends on his mood and on what type of colors he likes more. Whereas photography is to capture amazing images using a special instrument, the camera or the video too. Film making requires neither colors nor camera. They need a story to be acted. Also it needs the writer and the actor.

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Hence art is universal, and is everywhere. Not only art is for one who exercise a work art and like it. It is for everyone. Art is more important then one can consider. Without art one cannot see any thing beautiful because art add attraction and beauty to any thing one can look at, even if he look at himself. Also art reflects to us the mood and the feelings of the artist so that if he’s happy he will do something amazed or funny, and if he is upset he will use to do things which would hold you to another world of thinks. Some one said “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”. This quote is special and is the truth because when you feel upset what is the first thing you resort to? Sure it’s listening music, playing piano, dancing, drawing… etc and others because you will not leave home in a bad mood. All what you will do is a branch of art, because art is the best way to feel that you are relaxed since it helps you to thought deeply about your problems. Also art may help you forget everything depressed you because your mind will be as a flying bird, from tree to tree, searching for a place where he will feel safe from the dangers of life. So art is very important because it translates one’s feelings and shares his emotions without disturbing him, on the contrary it helps him feel better and forget every thing depressing him. Another example is when a man see a beautiful woman, he will run after her until she accepts to meet him or to give him her number, but if he see an ugly girl, he will change his way because he get disgusted. So art is very important in our life, because without art world will be so disgusted, depressed and bored.


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