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Planning is the process of defining the organization’s goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving these goals, and developing a comprehensive set of plans to integrate and coordinate organizational work. In Askari bank Ltd goals and strategies made by top management with provided great and friendly working environment. Lower level management is responsible for achieve the goals and objective set by top management

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Decision making process involves upper level management and lower level managers or subordinates are not involved in decision making process. The decision making process involves identifying a problem, generating solutions and selecting the best solution to solve the problem so sometimes this makes the decision making process slow. Askari Bank Ltd mostly focuses on the team Building and team decision making.

Organizations current strategies

Askari bank current strategy is to:

Maintain growth

Continue to build the branch network

Invest in technology

Focus on service quality

Improve staff training

Increase customer loyalty


Organizing is the process of creating an organization’s structure. In the Askari Bank Ltd upper level management is organizing and creating structure for bank and their branches in whole over Pakistan

Organizational design

Organizational design is the process of developing or changing an organization’s structure. It involves decisions about following six key elements: in Askari bank Ltd board of govern and most top management make organizational structure design and make very good and environment friendly polices that help each and every employee in the Askari bank Ltd


Dividing an organization into different parts according to the functions is called departmentalization.

Askari Bank top management has mad different departments that perform different functions

Cash department

Credit department

Operations department

Marketing department

Customer Service department

Information Technology department

Research & Development department

Human Resource department

Establishment department

Special asset management Department

International division Department

Branch level Department




Banking procedures are divided between various departments at branch level. Different departments do their jobs in occurrence with the bank policies. In ACBL each branch is divided into various departments. Head of department manages each department & officials of the branch follow procedures. The departments working within a branch are as:


Account opening department

Remittances department

Cash department

Clearing department


Online banking




Import department

Export department

Foreign currency department



Span of control

Span of control is the number of subordinates who report directly to a specific manager.

The span of control of Askari Bank Ltd divided in three stages. In bank there are few span of management like there is branch manager, assistant manager and operations manager and few subordinates are working under them. And branch manger and operation manager report to the Area and than Area report to the region

And some city there was a sub branch that will report their main branch

Chain of command (organizational hierarch Chart)

Branch Hierarchy Chart:


Centralization is the extent to which power and authority are retained at the top organizational levels.

Askari Bank Ltd is a centralized organization and all the power and authority is at the top organizational levels.


Formalization is the degree to which written policies, rules, procedures, job descriptions, and other documents specify what actions are or are not to be taken under a given set of circumstances.

Askari Bank Ltd has its own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are followed by all the employees. And some of the rules and procedure follow by that made by the state bank of Pakistan. The rules and produce made by the state bank of Pakistan is necessary to follow by all banking sector that operate in Pakistan land.

Work specialization

Work specialization is the degree to which the work necessary to achieve organizational goals is broken down into various jobs.

The Askari Bank Ltd divided work into various jobs so that they can achieve organizational goals like there is an Operations department which is further divided into various jobs like customer services, remittance etc. but in small branches of Bank the employees are overburdened and they are doing work which is not relevant to their job.

Managing change and innovation

Askari Bank Ltd has a department of Product Development and customer information file maintenance. The basic function of this department installing a new system is the one thing but optimum utilization is another. This commitment perseverance and above all adaptability at all levels to benefit form the latest tools thus ensuring that our customer would feel the different by using our comprehensive range of product and service to meet their business and personal need. This will enable us to hand larger business volumes, Greater market credibility and numerous synergies across various customer unique customer information file without lasing competitive edge.

Managing changing is the way forward to fully capitalize upon this great opportunity Askari bank try to adapting new system, procedures and processes holds the key towards achieving desired results. Know mange change through to maximize the benefits and minimize possible volatility. And try to become a market leader to first introducing new way of doing business and managing technologies. This that first introduce I.NET in banking sector in Pakistan

Managing IT and communication

Askari bank Ltd has a separate department for managing IT and communication which is Information Technology department and its main objective is to ensure that Askari Bank remains abreast of latest developments in technology and enable IT to be more customer-focused and customer-friendly.

In addition to the implementation of the new core banking system a few initiatives undertaken by the Bank include:

I.T Security


Quality Assurance

Hot Disaster Recovery (DR) Site

In branch level it department ahs performance following job

I.T Security


Quality Assurance

Hot Disaster Recovery (DR) Site

ATM operation handing through server up loading All ATM transaction

Run Time error Solving and debugging networking problem

Handing transaction


Leading is the process of influencing others toward the achievement of organizational goals and resolving conflict. In Askari Bank Ltd there have way to influence on the their own employee through inter branch manager and operation manger, through Area and through region

Leadership style

In Askari Bank Ltd the leadership style is authoritative as all the authority is at top levels and they want the subordinates to do their work as they are directed or asked to do.

Power & politics

In Askari Bank Ltd all the power is at the top level even the branch manager has limited power. Politics is not part of the bank because the employees are enjoying working in an bank.


Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to behave in a certain way.

Motivation at Askari Bank Ltd is up to the mark. There is system of intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards in form of as listed below:

Best Performance Certificates

Bank gives its employees certificates for their good performance. In branch level every year it declares a star performer of the year. Star performer is the employees who has very good rating through out the year and achieve his target and make no miss take in his work

Performance Based Promotions and Increments

At Bank, the increments and promotions are purely performance based because they believe that employee’s hard work & efforts are to be appreciated and rewarded to keep him motivated. Although, an average employee’s promotion cycle of 3 years but early promotions are awarded to individuals who are exceptional performers and have the potential to hold an even higher post. Bank gives annual bonus to these employees.

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Training Programs for Fresher and Other Staff

There is a training department working under the Askari bank Ltd Human Resources Division who organizes different training programs at different levels in every year. And teach about the new technologies and how to deals with complex problem in working Askari Human Resource Department, continue as improvement in employee satisfaction and motivation is an ongoing process.

In the first phase, all human resource policies were reviewed and revised to attain alignment of compensation and benefits with the market. After announcing the first layer of revised organization structure which included restructuring of certain divisions/units for better business and operational efficiency, the process was cascaded to all groups / divisions / units during the year under review. An exercise to identify unique jobs has been completed and job description documents have been developed. On the one hand this will ensure effective placement of staff, standardization and rightsizing, and on the other, it will enable employee goal setting which is the primary requisite for an effective performance management system. A comprehensive performance management system based on well defined goals and responsibilities has been implemented across the Bank. Going forward, compensation and benefits will be based entirely on employee performance.

Also, employees’ professional development remains one of the key elements of Askari Bank Ltd human resource strategy. To keep abreast with technological development and other advancement, human capital enrichment through extensive in-house and external training is indispensable. During the year, various training programs were conducted for Bank employees through in-house training academies in Rawalpindi,

Lahore and Karachi, and external training facilitate both local and international. We remain committed to provide ample opportunities for in-house and external trainings that will enable our employees to improve their skills and professional competence.

Yearly training and Workshops

Bank encourages and sponsors its members to take part in different training program and workshops organized at domestic or international levels with the collaboration of various institutions/organization along with inter organizational trainings.

Low Interest rate Loan

Askari Bank gives its employees the opportunity to law interest rat loans for purchasing car and house.

Medical Facility for staff member and their dependence

Bank offers a certain percentage on basic salary as Monthly Medical Allowance. Askari bank provides full medical coverage of staff and its family on case to case basis.


Controlling is the process of regulating organizational activities so that actual performance conforms to expected organizational standards and goals.

Controlling Approach

Askari bank used three controlling approach

Inner branch that is held by manager and operation manger

Internal Audit that is held by audit committee of Askari bank

External Audit that held by audit committee of state bank of Pakistan

Controlling Standards

Standard Operating Procedures of bank and standards lay down by State bank of Pakistan and the Askari Securities Limited (ASL)

Controlling of operations

A Service Quality structure has been implemented throughout the Bank with dedicated staff assigned at every branch, monitoring the operational function of each branch and operations department is also responsible for ensuring that all operations are performed according to the Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Controlling of performance

Internal Service Measures (have been put into place, through which the performance of various functions is evaluated. Mystery Shopping is carried out nationwide to analyze employee performance, transaction turnaround time and overall perception of the Bank experience.

Askari bank Ltd used performance appraisal process to measure of employee performance. The way in which Askari bank conducts performance appraisal is following.


The process of performance appraisal is carried out in different step. These steps are more or less the same in all organizations. The following model gives an out look to the performance appraisal process followed by Askari Bank.

Review Legal Requirements

Conduct Job analysis

Develop Appraisal Instrument

Select Observers

Train Observers

Measure Performance

Give Employee Results

Establish Performance Goal

Praise/Reward Performance

Reviewing Legal Requirements:

Before carrying out any performance appraisal system the first step is to take into consideration that what are the legal requirements. First the organization sees that what performances have to be appraised and unto what extent and it is after reviewing the laws the organization is ready to conduct job analysis.


The methods used for appraisal of the employees are categorized into two broad categories. First is the “Comparative methods” and second is the “Absolute standard methods”.

The comparative method includes. Ranking, forced distribution, paired distribution critical incident method and essay approach. And the absolute standard method includes rating scales which is further divided into graphic and non-graphic scales, MBO (management by objective) and finally the combination methods.

Appraisal Methods Followed By Askari Bank

Askari Bank is a local bank which is trying to improve its approval process and method used by them. But at this point there are very few methods used for the appraisal of the employees.

Basically they use critical incident method for the appraisal of the middle level managers.

Methods / Techniques of Performance Evaluation

There are four methods of performance evaluation.

1. Rating Scale

In this method you have to give the rate to individual performance on the scale basis, this method is precise and simple as compared to other methods.

2. Check List

The rater has to select only that statement which best described the performance and individual. In order to measure the performance, we can assign the weight to it will become weighted check list, it will help to check the performance and this practical is standard.

3. Forced Choice

It is a method of set choice. In this method you have to develop a set of employees and give them the numbers on rater’s own observation.

4. Critical Incidence Technique

In this method the rater has keep in account positive and negative behaviors in sequence, these are called incident critical techniques. At the end of year in negative report in written about individual performance based on report and this report help to provide positive feedback by employees.

Controlling of information / knowledge

In order to safeguard the Bank’s and its customers’ information, the highest level of I.T security has been deployed in various forms like: software and hardware firewalls are used and annual network penetration testing is conducted to restrain any unwanted and harmful elements from entering the Bank’s network. Bank controls its information and knowledge by getting signed letter of undertaking from its employees as they join and in bank use of USB is not allowed and internet access is not available to all employees so that no information / knowledge could be shared


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