Plan for Employees in Small Business

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Dairy store

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Our business is small business type in the New Zealand most of the business is small type and our business name is Kumar’s dairy. In the dairy store we can buy the so many different products in the one roof. As small operators, they cannot offer bulk discounts as compare to supermarket. To run this business they hire the staff. As I owner in this company I have to hire manager, customer service, check out service, accounting and other staff.

Location- I open my Kumar’s diary shop near the summit drive, Mt Albert because in this place there is no any dairy store in this location and we can attract so many people.

Service and product- In our Kumar’s dairy we can provide different product like milk, eggs, dairy products, perishables, newspapers, lotto and so on. We can also give the customer service as well as top up mobile and At hop card.

Reason for this business- I open this business because in this store we can buy the anything in the one roof. To help this business we can make new friends and also make more money. I agree in this era so many people prefer super market I know but when they forget to buy something from supermarket then they prefer dairy store rather then again visit to the super market. In this small business we can easily make more money.

Capability- As I manage this dairy store I have ability to choose the staff which person we need this company and which place. I also manager the all staff. I also trained the staff under my supervision. I also know about the new technology and how to use this technology.

Setup the business- To open this business firstly I need to calculate the budget to open the dairy store, if I have don’t sufficient fund to open my store then I go to the bank and apply the business loan to build our new business as well as I also find the place for lease and suppliers.

Opening-closing (timing)









Opening and closing

7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

7:00 AM- 9:00PM

7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

7:00 AM- 9:00 PM

10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Working hour of employees

Fulltime and part-time worker

Part time- 20 hour

Full time – 40 hour

Casual worker-12 hour

Roster (timing)










9 to  9

9 to 9

9 to 9

9 to 9

9 to 9

9 to 9


7 to 7

7 to 7

8 to 9

7 to 9

7 to 9

10 to 5

Labour (full time)

7 to 9

7 to 9

7 to 9

7 to 9

7 to 9

7 to 9

Labour (Part time)

7 to 9

10 to 5

Responsibility and Accountability





Give the pay in time

Don’t dominate other staff members


Manager responsibilities are mange the roaster and supervise the entire staff member.

Manager Accountabilities do not dominate other workers and always provide the good customer service.


Mange the checkout service and other work

Give the customer service


Fill the all stuff

Be in time

Holidays and leave wages

Holidays are:


New Year’s Day

January, Sunday 1st (observed Tuesday 3rd)

Day after New Year’s Day

January, Monday 2nd

Wellington Anniversary

January, Monday 23rd

Auckland Anniversary

January, Monday 30th

Nelson Anniversary

January, Monday 30th

Waitangi Day

February, Monday 6th

Taranaki Anniversary

March, Monday 13th

Otago Anniversary

March, Monday 20th

Daylight Saving ends

April, Sunday 2nd

Good Friday

April, Friday 14th

Easter Monday

April, Monday 17th

Easter Tuesday

April, Tuesday 18th

Southland Anniversary

April, Tuesday 18th


April, Tuesday 25th

Queen’s Birthday

June, Monday 5th

Daylight Saving starts

September, Sunday 24th

South Canterbury Anniversary

September, Monday 25th

Hawke’s Bay Anniversary

October, Friday 20th

Labour Day

October, Monday 23rd

Marlborough Anniversary

October, Monday 30th

Canterbury Anniversary

November, Friday 17th

Chatham Islands Anniversary

November, Monday 27th

Westland Anniversary

December, Monday 4th

Christmas Day

December, Monday 25th

Boxing Day

December, Tuesday 26th


Hours and wages

Type of minimum wage

Per hour

8 hour day

40 hour week

80 hour fortnight
















(wages )

Leaves and Equal Wages

Rise to pay for equivalent work is the idea of work rights that people in a similar work environment be given equivalent pay. It is most regularly utilized as a part of the setting of sexual separation, in connection to the sex pay crevice. Level with pay identifies with the full scope of installments and advantages, including essential pay, non-pay installments, rewards and remittances. A few nations have moved quicker than others in tending to the issue. Since President John F. Kennedy marked the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it has been unlawful in the United States to pay men and ladies working in a similar place diverse pay rates for comparable work.    

Health and safety  Image result for dairy store health safety

Equal Employment Opportunities

Gender equality

In this statement company cannot discrimination toward the staff members because in this type of business all staff members are same. In the New Zealand business nobody discriminated in the level of wages because they have right gender equality.

Collective agreement

Collective employment agreements are agreements between employers and registered unions that cover employees in the employer’s workplace.
Collective employment agreements must:

  • Be in composing
  • Be marked by businesses and unions that are gatherings to the understanding
  • Have a scope condition expressing the work that the understanding spreads
  • Incorporate a plain dialect clarification of how to deal with any business relationship issues, including the 90-day time frame
  • For bringing an individual grievance
  • Incorporate a statement expressing how the understanding can be changed
  • Incorporate an expiry date or express an occasion that will mean the assertion lapses
  • Incorporate an arrangement that follows the Holidays Act 2003 necessity for workers to be paid in any event time and a half
  • For work on open occasions
  • Much of the time, incorporate an arrangement expressing how workers will be secured if the business is sold, exchanged or contracted out.


Individual agreement

Every representative must have a composed work assention.

The assention can be either an individual understanding or an aggregate assention.

An singular business understanding doesn’t need to be marked by the business and worker yet it ought to be.

There are a few things that must be in your work assention and different things that are ordinarily in business understandings however don’t need to be, for example, your notice period.

Minimum rights, (for example, the lowest pay permitted by law and yearly occasions) are legitimate prerequisites and apply regardless of the possibility that they’re not in the business understanding. Your business assention can’t decrease these or exchange them off for different things.

Employers are required to keep a duplicate of the work assention. The business must keep a ‘proposed assention’ regardless of the possibility that the representative hasn’t marked it. Workers are qualified for a duplicate of their concurrence on demand.

The sort of business understanding a worker is on may rely on upon regardless of whether they are a union part. It is the representative’s decision whether they join a union, and a business can’t undo impact their decision. On the off chance that a worker joins a union, they will be secured by the important aggregate assention, if there is on. (

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Employment disputes

Indeed, even the best-run business must be set up to manage work question. A representative may have a conflict with a manager, question an execution assessment or trust that organization arrangements are as a rule unjustifiably upheld. While a few nations have work courts to determine such debate, in the United States, bosses must discover approaches to determine these issues outside the courts. Effectively arranging a work debate brings about all sides feeling they have been tuned in to and judged reasonably.


Transaction is by all accounts the favoured basic leadership system when representatives are looking for independently custom fitted arrangements, for example, changes in accordance with travel and work routines.


With the help of Mediation, both sides in a question take a seat with an outsider facilitator to examine the circumstance and attempt to achieve an answer. The facilitator, or middle person, has no interest in the result of the issue, and stays unbiased is called Mediation.


Adjudication is a legal term that refers to the process of hearing and settling a case. It usually represents the final judgment or pronouncement in a case that determines the required course of action in reference to the issue presented. Adjudication can also refer to the process of validating an insurance claim as well as a decree in the bankruptcy process between the defendant and the creditors.
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Evaluation are generally done on more than one occasion a year, however you might need to plan a registration with new workers prior, to ensure they’re settling in well.

Setting up an evaluation

You should to:

  • give your representative time to get ready by booking the meeting no less than two or three weeks ahead of time
  • book a private meeting place where you won’t be hindered
  • request that your representative get ready reactions to inquiries like:
  1. how well they believe they’re doing in their employment
  2. which parts of their employment they’re doing admirably and where they think they could progress
  3. regardless of whether they require any gear or preparing to help in their part
  4. how they feel about their occupation and the organization
  5. what they would change on the off chance that they could?

do your own readiness – survey:

  • your representative’s set of working responsibilities
  • your notes from past audits
  • execution pointers (deals or generation figures, letters from fulfilled clients, or different measurements).
  • get criticism from different workers, partners or key clients
  • set up your representative for extreme inquiries – in the event that they’re not performing, caution them that you’ll have to talk about why certain objectives or targets weren’t met and welcome them to go to the meeting with conceivable arrangements.


Responsibilities of Manager

The manager responsibilities in the business are very important because without manager business cannot be run. Manager is the root of organization. He set the all roaster and manage the all staff member as well as he give the order to all the staff what you do or not today work.

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Responsibilities of Employees

Employees responsibilities are be on time, good customer service last but not a least he should be prepare know about the first aid box. Always good behaviour with customers and staff fellows.

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Job description of dairy

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