Primary drivers of the organizational change

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This is the key essential driver of the organizational change. Companies which do not maintain their financial standards or required to reevaluate their objectives and process. When a new opponent gives an enter in to the market with a new technology which is advanced or with labor at low cost then the company which had officially enjoyed profits will experience fall in the share value of their market . A company which as faced a failure to preserve its position in the competitive presents can experience pressure on its resources and compel to face the second thought on the cost of capital and deployment of the resources.

Strategic change in the objectives:-

This is the primary driver of the organizational change. When a company changes its center of attention to a customer oriented service from a product oriented service then new process comes in the existence to assist this reorientation, which results in the unemployment to the active staff or processes which are manufacturing.

End of the product development:-

A product reaches of its development life cycle when companies are strained stop its production to reduce the operating cost which helps them to survive in the existing market. At the end of the life cycle of the product development many of the companies sell out are combined with its competitors in the existing market. This makes the company to face the structural changes in its trade processes to either sustain profitability or concentrate on evolving opportunities.

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New technology:-

New technology can be addresses ad major driver of the organizational change. For an instance internet dominating on the old style print media companies. The browsing levels of internet is increasing day by day worldwide, which as forcing companies to acclimatize their active operations to the changing preferences of the consumers . Companies which ignore to follow the upcoming trends will experience the fall in share value will compare to its opponents who adapt the rising technologies to address the demands of their customers.

Fusions and acquisition:-

When companies unite their operations then cost cutting on a significant level and the reengineering takes place unemployment remodeling to lineup with the objectives of the management steer the organizational change. Fusion of a fusion of a few companies can create the large considerable aims to modernize their operations and join existing operation into a centralized model.


Burecratic organization is a kind of government which is created by the assembly of unelected workers administrators and managers, who follow rules shaped by the nominated and designated authorities of the department.

Basic principles:-

Utilizing set of measures deal to deal a worker.

Remote relations among the people.

Utilizing a set of principles to cover the privileges and duties an employee.

Division of manual labor from will designed field.

Authority with discreet chain of command.

Technical competence is the base for promoting and selection of the employee.


Employees are control with a clear set of rules and regulations.

The system is centralized and everything is monitored.

It follows standardization and makes everyone to follow the same procedure.

It is based on the impersonal orientation.

It is legally tenure based.


The decision making and all the other processes are very slow

The jobs may become boring for the employees

The communication has to go through so many levels that it gets distorted.

Too much control discourages innovation and creativity.

There are too many levels in the hierarchy.

The bureaucracy itself encourages political behavior and people try to use other means to go up the hierarchy.


Argo’s is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom. It has 750 stores located all over the United Kingdom. Argo’s is unique among the major retailer in the uk , as its primary mains on discipline goods is by means of a catalog. Argo’s is a catalog merchant. Customers can browse through its catalog select the desired goods and pay the price for their desired goods and collect them from the collection desk in the store or deliver their goods directly to home. Argo’s possess many brands like Chad valley, Elizabeth duke, bush, mikomi, and Alba. Argo’s was once a FTSE100 INDEX but now owned by a home retail group. It was found by Richard Tompkins. He is the person who started green shield stamp in the United Kingdom. He rebranded the green shield stamps catalog shops as Argo’s in July 1973. The first Argo store opened on the A28 STURRY ROAD, CANTERBURRY. Argo started with thousand member of staff and 1000000 pounds income during the week in November. A new slogan “helping you live for less” was introduce in January 2010 as a part of the rebranding process. It is a register owner for several brands.

Discuss and Compare the ways of Organizational development. Which one is appropriate and feasible for your selected organization? Justify your choice. (2.1.c)

“Organization Development is an effort planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes,’ using behavioral-science knowledge.”

-Beck hard, “Organization development: Strategies and Models”, Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1969, p. 9.

“Today’s organizations operate in a rapidly changing environment. Consequently, one of the most important assets for an organization is the ability to manage change and for people to remain healthy and authentic.”

It is defined as a continuous process which is implemented by all the organizations. Organization development makes its people who are only operational into talented to gain better results which helps in the expansion and increase in its production by various plans to gain returns. Development in the product range expanse business.

Changes and development of Argo’s:-

Argo’s as experienced changes in the life increasing in the variety of different goods. Because of the vary traditions in the United Kingdom. Each and every product in the Argo’s catalog or grouped according tools type for example computer peripherals, jewellary, toys for kids etc. Argo’s owned some of the brand and rebranded them as their own brand. Customers for made convenient by introducing new technologies this also helped the company to face the increasing competition in market. For an instance, customers are made convenient by introducing the self check machines which helps them to check the availability of the desired products from the bulk varieties and categories present in the store. Introduction of these type of new technologies not only made the customer to feel convenient but also it helped to be in the top position in the competitive market. Argo’s is also attracting the customers by reducing the prices of the product introducing deals with discounts for the customers to make them feel that they gain something profitable from the offers. Introducing of these type of discounts and deals increases the sales of the company and existence of the company for long terms in the market which is competitive.

Development required for the Argo’s:-

The infrastructure of the company should be improved drastically. Argo’s should update its new technologies like embedding the two different technologies which made the company unique in the market for example self checkout machines which are introducing by the Argo’s to provide quality service tools customers should be embedded with paying machines. This reduces the queue’s at the cash counters which makes the customers feel comfortable. Introduction of new products according to the developing generations should be made available in the company for example multimedia products, automotive products and products with nano technology should be made available in the Argo’s store. Security inside the store should be increased drastically, which makes the customer feel safe and secure. Introduction of multinational and multi cultural products attracts the different kind of customers. Covering the entire region by dividing into small parts and establishing the stores in according to the divided regions. This makes the Argo’s company to reach all the customers in the United Kingdom. Availability of online shopping should be increased.

Use appropriate tools (Stakeholder analysis is compulsory) to develop the systems to understand and involve appropriate stakeholders in the introduction of change. Evaluate how successful your system will be specially in handling the resistance to change in the organization. (2.2.a &2.2.b)

Stakeholder management a vital role in the success of every organization it is an important an discipline which is followed by the successful people and to win support from others. Stakeholder management consist of two important elements they are

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder planning

Stakeholder analysis:-

Stakeholder analysis is defined as a technique which is utilize to spot out the key elements of the people whom have to be one over.

Stakeholder planning:-

Stakeholder planning is defined as the as defined as the procedure which built the support to make a succeed.

Stakeholders are the people whose participation and support are considered to be crucial in achieving the goals and objectives of the project and leading the project to its success. So recognizing of all the stakeholders is considered to be an important activity for a project manager to guarantee the success of the project. Stakeholder can be individual within the project, individuals within the organization and individuals or groups outside the organization. Managing of stakeholders for a project involves stakeholder identification, action taking, management of the stakeholder expectations reviewing and the repeating the status, assessing stakeholder influence, analyzing the stakeholder interest and documentation of the needs of the stakeholder.

Step by step process of the analyzing the stakeholder analysis:-

Categorizing stakeholders:-

It is the first step in the stakeholder analysis this stage things about who yours stakeholders are and all the people who are pretentious by the work and who can influence are have cover on over it, or show interest in its successful or unsuccessful conclusion.

Prioritize stakeholder:-

After identifying the stakeholders of company there will be long list of people and organizations who are influenced by our work. Some of people this people and organizations can have a power to block it or advance it and some of them may be interested in what we are doing

Understanding the important stakeholder:-

In this stage we need to know more about our stakeholders. It is essential to know about their view and reactions there project. It is also essential to know how to engage them in the project and how to communicate with them.

What are the benefits of the stakeholder analysis?

With the help of the stakeholder analysis a project can identified

Possible issues which disorders the project

Methods to minimize the possible negative force and to manage the negative stakeholders.

Important people for distributing the information during the execution face

Benefits of the all the stakeholders who may be affected or affect the project.

Planning of the communication and strategy of managing the stakeholders during planning face of the product

Groups that should get encouragement to take part in various stages of the project.

Engaging all the stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project is a vital key for the success of the project. Management of the stakeholder expectations and guaranteeing their active involvement is key essential to project as

It is necessary for maintenance of the project and completing the project successfully.

It gives the chance the individuals or groups to articulate their thoughts, problems, and concerns over the project.

It gives a logic of liability and develops responsibility.

It facilitates effectual threat identification and planning of the response.

It also opens up and outstanding learning opportunity for both the stakeholders and the project team.

For your chosen organization recommend the changes required to attain or sustain competitive advantage in the business world. Support your answer with appropriate models and process for change in the organization. (2.3.a)

The basic objective of study was to mould the dealings between organizational culture and change defining the ways in which a privileged knowledge of organizational culture affects the process of executing change, and identifying the different stages of the change process at which the communication between organizational culture and change executing methods holds significance of the functions. Many of the present models and structures of the organization change admit the pressure of implicit proportion of organizational life at one or more different stages of the change process. These models replicate contradictory levels of granularity which respect to the process of completing organizational change and each recognizes typical stages of change execution. The model and structure of the organizational change in cultural circumstance establish in this article was urbanized to reflect different stages in the process of implementing the change where organizational culture apply differential influence.

Business development driven change:-

Business development potentially consist of everything which is concerned with the excellence of the business are the organization. Business development planning firstly needs establishment of the aims for the development of the business and then originating in a strategy for business development, which would include some or all the following methods of development.

Trade development

New product development

New market development

Shape of the business organization

Structure and process development

Logistics and supply chain development

Management and communication development

Strategic development

Distribution development

International development

New product development (NPD):-

NPD is the term which explains the whole process of bringing a new product or service in to the existence to the market. Marketing according to its nature involve innovative ideas different functions of the organizations. Innovative ideas are essential for reacting to varying demand by the market which is targeted and the exerted pressure by the opponents. These changes are obvious in decision making in all marketing which includes the development of a new product. New product development process include 8 stages they are idea generation, idea screening, concept development and testing the concept, business analysis, product development, market development, market testing and product launch.

Process development:-

Process development is defined as developing a manufacturing process to accommodate


Logistics is defined as a business planning structure for the management of material, facility, data and capital flows. It includes the increasingly complicated information, communication and control systems required in today’s business environment.


A supply chain is the process of moving goods from the customer order through the raw materials stage. All organizations have supply chains of varying degrees, depending upon the size of the organization and the type of product manufactured. These networks obtain supplies and components, change these materials into finished products and then distribute them to the customer. Managing the chains of events in this process is what is known as supply chain management. Effective management must take into account coordination all the different pieces of this chain as quickly as possible without losing any of the quality or customer satisfaction.

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Acquisitions and disposals:-

General form of the business development is partly subjective, partly scientific with the base of a thoughts and requirements of the business owners or chief executive officers. There are different methods and processes to expand the business which accomplish the growth and improvement and hardly ever is just one of these a single best solution. Business development is also called as black art i.e. it is difficult to analyze and difficult to apply a replicable process.

Process models:-

Process models of change authorize the series of events which are necessary to effect organizational change concentrating more on required basic steps of implementation than on conceptual task required. All process models tolerate homage to lewins1947 classic three stage model of change, defining the necessary succession through the phases of unfreeze, refreeze and change. Following process models which outline the series of events which are to be elaborated to varying degrees upon these necessary basic stages of change in his recent retaliation, burk2008 highlighted the role of the leadership at each stage adding a prelaunch stage focused on preparing an organization for the troubles some effects and change

Process models change have been differentiated with respect to the underlying philosophical perspectives and definitions they symbolize, major underlying statements and types of sense making that describe each approach. All though the number of categories and labels in each differentiation scheme varies. There have five different process models have been classified.

Evolutionary (inevitable)

Teleological (planned)

Life cycle (maturational)

Political (strategic)

Social cognitive (conceptual)

Organization culture is afforded contradictory roles and significance of the function in each of these process models change. Kezar2001 reserved a 6th category of cultural change for process models particularly aimed at varying organizational culture.

Process models of cultural change are identified by organizational theorists in spite of fact that the concept of culture was basically developed to clarify the in availability, not change organizational culture has constantly evolved as a crucial variable to determining the success of the efforts to realize institutional change. Both theoretical and process models of organizational change have been modernize to replicate the position of cultural dynamics in moderating efforts of the leaders to pressure the attitudes customs and performance of the supporters in organizational settings. The procedure in which organizational culture has been integrated in to these models of change which provides a frame works for considerating the questions which are addressed in this study.

Develop a detail plan to implement the recommended changes and evaluate at least 3 possible outcomes organization may achieve after successful implementation. (Task 2.3.b)

Implementation plan:

Proper plan is required to bring change and succeed in every organization. Identifying the opportunities and available solutions should be done before the implementation. Identify all the issues of execution by gathering the required data from the important people who brings the change and can evaluate the important options like resources and priorities. In Argo’s implementation plans introduces the self checkout machine with embedded technology and home delivery concept. Firstly Argo’s should have some time line and aims to reach the objective before the implementation plan according to the plan the task should be allocated an all the necessary resources should be gathered For the execution of the implementation plan.

Implementation of plan as follows:-

Self checkout machine embedded with paying machine.

Drive through and home delivery concept.


Firstly self checkout machines embedded with paying machines are introduced in selected store where a wide variety of customers come to the store daily. Then all the customers are educated about how it will works the advantages of the self checkout machines embedded with paying machines explaining detail to the customers. This new technology which is introduce will avoid the customers standing in the queues by reducing their wastage of their valuable time. Then after a certain short period feedback from the customers is collected. Find out if there any issue and fix it by taking enough time without its occurrence in the future and improving the changes and developments in accordance to the customer feedback should be done. Again after a certain period of time if the product is successful without any complainants by the customers then install the product in all the stores to provide qualitative services for the customers. Finally evaluate the success percentage in the execution of plan which expands the growth of the organization.


Firstly advertise about the drive through and home delivery concept in selected areas. Then give a complete awareness and the working structure of the home delivery concept. Explain the advantages that customers by introducing this concept there is no need of customers to come in to the stores to buy the products. A catalog embedded with the paying machine is payment and give the details for delivery. After introducing this concept feedback of the customers is collected and the processes are monitored frequently. Delivery of the product should be made in time with any damage to the product and delay. Again after a certain period of time if the product is successful without any complainants by the customers then install the product in all the stores to provide qualitative services for the customers. Finally evaluate the success percentage in the execution of plan which expands the growth of the organization. By using the embedding technology with self check out machines and paying machines. Customers can find the products easily and they need not to stand in the queue for payment. They can search the products and they can able to pay the amount by using this new electronic device. Once they pay the amount they will get one receipt. When the receipt shows they can get the products in concerned counter. By using drive through customers save the time and no need to search the things what they want. So they get the served simply through the window. Once the plans are implemented successfully to bring the change in the stores people attract automatically because of the quick service. When the customers get quick service they attract to the stores hence the profits may increased more over they get the satisfaction when their expectations reached by providing the quality service hence the company goals satisfied.


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