The Importance Of Organizational Structure And Power And Communication Lines Business Essay

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Organizational structure refers to the general level, an organization in which its power and communication lines, and the allocation of rights and obligations. Organizational structure determines the manner and extent of the role, powers and devolution of responsibilities, control and coordination of information, and how to manage flows between levels. A structure depends entirely on the organization’s goals and choices to achieve these strategies. In a centralized structure, decision-making power concentrated in the upper management and strict control of the department and in the exercise. In the decentralized structure, the allocation of decision-making and the various departments and sectors have different degrees of autonomy.

The importance of including an organizational structure to help business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs to the conceptualization, visualization, hierarchical system is to build their organization and implementation. For example, a part of the organizational structure, including: command, control, departmentalization, span the distribution of power, height, and organizations.

The first is the command system is a chain of command involved in the organizational structure, identify and define: jobs, who make decisions and who is responsible for various duties.

The second is to control the amplitude is the control of the staff to identify and quantify the actual amount of supervision of the manager. The third is in the department of a department’s organizational structure is divided into functional departments (such as sales) by the specific task of structural parts. Determine which activities, tasks and talents will be grouped in order to achieve the best goal of the origin of the so-called process of the department.

Fourth, the power distribution authority is deciding whether to allocate decision-making power concentrated in a few high-level bureaucrats often to see the number of shares and the closet or the tasks of various departments and their corresponding decentralized authority.

The fifth is a high degree of organization is the organization defined the high many departments, departments, and the highest level between the layers and the tissue level is the lowest

1.2 Body

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In my company department have marketing departments and Human Resources, Finance and Operations. These departments is very important for a company and control the company. Marketing Department is responsible for promoting the use of our services, human resources tend to control the main staff resources. Financial sector, it obtained the coordination and management of financial resources. Combined to provide services directly related to business activities. They also have an important role in our company.

In organizational structure have four type is entrepreneurial structure ,functional structure , divisional structure and matrix structure. Definition  matrix structure is employees are features and products. This structure can combine the best of these two independent structures. Definition functional structure within the organization for employees of specific job . Definition divisional structure is classify into three areas: product, market, and geographic. Definition entrepreneurial structure is restructuring and entrepreneurial activities, management and the appropriate procedures to obtain the necessary flexibility, speed, creativity and dynamic role in a specific profit opportunities .

Functional organization is built around job function. This type of business structure for small to medium sized enterprises do not have the product or  production requirements of a wide range of uses.

Matrix  structure is organized, as its name indicates, by area or region. Each area is full of its own entity, with the goal line in the enterprise’s overall goals. Usually have a regional manager of the operations, who reports to the headquarters, but otherwise full responsibility for the regional units. Chart above shows the geographical structure of a North American example. The same can be applied in the international arena, in the mainland or subcontinents the division. Car manufacturers and multinational fast food chains tend to follow the corporate organizational structure. In some cases, the product will remain unchanged, all regions, while in other cases, a product may be slightly modified or new products to meet local needs.

Divisional structure lend well to organizations such as department stores and supermarkets. When these organizations operate in multiple areas, geographic and product mix between the organizational structure is appropriate.

Entrepreneurial  structure is often a medium-sized and large organizations, have sufficient resources to the proper use of the structure.

My company is a medium size. My company use structure is functional structure  , because it has a very clear chart department for medium-sized companies. My organization have three event only , so you can easily control the use of the functional structure. Here is my company’s structure:

                        Functional structure





I choose this structure reason is skills development, coherent chain, quick decision-making, qualified supervision, professional results .

Advantages of functional structure Skills development is a function of the organizational structure of the benefit is that it’s a positive atmosphere to provide for skills development. As a function of the structure group of people requires skills performing similar tasks, or a more experienced team members as a good example and mentor less experienced individuals. This resulted in sustained growth, from simple daily communication organization development, and special seminars or workshops without dependence, improve the quality of a department to carry out.

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Coherent chain of command is the functional structure of an organization to establish a very specific chain of command. For example, a photo and graphic design department may belong to the visual arts department of a large company a market in a department under the Ministry’s jurisdiction. A clear chain of command is important because it creates the standard operating procedures, the establishment and strengthening of accountability consequences. In turn, the productivity in a more professional basis.

          Quick decision-making functions in the organization structure, you can speed up the decision-making process. Typically, group decision making can be slow, because the different perspectives involved projects. Although people still have different functional structure of the angle, similar to the professional and educational background to provide more in common than not, in theory, decision-making process has become easier to navigate. In addition, the level of benefit more streamlined decision-making authority, which requires far less than most of the time consideration.

Qualified supervision is the functional structure for the participants with a very specific career ladder. Therefore, the individual to achieve a supervisory role more likely to have had the task, they are assessing the experience of their staff. This allows them to better understand and credibility, they make evaluations and allow them to provide more constructive feedback, because they have a personal assessment of the implementation of the work to be first-hand knowledge.

Professional results is because everyone is in the functional structure of work in an area of ​​expertise with peers similar , their contribution to the overall objectives of the company or organization will be more professional. Different members of the team greatly in different capacities as a graphic designer, worked in the functional structure of group members in similar areas of expertise, and can push each other to a higher realm of copy. As the saying goes, steel mill steel, colleagues in the function and structure can enhance each other’s skills.


Disadvantages of functional structure , the functions are independent, in any area beyond its own capabilities to understand or care staff rarely caused. This does not make a whole company and its future prospects. This separation caused by communication and full cooperation and coordination of some of the obstacles, individual focus not a company’s business focus, there is no way the structure of things as a company, every process in different functional areas and professional of the function is not allowed in the field of management of the Company or other specific areas of broad prospects.

1.3 Conclusion

The reason of choosing this function is structure skills development. It is a function of the organizational structure of the benefit is that it’s a positive atmosphere to provide for skills development. Quick decision-making functions in the organization structure, you can speed up the decision-making process.

In my recommendation on countering the weakness is add more activities or party and annual dinner for all department and all employee held this activities can improve the relationship among employees


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