Tesco: Marketing and Strategy Options

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The marketing strategy is usually a written report or a business plan that helps in the development of generic products on the market, and also addresses issues such as distribution, promotion, marketing objectives and identity the product on the market. The marketing strategy may include the option to salary, position in the market segment. The marketing concept is the most important agreement for any organization to achieve high growth rates in this competition, humanity, one of the most successful participants in the present way of being the life of the organization Business, marketing strategies, and programs. Marketing strategy, the details of this investigation have the example of Tesco, the group of important commercial products in the United Kingdom (Great Britain). Jack Cohen was the founder of the organization of Tesco in 1919 in east London, retired from the day the market Cohen deserves the profits of £ 4 on the date of creation of the organization, the name Tesco was published in 1924, Cohen was sending floor area well and Mr. T.E with the initials of his organization as “Tesco” referred to later in Burnt Oak, north London opened Cohen bought the lighthouse design 1932 and later Tesco, Tesco is a limited liability company, this research helps to Tesco, which is a business organization to take the marketing strategy adopted by the company of several of her mandate, you know. (Tim Clark, 2008).

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Tesco is good, as is well known that the organization of food retailers in the UK, of course, better for customers and Tesco is making their services, although Tesco has some of the principles and theory, that the organization is functioning better than their competitors at the most common principles are based Tesco to improve its business processes to customer satisfaction, ease of access of personnel, investment in cheaper for Tesco. These are the key to the success of any business organization to run successfully if each business unit will not reach any of the above principles, there would be a possibility of falling into the desired organization market. corporate competition is strong in this type of Tesco retail market, but should be able, the value chain for its customers remain confident in all areas, including recruitment, as customers in the market are the real candidates, everyone in the organization must do its work effort to satisfy our customers to develop the organization. Another organizing principle is simple personal Tesco cannot say that ordinary people are more like highly skilled workers and able to solve problems very efficiently designed for simple solutions when complex issues are listed in the client and organization. The third principle is the implementation of investment services cheaper and better Tesco, take the large number of customers for the organization to provide (Rosie Blau, 2002).

This research may also be useful for some basic frame work to determine how corporate development programs for the implementation of effective customer service. Organizational development programs in general are one of the processes to develop internal capacity of the effective height for the proper functioning of the organization for a long period. The scope of the work of organizational development programs to operate as a key program for all team members for their hard work to fight if they are entitled to their efforts to accomplish the operation and development is organization, the main objective of these types of programs for working with money and vision for the functioning of the organization. Here are some of the basic frameworks are works that are useful for the development of the organization as follows;

Survival of the organization

If an organization has been able to understand the critical transitions and developed their basic systems would not the chances of survival for the period of time, otherwise it would have collapsed.

The Best quality

If a marketing organization is able to civilize the quality of work through technical or human investments that can acquire more space in the market.

Resource Availability

To hold the handle to a company able to generate resources for their work should module on the market.

Moral values

An organization must have moral values and the client must be carried out internally first and not let the market.


All members must drive in the form of development cooperation organization in the development of staff and council can improve the performance of the program module, it would be possible to work when an organization has managed to generate cash and energy used to accomplish the mission. The above conditions would be key to the success of Tesco Organization (Ann Philbin and Sandra Mikush, 1999)

The research methodology for the development of the organization provides some of the techniques and models used to develop the marketing plan. Avoids many researchers who wrote a marketing plan of the company, all unnecessary expenses if there was a perfect marketing plan would have a dramatic impact on helping sales decline could be tested. So the perfect marketing plan is useful and prevents the collapse of the communication activities of a page, even when agitated. The marketing plan should not be expansive long and complicated, because it is much easier to document, in which the trust. The most important techniques for developing the marketing plan below is used.

Situation Analysis

First, we must look at the situation of the organization and its market position, intensity and other factors that may affect the marketing strategies, analyzing the situation of market research. The most important aspects that should and must take into account considerations.

Challenges if the enterprise is established with the target market at the moment the client before the challenge and built the capacity to attract customers.

Your business must be a unique advertising strategy.

If you analyze the situation, competition and the number of different things on the market (George Rodriguez, 2010).

The methodology of the research on the organization of Tesco explains the detailed summary of the different types of marketing and strategic choices of the organization to promote the adoption of development for any business organization, its activities, which built the four main strategic options markets are,

The sale of existing products to existing customers

The main advantage of choosing this type of option by the organization because of the less risky option, in which the organization will be more customers for existing products can be found, is easier if the client has played a small role in the niche market recently, most companies include this kind of attracting customers.

Sales of new products for existing customers

In this type of marketing organization options, the risk is low compared to the previous option is more strategy to the client would be responsible for the type of relief for the organization’s resources.

Expanding existing products into new markets

This marketing option is useful for understanding the demand for existing products where the risk is low compared to the previous options, but not with big eyes, you must decide whether the organization has taken the best route, and product image Business, sales processes and promotional materials are considered to carry the products on market considerations, such as real benefits to extend the application of their mode of operation, customer service and the best time to inspect the goods on the market are included in the considerations.

Develop new products for new markets

This option is more risky compared to the option in the strategy market since the implementation of the new product on the market may again lead to the diversification measure. It’s moving a big challenge for companies in emerging markets at best, and it would be difficult to distribution channels of the facility, managing customer expectations and generate demand for existing competitors, the difficult task which requires large resources, drawn below the curve is called a risk that would be in the range of services or goods collected by organizations (convalescent Stuart, 2010)

Tesco has not built individually, but you have to develop their organizations, with the assistance of interested parties, interest groups are nothing more than the particular group of people interested in group activity different from their own interests in the economy, in this case, Tesco has many players are tracking some of them.


In general, customers are acting as the main actors in society in general, clients stay ahead of products to choose low-cost and search for variety of products. Tesco is correct actually happened on the client and get more customers to the Organization, Tesco can best business solutions to its clients, which are the main source of income, customers apply pressure on the organization, Tesco has regular reviews with your company to meet customer demand and keep in touch with them, feedback from customers who have a major impact on Tesco because they can suggest ways to improve the strategy cases that the comments of staff shortages such as in the field have a great impact on the activities of Tesco in the organization is unable to respond to customer feedback, the proportion of losing the client.


Employees of the people who pay in Tesco Organisation for their work in the organization, employees must be diversity of skills to your salary is decided, the employees working in different sections for their skills, such as cash registers , so clean, if Tesco can find all the staff works hard to develop the organization, he would be entitled to promotion criteria in the organization, the staff is also the main shareholder of the corporation, the organization of the State, offer good working conditions for employees who otherwise would not have a good service to their employment, employees have the greatest impact on the organization of Tesco, the key role in the company’s huge profits.


It is most important to Tesco, because they need funding to expand its operations, expanding its activities the organization can create more interest from members who work in Tesco, Finance also act as an important player for business because it is the only source of Tesco, if the transaction goes smoothly.

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Other key stakeholders of the company is the supplier, and they expect to offer products for sale at Tesco any other source of income for suppliers of Tesco good is the main reason that acts as a provider of Tesco, in Indeed, Tesco, good supplier to inform the company of about supply in an average time to do so (Medium-Low, 2008)

For participation in the above-mentioned strategies for personnel, human resources function is key to winning the implementation, the role of staff in recognition of the responsibility of the personnel department in the implementation of the strategy business, the success of implementation strategies have an impact throughout the organization, ministry staff, the only department that may have access to activities to all employees who have the human resources department informed of problems arise in the implementation strategy of Tesco, this thesis also provide that the HR function is also central to the organization. (2008)

Using the theory involves a single prediction that the organization must have certain core values and vision to make a strong base can be implemented within the organization. The values of the organization is at the heart of the vision and shape of the daily operations of the organization’s mission, working with the organization describes the role of play and the future functioning of organizations is, if the mission of organization in the realistic evaluation of the company can control this inquiry, the mission, vision and values of the person to make bricks in all decisions of the organization. These aspects are useful for the development of applied following table captures the relationship with the vision, mission and values that are the most important aspects of the organization are known

One of the basic skills in achieving the vision, mission and objectives of governance of the organization, the concept of governance is that decisions are taken by the organization on critical issues effectively. A rigorous governance body will provide funding crisis decision-making body; the organizations with the lifeless body of government long-term stay in the organization, more effective management of the organization to build trust between the members are active. The main objective of the government must pay good decisions and policies that reflect the moral values of the organization of corporate governance and contributes to the understanding of social relations between members of the organization. The main functions of the governing body of any organization are to develop skills in members and also to develop leadership qualities (Ann Philbin, Sandra Mikush, 1999)

Recently, many changes in Tesco’s business environment it faces, Tesco is strongly influenced by the many difficulties such as uncertainty affects the market, except for strategic decisions of the difficulties mentioned above includes the Tesco analysis and identification of economic, social, political and technological and business process and PEST analysis is known, in recent years, Tesco in the list of organizations, changes in market environment, as


That’s the kind of questions concerning the organization of risk, as

  • Fiscal policy
  • Government stability
  • Regulation of Foreign Trade
  • Monopoly Law Commission
  • Labour Law

Economic factors

This is the section which covers aspects such as

  • Trends Gnp
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • economic cycles
  • Disposable income


In this field of analysis of problems encountered by Tesco

  • Income Distribution
  • Social Mobility
  • Level of education
  • changes in lifestyle

Technological aspects

Technological aspects of issues such as

  • technology issues
  • Survey on government spending
  • A rapid increase in technology transfer
  • Price (Ahsan Majeed, 2005)

With the help of discussions on this research methodology, Tesco said that previous efforts to overcome successfully created due to changes in the environment and leading the organization to succeed, it is expected that a more is to act effectively change the environment, the criteria for Tesco in the first position in the market has been a great success of Tesco in achieving customer satisfaction and provide a real service to customers, if n is not the answer to Tesco of these changes would not have had the opportunity to abandon the enterprise as a result, a great loss to the organization. Although the organization is most effective when Tesco has some of the major functional areas of the company that performed the operation of his business, small or function of organizations working to bring these people regularly, bill payments and respond to customer requests for this type of work can be limited rights in small firms, but where large companies as it was considered that if the specific tasks and specialize in such large areas is easier to identify employees and between different sectors and ministries, and each of his department has strengthened its position in a particular field. The various functional areas can be presented schematically Tesco, which is then applied,

The main objective of the functional areas to ensure that, in order to conduct operations effectively, the main administrative functions of the business organization,


This functional area within an organization for all companies in the market is needed in small-scale organizations, this function is to pay a single command, and the bills keep up, while most public place by the relevant authorities’ main operating,

  • Collect and send emails
  • Document recovery
  • organizing meetings
  • In response to questions
  • collect information
  • provisions for the road
  • Arrangements for interviews and events

Service function

Another major objective of the organizational functions of the service to their customers, looking all business units to customers who are concerned about the products of these reasons, a separate customer service must be configured to your needs, the duties of customer service,

  • In response to customer demand
  • Provide information to customers
  • Complaints
  • feedback to improve service

Functions of HR

The most important resource of the human resources function of workers in the organization, most organizations in support of marketing companies with a well trained for the activities of its activities is the human resources function for larger adaptation of new employees in the organization so that the best person for the organization at all organizational functions, select the human resources function is most important because it is a long and expensive process, the hiring the candidate can cause instability in society. New employees are likely to initiate programs for the people involved made the industry and regulators to build a rule, is the other main task of the Human Resources Unit to provide adequate training and staff development which should ensure greater that the company retains qualified employees, to expect people often say that their employers treated and paid fairly and have the appropriate working environment, human resources of this monitoring process the state to help staff work and social policy, most organizations monitoring the conditions of their employees through their trade associations representing workers Senior Communications Human Resources organizations and to inform direction changes, which have the most employees in the organization of their legal obligations regarding health and safety, the working procedure of the main functions of human resources,

  • Press advertising and vacancies
  • the communication possibilities for personal advancement
  • Keep all competitors
  • monitoring the work
  • Keep a record of accidents, such as health and safety
  • Record the employee’s absence
  • Maintain personnel records
  • Preparation of corporate social policy

Therefore, previous discussions, we can say that the HR department is to assume a crucial role in the organization. To effectively carry out its operations

Task5 (a)

Tesco has to be part of the implementation plans for the execution of preferred destinations and a number of important factors for planning and implementation of market strategy. Tesco should be aware and fully with the conversion table on the following issues and review and often for the successful implementation of organizational strategies. This implementation includes the following topics listed below.


This plan refers to the attention of Internet resources in the area and meets the rewards.


This factor should increase the effort and investment, provides for the organization.

Competitive Advantage

This section of the plan refers to the method of operation in the region, where strong competition, if an organization is not aware of this fact that would probably fall back from its competitors.

Superior Performance

This action plan is important for the organization’s plan, all its members, this strategy must also recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s position and meets the needs of the market would be a useful framework for working with success of the organization with market forces.

Sustainable competitive advantages

This strategy proposes ideas may also work for the organizational period.

Innovation and Creativity

Create new and innovative ideas and thoughts will help to improve the organization and location of the organization at the cutting edge in comparison with other organizations.


This is one of the plans for implementing marketing strategies for the invention of new flexible products are allowed, they are difficult to support the number of opportunities that are sensitive to the reality of time working with decisions business, such as Chance and weaknesses of the plan.

Basic conceptual simplicity

The strategic plan includes plans for some long and complicated, the constant adaptation and change requires a different time, the organization must be aware of information that most strategic plans are based on historical information and forecasts the future.

The ability to participate

This is the ultimate key to the implementation of any marketing plan is a wonderful strategy makes sense if you support the implementation of its mission, vision and objectives to achieve the desired organization (Brain Monger, 2006).

This method of support for research on various aspects, methods and application of the theory that the marketing agency for business growth in the market to determine approval. Must be developed to carry out activities in the marketing strategies of a master plan for any challenge as a variety of implementations that are necessary to implement the plan. The platforms and steps for planning and presentation of the implementation of the marketing strategy are included

Action required

The services sector includes all activities related to products, pricing and promotional activities and some of the specific application areas such as structural changes, training of staff.

Event Time

This segment is to plan and schedule of activities is necessary before playing.

Identify activities by other means. Most marketing strategies should be in the order that the writing, production and delivery. These activities should be isolated from other activities and services.

Order Placement

This is the part of managers to control the driving plans of all activities and how to determine the individual activities.

Assign responsibility

This suggests that managers, many employees, teams and departments to deliver specific activities assigned.

Task5 (b)

Effective implementation of the development plan is to start operations in a spreadsheet, provides information on individual activities in the Master Plan. Drawn below the graph represents a plan for implementation of marketing activities marketing structure includes different types of elements in the implementation of plans.

Figure source: Market Strategy

Marketing Strategy

This element of the application includes the company’s products, distribution, pricing and promotional activities of products.

Shared values and goals

These application notes are a solitary maintain the unity of the whole operation.

Marketing structure

This segment includes the activities of the corporate structure of organized marketing.

System and process

This request covers work activities, the various activities of the inputs to ensure the production of information and activities of the production company of your operation can absorb.


This sector guide implementation firm for the recruitment of skilled workers and their conditions of optimum training, motivation, commitment and satisfaction.


Resources include a variety of assets to be purchased together in the implementation of marketing strategies.


This segment manager application guide, how to communicate with all members of the unit and the implementation of programs such as employee motivation (OC Ferrell, Michael D. Hartline, 2008).

Task 5 (c)

This research on market strategy provides information on various types of risk management strategies in different circumstances. Most researchers focus on such topics as strategies-ante and ex post market structure. ex ante actions that occurred before the loss and ex-post measures were taken after the disaster occurred appeal. For example, firefighters noise after the fire has been exhausted is a posteriori strategy starts from the fall of the chimney after the fire a. In other words, this strategy can be described as a risk coping and risk mitigation techniques that act as synonyms for ex-post and ex ante market strategies. Morduch (1995) calls these two strategies are the measures of income and consumption smoothing. ex-ante strategies are not generally focus on issues such as health risk and income, the market prices are uncertain. Consumption smoothing is never a perfect choice of the strategy of the business thereafter. There were many more changes in the cost of preventive home care, health and food preparation took place after the loss, this discussion will help the other strategy is to assess post-ante and former and provide solutions to these issues this thesis. (Marcel Fafchamps, 2003).

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Task (D)

This research is also intended as a guide for managers, the various steps and measures for action to be taken into consideration before implementing new strategies, because the choice of strategy and undesirable aliens would be a great loss for the effective organization created as a loss prevention manager must be able to implement a plan for the organization to understand.


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