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Nintendo Company Ltd. also known as Nintendo Kabushiki Kaisha in Japanese, is a video game developer, publisher, home console, and handheld manufacturer. The company was founded in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi in 1889 as a manufacturer of Hanafuda playing cards translating to “Flower cards”. With the success of their playing cards it has allowed them to enter the toy business and eventually into the video game industry. They now primarily sell individual consoles and handheld units such as the Wii, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and several more products. They also have developed multiple popular video game franchises including Mario, Pokemon, and The Legend Of Zelda. Their main headquarters are in Kyoto, Japan since 1889 and have expanded throughout the globe. The company currently headquarters in Washington (North America), British Columbia, Germany, and Australia. In regards as to why I particularly select this company is due to the fact that I admire that they are the most accomplished video game company that connects to all generations through their enjoyment from the games and consoles they have developed. To learn more about the company you may visit www.nintendo.com to discover not only their multiple products but how they manage their company as a whole.

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Nintendo’s approach to sustainability is primarily focusing on the Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in which they define it as “Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches.” CSR is seen as the responsibility of multiple departments eventually establishing a CSR Promotion Project Team in 2007 to coordinate and support CSR activities. Each relevant department and local offices are seen as point of contact for the companies stakeholders and offer a channel of communication as well as receive key feedback. For each group of stakeholders, Nintendo communicates with them in various ways to ensure satisfaction, better relationships and enjoyments for their products. With stakeholders, their top priority is for the consumers ensuring that everyone fully enjoys their products, which is made sure from feedback and creating the highest quality products possible. They are constantly working on building better relationships with their business partners eventually bringing better quality products for consumers. Not only do they offer good relationships with their business partners, but also their employees where they are maintained to ensure that the strength and potential are maximized. Nintendo strives to maximize their corporate value for their shareholders and investors to build a satisfying, positive, and trusting relationship. Through the use of returns on profit and disclosing important information has created long-term partnerships. Looking at Nintendo, they also focus on future generations and display their commitment to maximizing environment protection towards their product design process and their business world-wide. Their priority areas receive attention based upon opinion of external consultants, employee surveys, and results from ratings.

In regards to risk management, each divivision of Nintendo is given direct responsibility for the management of its own risks. Nintendo Company Ltd. Internal Auditing Department verifies the risk-management system for each division and any suggestive changes and offers. With the risk management policy, the Compliance Committee promotes compliance measures throughout the company by maintaining the Compliance Manuals and conducting seminars for Directors and employees. The company has a policy of taking a resolute stand against antisocial forces, and establish departments for all of the company. Nintendo manages to facilitate prompt action and prevent product-related problems to improve and ensure a better company environment.

You have announced that your newest Product the Nintendo Switch will be introducing a subscription-based service. Do you believe that it will be able to contribute to an ongoing and stable economy for Nintendo, considering the fact that you are known for not having any type of subscription services for your earlier devices. Please also expand on how you believe that this subscription-based service will help the video gaming community and/or your company. With the release of the Wii U in 2012 there was a big issue concerning that it received support from an inadequate third-party and lack of compatible software. What do you believe are important factors in future products and what kind of development direction are internal developers taking in creating software for future products. In regards to your marketing and new representatives for your latest products, what are any concerns on how it might change the perspective or revenue for the company? That concludes my questions for the CEO of Nintendo and if there are any more statements I would gladly take them into consideration.


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