The Concept Of Headhunting In HR

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Headhunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting is also a recruitment process involves convincing the person to join your organization. This is very use full process in every organization at this time many companies follow headhunting process from this process hr manager recruit only experience and skilled labour for getting information about current market situation and how to manage the our customer so this process is important for companies.

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Headhunting Process

For the headhunting process we apply three fundamental steps:

1- Defining a search strategy

In collaboration with clients, we evaluate the assignment parameters and requirements and determine a specific search strategy for finding the best candidate. Paramount to this process is an acute understanding of the client’s culture, the position responsibilities and the necessary qualifications. Once a search strategy is defined we generate a list of target sectors, companies, networks and relevant associations.

2-Candidate identification and evaluation

We conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate list. We screen, meet and assess a short list of potential candidates through telephone and face-to-face interviews. When applicable, we facilitate all interviews, assessment centres, psychometric testing and medicals.

3-Search report and follow-up

We consult with our clients to review preferred candidates and assist in the selection process. When a preferred candidate(s) is selected, we will then conduct reference checks in consultation with the client. Once the position is filled, we will conduct ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate.

Advantages of using a headhunting

Discretion and confidentiality is obviously one of the biggest advantages: – When retaining the services of a headhunter you should be assured that only a very few people will know you are seeking to have a particular position filled.

Experience and knowledge and know how is another advantage:- A good headhunter will be a good researcher, they will be able to fully understand the attributes you need and will be able to understand the culture and climate of your organisation and so be able to identify key individuals that will really make a difference to your firm. They will be skilled at approaching people, offering concise explanations, will be skilled negotiators with high emotional intelligence and empathy skills and will be able to differentiate between the merely good and the really great candidates.

Disadvantage of head hunting

A headhunter cannot afford to devote his/her attention to just one client.

Headhunters are often commission-paid and under pressure to meet hiring quotas for the recruitment companies they work for.

Hire’s salary paid of headhunter.

Difficult in headhunting process to determine the best headhunter.

After the complete headhunting process headhunter maybe give wrong information about competitor and market situation

Five points every recruiter should adopt to achieve effective headhunting results

Identify your candidates

Name gathering

Overcoming obstacles

Identifying the desire to change

Manage the resignation


Understand Head Hunting

Various companies and firms have chosen to enhance their human resource by using the expertise that headhunters bring to recruitment. The boom in the headhunting industry can be attributed to the headhunter’s superior understanding of the industry and market norms, job profiles, people skills etc. It is imperative to have an in-depth specialised knowledge of the industry, the job requirements, work culture, HR policies etc. Several factors need to be considered. The headhunter takes into consideration the candidate’s values, job preferences, skills, background, family commitments etc. These are the guiding parameters by which the headhunter analyses the candidate’s suitability to the requirements of the recruiter. The headhunter should guide the candidates in interview handling skills.

A headhunter stakes his reputation on the competencies of his candidate.A headhunter can be tuned to success in the corporate scenario. The intense competition in the recruitment procedures has led to several headhunters working round the clock.

The Future of Headhunting

It depends on whom you ask and, maybe more importantly, what level of executive you want to recruit. On one hand are those who argue that the Internet and other innovations are transforming today’s headhunting firms and recruitment strategies. Internet career cites such as are moving into the executive market, threatening to compete against old-style headhunters in a lucrative market. High-potential candidates are located, tracked and monitored as they move through their careers in other companies. When the time is right, these people are offered a job.It’s hard to argue that these trends are not having an impact on executive recruitment, but it may also be premature to imply that most top-notch global executives are suddenly going to put their resumes online or allow their skills to be evaluated by software

Head Hunter Can Do For Company

Head hunting is not just about getting the top performer from another company, it is also about hunting for people with a specific set of talents to work for them.Talent skills that are not being recognized by the company that you are working with right now, and another company might see a valuable potential in you. People all over the world are stuck in the situation that they are being under utilized and because of the fact that they are being under utilized and their talents are not being channeled effectively. The whole point of a resume and the list of talents are for it to get the air space that it needs. Companies who are interested in one thing and is to get the best talents and the employees with the most potential.

Aviation Headhunting

Initially conduct an on-site visit at the client’s HQ to establish working conditions, meet key decision makers and gather a view of the environment, which prospective candidates can expect to enter. Together with the client we produce a draft job profile and person specification, agree on timescale for delivery and draw up contracts. Advertising copy is expertly written and the advert – drawn up by a Marlborough consultant – he is designed to ensure maximum response. Having created a talent pool of suitable candidates, he arranges face-to-face interviews and via a process of elimination produce a ‘short list’ worthy of presentation to the client. Marlborough provides the client with an in-house generated assessment report detailing our opinions and comments on the relative capabilities of each of the short-listed candidates. Marlborough arranges an interview agenda with the client and manages short-listed candidates. Following is the detailed feedback sessions, Marlborough gathers in-depth reference and after this contract signature with the selected individual we personally write to unsuccessful candidates.

Headhunting has evolved – Don’t get left behind

Critical lack of leadership talent available globally and a demanding top level candidate, the headhunting climate has become more sophisticated and challenging. Extended hiring time and losing quality candidates, leading to an expensive process and a dissatisfied client and candidates. A top headhunter does not compromise its executive network, but focuses on connecting top-end talent with reputable screened employers of choice.

Getting the Best and the Brightest

Headhunters often belong to professional and trade organizations. Their directories are a rich source of who are up and coming. The approach to the candidate is important and to make it known that would be treated in a confidential manner. Worldwide, retained firms account only for US$2 billion out of the entire US$10-billion executive search industry. A guarantee period, usually six months, within which candidates are replaced at no additional cost should they leave for whatever reason. And a headhunter cannot tap a candidate for another job offer after placing him in one job for a specified period of time.

Headhunting the Old-fashioned Way: A Case for the Human Touch in a Dot-Com World

Many of the sites say they provide employers with turn-key recruitment solutions., for example, says on their homepage that they deliver “cost-effective and efficient recruiting solutions, including real-time job postings, complete company profiles and resume screening” .Recruitment made easy. Nor has it ever been easier to peruse career opportunities at companies across the country. That being said, the main thing Internet recruiting has done is create a flood of resumes for employers and a revenue stream for the likes of Not surprisingly, this “recruitment-made-easy environment is also a turn-over-made-easy environment. The demand for talent goes up; the supply of it is going down. Seventy five percent of top corporate executives surveyed said that their companies are either chronically short of talent or suffer talent droughts. Finding and keeping your next new hire will require a good bit more from the organization than the Monster Board can do for company.

The World of the Headhunter

Usually the headhunter will be employed to find individuals from competitor companies, poaching the top industry talent and in doing so, giving their client a competitor advantage over one of their rivals.

Within financial services, the very best employees can often help to generate millions of pounds in profits for a company.

This means that headhunters, although popular with companies looking to hire, are feared and loathed by companies who are worried that their best employees could be poached.

How are Headhunters Paid?

Good headhunters are highly-respected professionals in their chosen field, and are able to charge clients large fees for their services like any other professional, such as lawyers or accountants. The rewards on offer for headhunters are high.

Types of Headhunting Company

There are three distinctive types of headhunting firm. Right at the top of the pecking order are the ‘search’ companies. The tend to focus on recruiting at the most senior level, for managing directors, chief financial officers and chief executives.

Search companies keep detailed profiles on clients and also on high-level employees they believe could be of interest. Once a client contacts them to fill a role (for example after a chief executive has informed the company board of their intention to leave), the search company will draw up a shortlist of candidates, discuss them with the client and then make their approaches.

Boutique’ headhunters take a more varied approach. They will use a number of different methods to find good potential employees, including advertising roles, conducting informal searches and trawling through company records for the names of likely personnel.

Boutiques often cultivate lists of contacts within an industry and then contact those people to ask if they know of any colleagues who may fit a certain role.

The lowest level of headhunters are those that work on a ‘contingent’ basis, and are most similar to standard recruitment agencies. They will advertise a range of roles within a specific company and get paid for each role

What Training is Required to be a Headhunter?

Headhunting is not just a more expensive version of recruitment, although entry into the field is similar. Most headhunting firms expect their employees to have a good first class or 2:1 degree. More importantly, a headhunter will need to be confident, good at problem solving, highly motivated to succeed, able to demonstrate good communication skills and possess the ability to network.

What Should you do if a Headhunter Contacts You?

If you are contacted by a headhunter, it is nearly always worth giving them a few minutes of your time, even if it means calling them back at a more convenient time to talk.

In today’s volatile jobs market, it always pays to remain on the radar of headhunters.

Headhunting 101

The modern business of executive headhunting remains a mystery to most business people, this despite its routes trace back to the days soon after the armistice of World War 1 when it was first practiced and conceived within the walls of the earliest management consulting firms. If you are unaware our remain unconvinced about the influence of today’s corporate headhunters,

HeadHYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “”hunters are especially powerful facilitators of executive mobility and management career opportunity, they work as agents of both creative and destructive influence on hiring organizations, their brands, leadership, culture and financial performance.



The Indian information technology (IT) industry has played a key role in putting India on the global map. Thanks to the success of the IT industry, India is now a power to reckon with. According to the Department of Information Technology (DIT), the overall Indian software and services industry revenue is estimated to have grown from US$ 10.2 billion in 2001-02 to reach US$ 58.7 billion in 2008-09-translating to a CAGR of about 26.9 per cent. The industry grew at 12.9 per cent in 2008-09.

According to DIT, exports continue to dominate the revenues earned by the Indian software and services industry. The export intensity (the share of IT-ITeS exports to total IT-ITeS revenue) of Indian software and services industry has grown from 74.5 per cent in 2001-02 to 78.9 per cent in 2008-09. Total software and services exports are estimated to have grown from US$ 7.6 billion to US$ 46.3 billion in 2008-09, a CAGR of 28.6 per cent.

The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is the apex body for software services in India.As per its ‘Strategic Review 2010’ published in February 2010, the India IT-BPO industry is estimated to aggregate revenues of US$ 73.1 billion in FY 2010, with the IT software and services industry accounting for US$ 63.7 billion of revenue.

Moreover, according to a study by Springboard Research published in February 2010, the Indian information technology (IT) market is expected to grow at around 15.5 per cent in 2010, on the back of growing investor confidence and favourable initiatives taken by the government.


Tony started his working career in 1989 after completing a Diploma in Computer Programming, working for a freight and transport company developing various business applications. He then moved to a software consulting company and consulted to clients as diverse as local government, manufacturing and direct marketing. Tony headed up a development team at this company and assisted a number of clients progress their business requirements through to implementation of technical solutions.Tony followed this with a role at a leading financial services company where he spent time learning the retirement industry, detailed database design techniques and business management. During his four years at this company Tony consulted to and dealt with all levels of management.

Management & Strategy Experience

He was head-hunted to join a leading technology company to build their professional services capacity and Tony built and managed this team for the next 3 years. Tony undertook various training courses in sales and marketing and was responsible for market strategy, research and development, pre-sales consulting, and liaison with the EMEA region of the international market. He gained extensive knowledge in the facilitation of business process development.

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David Taylor says get headhunted – again and again-There is a shortage of outstanding IT directors and CIOs. Companies who value their incumbents must ensure they put in place a retention plan that rewards well above the average in terms of both salary and influence. Board level membership will be a given for IT leaders who are prepared to take their companies into the new, virtual battleground, and lead the fight against the new competitors that are emerging every week. If you are an IT director who has the right skills, and you share this with a belief in your own ability as a leader, the choice is yours. You can take on a similar role in a new company, or join an IT service provider in a senior role, or start out as an entrepreneur.

When Kevin Murphy was headhunted he decided to leave his comfortable job at media firm Emap for Excel many of his friends thought he was mad.In heavy debt and in danger of becoming east London’s very own white elephant, the exhibition centre was struggling. Despite that, after Kevin was offered the deputy chief executive role at the Royal Docks venue, he said yes without a second thought. After the last chaotic 15 months – which included a takeover by Middle Eastern billionaires, plans unveiled for mass expansion, and, last month, Excel being revealed as the centrepiece of a business tourism masterplan which could give London the financial boost needed to rise from economic gloom – he could well be right.Now Kevin, who was appointed chief executive of Excel last year, got here is an interesting tale in itself, and is not typical of most CEOs.


The economy is growing by 8% a year, its stock market rose by nearly 40% in 2005 and foreign investors are flooding in. There are about nine million small grocery shops in India

Whichever way you measure it, business in India is booming. And as the economy grows, so does India’s middle class.

It is estimated that 70 million Indians in a population of about 1 billion now earn a salary of $18,000 a year, a figure that is set to rise to 140 million by 2011. Many of these people are looking for more choice in where to spend their new-found wealth.

The Indian retail sector is now worth about $250bn (£140bn) a year, but it is heavily underdeveloped. Well over 95% of the market is made up of small, uncomputerised family-run stores. Now there are finally signs that the Indian government is dropping its traditionally protectionist stance and opening up its retail market to greater overseas investment. Last month it eased restrictions on foreign investment, allowing overseas retailers to own 51% of outlets as long as they sell only single-brand goods.

For the first time, chains like McDonalds, Marks & Spencer, Body Shop and Ikea can, if they want to, open and control their own operations in India. Previously, many of them had gone down the path of working with franchise partners, a policy followed by M&S which supplies clothes to eight “Planet Sports” stores. They look like M&S stores on the inside, but they are owned by local retailers, and the UK retailer has no plans for that to change.

Lots of employment generation by Indian Organized Retail Sector in the near future.

India is going through a radical economic change. Though it is very infant stage, people can feel the climate is changing. The unorganized retailers takes the lion’s share in the Indian retail sector, but the organized retailers are growing at a good pace, and promises an increase of proportion of 9 – 10% by 2010. This is to be the largest sector after the agricultural sector.

The present employment in the retail business is nearly 4 crores and around 20 crores depends on this sector. There is a scope of better exposure to the international standards with the entry of transnational companies, which in turn is encouraging more & more retail management programs to open up and help bridging the gap of supply & demand of talented professionals for management.


The Reliance recruitment bandwagon for its retail venture rolls on. The latest experienced retailing hand likely to join Reliance soon is Mr K. Radhakrishnan, Vice-President (Merchandising), Spencer’s Retail of the RPG group, and part of the original team that put FoodWorld operations in place. He has been roped in as CEO of Reliance’s hypermarket vertical. The group has plans to set up hundreds of hypermarkets around the country and he will be responsible for its rollout.

Mr Radhakrishnan, who had quit the RPG group after an over-seven-year stint, a couple of months ago, was to have spearheaded the retail business of diamond trading company Dimexon. However, he will now be a Reliance hand.

Microsoft is reportedly trying to hire away Apple’s retail employees by bribing them with… wait for it, better wages. “People that have spoken to The Loop on condition of anonymity confirm that Microsoft has contacted a number of Apple’s retail store managers to work in their stores. In addition to ‘significant raises,’ the managers have also been offered moving expenses in some cases.” It doesn’t end there: once the ex-Apple managers have jumped ship, they are asked to contact their top sales employees at their old workplaces and offer them similar positions at Microsoft’s retail stores, also with higher pay.

An outstanding employee in his first job working in marketing for Xerox, Schultz was headhunted by the Swedish company Perstorp AB. He became the houseware firm’s vice president at twenty-six and oversaw their American subsidiary, Hammerplast USA. As with Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, who took an interest in the original McDonald’s buying up so many milkshake mixers, Schultz’s interest was piqued by the large number of espresso machines that a company called Starbucks was buying from Hammerplast.


The practical use of head hunting through head hunter such as china head hunter how to regulate and how, why and when use of head hunter:

The regulation of head hunting:

1. Keep secret

Keeping secret is the most important in headhunting China industry because it not only relates with our head hunter in China commodity secrets it also relating with the clients commodity secrets and candidates secrets.

2. Provide favorable head hunting

The nature of china head hunting industry is service.

3. China head hunter proper elite.

This means elite that we headhunting China is advanced and professional elite

4. Abide by the law.

It often contacts with famous firm and elite, so we must abide by the law.

5. Profession

Headhunting Company holds the evaluating ways and comprehends every industry.

6. Stabilization

China head hunter company will set up long time tracking service.

How to choose a head hunting company

Modern enterprises are faced with increasingly intense talent competition, especially the competition of senior management talents. When an enterprise chooses the approach to the acquisition of senior management talents the recommendation by the head hunting company is an effective way worth consideration. Thus, upon choosing head hunting companies the review of the historical background of head hunting companies is conducive to the finding of competent

Knowing the specialized field of the head hunting company:

A head hunting company proficiency in a certain field can provide the most suitable candidate within the shortest time. Although the people in other industries looks headhunting as one industry. Only by doing so can the head hunting company find the right candidate within the minimum time.

Interview with consultants in charge of certain business:

The background of head hunting company is certainly important, and the quality of the consultant is important too. The reason why sometimes many candidates recommended by head hunting company seem a little different from the requirement of the enterprise is the gap of its consultant in the understanding apcity of the position.

Learning about the operation flow of the head hunting company: Now many head hunting companies are actually agency companies, who may tell you they hold thousands of talents data, when you entrust them with the job recruitment, they will just search the data in the database and may recommend candidates to you without basic interview.

Looking at the website of the head hunting company:

Many head hunting companies have established their own websites, so viewing their client group and historical records can be helpful to your grasp of their specialized fields. The websites of head hunting companies are different from those of talent agency companies.

How to use headhunter

It Very often the best candidates are already happily employed. They are not thinking of moving and they won’t respond to an advert. Head-hunters’ role is to source these people for difficult-to-fill positions. They differ from agencies because they focus exclusively on approaching people already working rather than considering people looking for work.

Why to use headhunter

Headhunters are used for varied reasons, including and most especially for people looking for middle management and executive positions within their chosen industry. Headhunters or contingency executive recruiters are not as widely regarded, respected or considered to be as reputable as retainment executive recruiters. Generally speaking companies such as consultants and staffing agencies use headhunters to find people for contract or full-time/permanent jobs. Headhunters are useful when looking for more generalized positions, including general management, but their focus is helping their client to find potential candidates that the client themselves were unable to find despite all their efforts. This is one of the reasons that they have received such bad press. There have been cases where candidates have worked with headhunters and ended up not getting a position at all. In fact, the worst type of headhunter will forward any and every resume to their clients with total disregard to whether or not the candidate is suitable or not. This wastes time, money and sometimes contracts with clients.

When to use a headhunter:

When using a headhunter it is important to find someone that can be trusted before engaging them in a contract. This is best done by finding another firm that has used their services before and getting a recommendation. Also, it is critical for a company to insist that they are not sent every resume in sight and that they are kept totally informed of the work the headhunter is doing.

The most important things to keep in mind when using a headhunter are:

Quality work for a reasonable price

Good communication policies

References and recommendations from other companies that have used their services

An ability to do a proper candidate search for people who are suited to a job position and not just anyone and any resume


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