Issues in Hong Kong's TV Industry

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In Hong Kong, the TV industry is developing faster and faster. TV industry also gives us more information, for example, finance news, talk shows, game shows, entertainment programs and so on. But with the development of modern science and technology, the TV industry must become more professional, innovative and creative. Nowadays, because of the rise of the TV industry, in some degree, it brings more economic benefits and also makes a big contribution to the society.

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It has two broadcast television networks in Hong Kong, ATV and TVB. But TVB was the territory’s first free-to-air commercial station and is currently the most important TV station in this area. “The introduction of digital terrestrial TV has helped the existent free-to-air TV companies in the face of the competitive forces coming from a large number of cable and satellite channels. Such case shows that the traditional industry, although challenged, may be strengthened by new technologies, even if they imply in more dramatic changes in its market performance.” (Menezes 91). News and the Broadcast media are controlled by several companies, such as TVB belongs to television broadcasts, is Kong’s first commercial wireless television station, as well as the world’s largest Chinese commercial television station. Company’s business throughout the country, and involved in the program issue, pay TV, music, film, publishing and other industries, is one of the world’s largest Chinese commercial media. And ATV belongs to Rediffusion Hong Kong Limited, It is the first television station in Hong Kong, also is the first Chinese TV station all over the world. One of which is government, they provide a lot of services to different people from different countries and television provides the major source of news and entertainment for the average family.TV industry in Hong Kong still has a large development space in the future.

However, the main problem in the television industry is incoherent and inconsistent access to audiovisual content across Hong Kong (Leeuw 6). The existing of Hong Kong TV industry is also imperfect; there are still many disadvantages and problems to face. Such as only two Hong Kong television competitions, the other enterprises are difficult to enter. And it’s difficult to meet the demand of the market. Even though the TV industry has provided more services to us and changed the social pattern of the past, one of the problems we have to know, Hong Kong TV industry is still in a stage of development, due to the lack of unity and related factors. In the face of other markets outside of Hong Kong that tend to protect more and more of their respective TV industries, the Hong Kong TV industry appeared relatively helpless and disorganized.

Hong Kong TV industry operation is very different; each TV station has its own running mode. It is true that the television industry broadcasters themselves have changed a lot because the contemporary of people are not suitable for TV from patterns of the past (O’Donnell 297). But they all have one thing in common; television is controlled by the private company. The TV industry in Hong Kong fit within the economic structure of the territory, favouring private enterprise and free trade. All of the television stations are commercial and most of their profits from the audience and advertising fee of the order. Hong Kong has two terrestrial television stations, Asia Television Limited (ATV) and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

It is a different business between these two televisions. TVB currently occupy a dominant position in Hong Kong, they are made its own programs by himself and made his own show to the audiences. Such as TV series, dramas, talk shows, news and so on. TVB has their own private company and doesn’t need to check from the government. On the one hand, because each program is taken by himself, to some extent, it saves a lot of money and the steps of censorship. On the other hand, it will bring a positive effect and attracts more choice to the young graduates who want to work in the television. It can attract more overseas domestic to watch them and bring more economic benefits. But for ATV, it changed many times to different people, and even nearly 20 years, building up a very large for TVB, to the point of TV production level is declining. Aside from importing news, entertainment series and movies from the West, most programs are imported from Japan, and several popular fictional series are imported from Taiwan or Korea. They don’t have the original programs, they need import programs to attract audiences and improve the television ratings. Even though there are still a few people who choose to watch import movies, more and more people refer to choose the original programs from the TVB rather than ATV, so far, ATV is hard to survive in the television industry. “The TV business is no longer restricted to few actors, the market offerings are reaching new access terminals meeting and integrating with the Internet and with other online multimedia services, and changing by creating new television formats, such as the personal and the interactive television”.(Toletti and Turba 8). However, the Government of Hong Kong doesn’t have its own television station; despite without the support of the government, the TV industry in Hong Kong still can be sustained and stable development. The government should support content producers in Hong Kong’s creative TV industry, setting policy for public broadcasting the television license fee, and licensing the public service broadcasters; creating a local TV framework so that local TV services can be set up across in Hong Kong.

The content of the TV industry is in a state of change, in this modern society, the TV industry content contains many entertainment choices and commercial mode. In the face of the change of landscape, The content of the TV industry must be enhanced value structure, instead of the old content industry and to further optimize the content of change. TV industry and information content in the media setting is taught to be righteous, objective and diaphanous. (Televisao et al 6). With the Hong Kong TV industry users demand continues to grow, the old industry content is not suitable for this modern society. In the past, Hong Kong TV industry content production only the pursuit of low cost, efficient fast, can’t bring more change and only pursue the maximization of interests, the content also structure of production with the seal of obvious and the television content lack of originality. But now, the simple manufacturing content is difficult to satisfy the needs of the people, more and more people pursuit of television production content and processes. Each television station has entered a competition in other parts of the range, increase the investment in the TV content, obvious effect is the quality of TV content production and to increase the price. The increase in the number of Hong Kong TV channels, prompting investment increase the arrival rate of TV content, the largest share in the advertising market, television advertising value from its content. New media becomes a part of the content, and the Internet as a new broadcast television content channel, TV content can be controlled by the cable, the value of the content will be further.

As we know, the content is good or bad reflects the value of the television industry, good television production content, not only improve the quality of local TV industry, but also can bring new hope to the television industry, instead bad television production content will only hinder the development of the TV industry, and even affect the surrounding areas for Hong Kong’s TV industry is not satisfied. The development of the whole TV content industry, mainly through elements and explore new market and stable development of advertising investment, in addition, the technology of change will continue to promote the quality of the TV content industry, television production company merger, as well as increase the cost and remain competitive. In other words, television content production is very important. For example, many television companies are starting to focus on the content of television production requirements, to attract more audiences for television content, but also can pull more companies invest in their TV industry. The production of TV content is one of the most important steps is to have clear goals and objectives, if produce content of goals and objectives without apparent consistency, it would be difficult to determine its success, and then make a production plan, point out that the production of TV content related to domestic TV industry a series of economic factors.

As one of the most developed areas in China and even the whole Asia TV industry of Hong Kong, it is experiencing the development of digital TV industry, it is scope very broad, it even has affected around the region. Especially for Malaysia, China, Taiwan and so on. Because due to the impact of Hong Kong television industry and free-to-air commercial station, more and more people choose purchase Hong Kong TV programs to watch so that the local TV programs cannot get people’s attention, lead to a downturn in the television industry development in the region, and also it seriously affect the surrounding areas of people’s demand and economic growth.

In Asia, the impact of the TV industry is bound to bring significant change to the economy of a region, because television industry is different from another social industry, it needs to provide more information to everyone. In addition, the introduction of TV programs in different countries can promote the development of the local TV industry advantage. Despite the advantage of the television industry can improve the development of a region, but for Hong Kong around the country, especially for China, Malaysia, the introduction of Hong Kong TV programs will impact their own TV industry’s future needs. For example, in China (Guang Dong province), because of TV system is imperfect, lack of unified in the main body, affecting the development of the industry and enterprise scale is still small, scattered market main body, cannot form effective cooperation. So, they have to purchase the other country’s TV programs to satisfy the needs of the audience; otherwise will lose more market returns. On the other hand, even though can temporarily satisfy the audience demand for the TV programs, from a long-term point of view, buying programs in other countries will only hinder the development trend of domestic TV industry. The second example is, in Malaysia, Malaysia’s TV industry has been hard to success was largely due to the high cost of making content, technical requirements and the shortage of the funds, and young graduates even didn’t want to work in the television so that Malaysia’s TV industry didn’t have enough manpower to support the development of the television industry. Therefore, Malaysia’s Government in order to maintain the local television industry can continue to develop steadily, so they need to the introduction of Hong Kong TV programs. On the one hand, with the country’s TV industry can learn from each other and improve the content of the local TV. On the other hand, it can bring more advertising revenue; attract more audiences to do something for the local TV industry.

In conclusion, the technological evolution has changed the boundaries of the TV industry. Media technologies have provided a new way for the TV industry, with companies seeking new methods of advertising and business. In recent years, the development of a market economy in Hong Kong, especially for the Hong Kong TV industry system itself, use networks-both to enhance their reputations and win more audiences to enjoy all sorts of fun brought by the local TV industry. In the process, Hong Kong TV industry has gained much more freedom and independence, in the pursuit of interests and goals of service with the audience at the same time.

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Therefore, Hong Kong TV industry has affected the development of the society. The generation of the TV industry, not only changes people’s views of the TV industry but also makes people understand more about how the TV industry impact different area. TV industry provides more service for people to choose, let more people know Hong Kong production and development of TV industry.


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