Using the Internet for Effective Communication

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In the era of Internet, the communication is becoming easier and easier day by day. Internet has made the world smaller. For the effective communication, Internet is the key tool. Internet helps to make the communication easier and more convenient. Communication can be done effectively and efficiently by using several Internet based tools. Communication plays vital role in our life and Internet helps to make it way easier and more convenient.  Internet communication is defined as “a process in which participants create and share information with one another to reach a mutual understanding” (windahl et al., 1993, p. 58) through Internet as its medium.

Evolution of Communication

From smoke sign to transmit, landlines, versatile and after that Internet-the manner in which individuals speak with one another has changed definitely over the long haul because of headways in innovation. A smoke sign is the most seasoned type of correspondence and they were utilized first in 200 BC to send messages along the Great Wall of China. Transmit is presently obsolete correspondence way that sent a message over the wire as electric sign starting with one spot then onto the next spot. Landline is a phone that sends sign changed over from sound information utilizing wire or fiber optic link as physical media through wired transmission and it is a perpetual association and just a single individual could make a call at any given moment. The old age of cell phone could use for calling framework and after that more highlights are included this remote handheld gadget, for example, to cause calls, to send instant messages and make diversions. The web is a standout amongst the most dominant innovation and individuals use it as a specialized instrument for compelling correspondence these days. It makes the correspondence simpler and increasingly helpful. Web gives a few online administrations, for example, Web, Email, Social media and web-based gaming (Evolution of Communication. (n.d.)).

Characteristics of Internet Communication

The Internet communication has various characteristics including no physical barriers, decentralized, ubiquitous, ambient, global, 24/7, real time interaction, increased data accuracy, increased interaction process, multiple user participation, open and transparent exchange and sharing of information, increased speed of transmission of information and getting information from a co-worker for a presentation (Characteristics Internet. (n.d.)).

Various Tools for Effective Internet Communication

Internet Communication mainly helps to increase the social interaction. It can be used for to contact family or friend, to send an instant message to friend, to email co-workers, to place phone calls and to conduct video conferences. Email and social media are the most popular Internet Communication tools for effective communication (Use of Internet Communication. (n.d.)).  


Email (Electronic mail) is a method of exchanging digital messages from a sender to one of more recipients. This system is mainly based on a store- and- forward model. Servers accept message, forward, deliver and store messages. Email mainly uses for information exchange, brain storming and problem solving, record keeping, group work, staying in touch professionally and socially and transmitting documents (Use of Internet Communication. (n.d.)). Email is a popular Internet based communication tool due to its strengths such as global, environment friendly, versatile, easy to use, free, quick sending and reliable. On the other hand, Email has a lot of weaknesses such as lack of personal touch, misunderstandings, not always suitable for emergency notifications, viruses, spam and counterproductive (Email. (n.d.).).

Social media

Social media is one of the best opportunities for effective Internet communication in the digital world. Social media is considered to be a support tool to social change (Peisker, 2011, p. 1). Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they share, create and exchange information and ideas in virtual networks (Social Media. (n.d.)). Social networks also allow making communities of similar interests. The most effective social media platforms for professional communication are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is a social network best known worldwide for its users and most complete social experience and incorporates photos, videos, messaging and virtual groups. Twitter is used for brief conversations and helps to reaching out to people we may or may not know.  It can be used for linking up with community of people and for live event reporting. LinkedIn is essentially for the “business version” of Facebook and is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CV’s.

Instant Messaging


Pros and Cons of Internet Communication

There is large variety of methods of communication in today’s society. Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, Internet communication has also several pros as well as cons. The various pros that are provided by Internet Communication are flexibility, relevance, choice, community, limitless, fast and cost effective (Pros of Online Communication. (n.d.)).

                 The main cons of Internet Communication include security threats, connectivity issues, misinterpretation, information overload and interpersonal skills (Cons of Online Communication. (n.d.)).


In view of above, I would conclude the report by stating that communication is becoming easier and more convenient by using Internet as a communication tool. Despite of certain cons of using some online communication tools like Email and other social networks, still Internet communication mediums are popular and convenient. Internet communication tools are fast and cost effective.



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