Adoption and Development of a Safety Culture in the Construction Industry

Modified: 18th May 2020
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1.      Introduction

From personal observation while working in the Srilankan construction industry it appeared that the building labourers  were not as concerned about safety .This project will explore if this is different in New Zealand  The construction industry is one of the most significant industries with a greater possibility of getting hurt, since the activities of construction often involve height, working in all weather conditions, (such as high wind), etc. which are out of the normal services of work in conditions for other industry and have the potential for safety issues. The staff members of the construction industries often need to work under pressure and in dangerous environments and often under constant risks compared to other industries.  It is important that this industry assumes certain measurements that ensure the safety of its staff members.  This proposed research will explore attitudes of New Zealand construction workers, towards safety, and how it affects their work practices.

2.      Explained what you are going to do (purpose)

In this research we must find out the injuries about construction industry workers. To find out these details we must check from construction website. We can get information from government health and safety website also. In another method can do with construction workers.   

3.      Explained why you are doing it

To find out what safety measurements are available in New Zealand from that what are the rules wants works must understand to be safety in their workplace from that that how can we reduce the accidence in working time.  Therefore, this research proposal will help to analyze the problems and the explanations of the accidents, demonstrating and emphasizing the measurements that might help to the construction industries to protect the health and safety of their workers.

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4.      Identified why it is worth doing

There has been identify on my own point of view high incident and accident death in the workplace compare to other industry. In construction industry every worker affects by physically and mentally in their workplace. Because in their workplace, they must work under pressure. This stress affects them mentally and makes them very depressed. As a result, the construction industries must take an effort to utilise some equipment that could reduce risks to the worker’s health and safety. This proposed research identifies the factors that carry out a high risk on the members of the personnel. The result of this research will help to identify measurements that might reduce this risk factor for the work site in the construction industry.

5.      Stated any underlying theoretical frameworks that informs what you are doing and how you will use it – research methods


In the construction industry, the quality and the safety they are two principal problems that affect the workers. In the construction industry there is pressure to complete the work within short period. This pressures the workers which may increase the rate of accidents within their working environment. Staff mentioned that these they often need to handle work teams that might affect physical health.

The construction industries must have a culture of effective safety to allows the employees to understand the dangers that can happen in the place of work. Thought that the effective communication and the good education organizational are key qualities for the health of the workpeople. The regular communication with other members of the personnel and will allow these workpeople to stay sure inside his environment of work. Apart from these, every sector of the construction must expire with the norms and governmental regulations. The types of machinery more insurances must be used for the industries to protect the lives of his workpeople.

6.      Stated the research question(s) and / or aims and objectives (hypotheses)

Research questions

The research questions are summarized as follows-

  • What are the issues faced by construction workers within their working environment?
  •  What is the requirement for adopting safety culture in construction industries?
  •  What factors have evolved in the development of safety culture in the

construction industry?

  •  What recommendations can be drawn in order to minimize the risk factors of staff

members working in construction industries? 


Research aim

The primary aim of this research is to comprehend the requirement of accepting and developing up a safety culture inside the construction industry. This research will likewise review issues looked by workers inside their workplace

Research objectives

The objectives of this research are as follows-

●       To understand the issues faced by construction workers within their working environment

●       To critically analyse the necessity of adopting safety culture in construction industries

●       To critically evaluate factors that have evolved in the development of safety culture in construction industry

●       To recommend measures that can be taken in order to minimize the risk factors of staff members working in construction industries 


7.      Outlined how you will conduct the research

Do background reading and complete a literature review to identify health and safety best practice and legal requirements for New Zealand.

The research is Qualitative research using structured online questionnaires and interviews.The survey will be carried out among 20-50 workers users via the Survey Monkey and One to one interview. The questionnaire will be provided through Survey Monkey which will be collected and put into a database for analysis. Two set of question will be developed. Each will consist about 15-20 questions. One type question will be sent to construction labourers and other type questions will send to construction employers. As on-line questionnaires often are unanswered, the researcher will go to the construction site and do interviews. One to one interview will be carried out with randomly selected experienced workers from Landmark Homes Taranaki Builders , Chris Bell Construction. The consent form will be provided to participants and privacy will be maintained.

The data from the interviews will be joined with the online questionnaire data in excel.

Data will be compared with the literature so that best practice recommendations canl be made and suggestions for improvement offered.Thedata collected from this survey will be presented with the help of bar graphs, pie chart, and tables for clear understanding.

8.      Justify your research design

Interviews with workers and employers will be carried out as they are on the work sites and know exactly what is happening on a day to day basis.  The background reading will provide system requirements.  Other readings will provide data on worksite accidents. The researcher will choose the descriptive design to know the issues looked at by workers inside their construction site. The researcher needs to realize the current safety culture common inside these construction industries. so, this research structure will give the understanding regarding the need for changing the safety culture. A better knowledge of the issues looked at by these laborers while handling machinery also should be discuss by the researcher. So, this research structure will assist the student with better understanding, dissect provisos that are predominant inside construction industries. The researcher aims to focus the possible alternatives of solutions to current problems.

9.      Outlined what data you need

The scope of ideas and comments that are shared among workers inside construction industries should be reviewed by the researcher to do this research. Then, data about the scope of this kind of connection and relationship with their process systems are required for this research. It is basic to realize and consider the danger factors that these laborers experience. Complete data with respect to these danger factors on safety culture should be judged by the researcher while completing this research. This data will support the researcher with improving support measures and build up a safety culture to protect the lives of these staff working in the construction industry.

10.  intended participants

About 10 staffs will be chosen for this research. The survey will be given to them to provide details regarding their own work experience. Additionally, labours of construction industries will be chosen as they could provide true and significant data about the issues that they face in their workplace. The necessity of any adjustment in safety culture will be better assessed and so their data will be necessary for this research. These workers may challenge problems while speaking with their knowledge and this data is additionally essential for this research

11.  Participants Selection

The researcher will direct the research by applying suitability sampling techniques. The suitability sampling technique is a nonprobability testing strategy where members are chosen according to appropriate access to the researcher. The researcher will transfer upload questionnaire to Survey Monkey and sending it  among to construction workers. The due date will be given so information can be collected as quickly as possible.

12.  Explained how you will gain access to them

Staff could be accessed from different construction sites. The researcher will be required to look for approval from the supervision of these construction companies to permit their staff for involvement in this research. Also, an approval will similarly be given to them and they won’t be forced to take an interest in this research under any conditions These staff will be questioned on their working sites so they could provide data regarding issues that they face.

13.  Data Collection

There are two primary sources of data.  There are two main types of data collection methods- primary and secondary.  For this situation, the researcher will use a primary data collection method to realize the issues and danger variables identified by these staff inside their workplace.

14.  Outlined how you will analyse your data (what analysis tools you might use)

The researcher to analyse and evaluate safety culture inside their working permission. observed that the information analysis method will support any researcher with better analyze their findings and reach a sustainable conclusion to their research Additionally, for this situation, the researcher will understand the information of these staff members to know the safety culture present in their construction on-site.

15.  Outlined what data quality issues you may encounter

The questionnaire includes a list of questions that are need for staff members who work in construction sites to fill. But some staff members do not complete the questions. In this case we can’t get full information only getting half information only getting in this case we can’t take decision with this half. Also, Annan, Addai & Tulashie (2015) definite that employees might not provide relevant information to the researcher and this could negatively impact survey results. Workers not ready to give important data to researcher this may well unhelpfully this will affect survey results.

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16.  Outlined how you will seek to overcome these quality issues

Only accept valid questionnaires into report or generalize from answers provided. The researcher needs to find information from who participants who have filled their questionnaire. Who every didn’t give complete properly that will be rejected to reduce mistakes. If any staff members give wrong information about safety culture that also will be reject from the data. However, research will take the results as per his observation and collecting information from workers and staff members.

17.  Considered any ethical issues that may arise

This issue is a standout amongst the most significant pieces of any studies since it can impact the quality of research. The members may feel that their data isn’t protected with the analyst. They may feel that their own data will be misused, and this will keep them from taking an interest in this research. Because of ethical issues, members may not give relevant data identified with the research.  Accordingly, ethical issues that will have a major effect while organization out this research.

18.  Outlined how you may address them

Ethical issues must to be supervised to get quality data from staff members. To address this issue the researcher will set up an agreement and make guarantee that all the staff member’s data won’t be misused. The research code of conduct or ethical rules will make any researcher to do out their research ethically. For the collection of primary data, the researcher needs to give guarantee that the staff members won’t force to take a part in questioner.

19. Provided a schedule of activities (Gantt Chart)





20.  Provided a budget estimate

S. no.


Estimated budget ($)


Communication expenses



Research journal and books



Print and Photocopy



Travel Expenses



Food expenses




In this research think about, the total spending about $500 and within this range, the researcher needs to finish this study. It is basic to calculate the spending while completing any study as this would give a forecast thought regarding the expenses. Repeating costs are variable, and these photocopies, survey tools just as questionnaires. Different costs like binding, printing is also essential for proper estimation. Food charges and fees of the staff members are also included in this recurring expense


Most of the included members will gave valid and great data, and this has been accepted by the researcher during the completion of this research. Rajaprasad & Chalapathi (2015) referenced that the beliefs that are basic before starting with any project since as this greatly guides a separate to conduct out their project. Also, these lines, for this situation, the student has accepted that each member will give real data respect to their issues and incidence of accidents that will give in inside their working environment. It is believable to assume that most of the outcomes would prove that the workers face huge issues inside their working environment. They face difficulties while they speak with their command as to the issues that they face inside the of construction site. Apart from this, there is fundamental a change and improvement of the safety culture to guarantee and to protect


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