BIM Fine Management Perspective

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Under the current development trend of BIM fine management Perspective

Keywords: Fine perspective, trends, BIM, model building and analysis.


Corporate Training is well planned and organized and implemented a systems engineering needs. The application of the refinement of management thinking to corporate training work, training can effectively improve the quality and reduce the cost of training. This article is the idea of fine management application to build enterprise training system, so clear responsibilities, standardize processes, improve the system, strict implementation of effective monitoring, rapid and timely corrective feedback to ensure that the training implemented. Our brief case BIM applications China, summed up the Chinese scholars to address the many recommendations hinder BIM application. Applied economics principles and methods of analysis of hazards and their impact on the external application of BIM BIM applications. Establish a complete information dynamic game model between government and enterprises, and study the economic incentives BIM applications. Suggested that the central government should take a supply-side oriented, incentive parallel, phased BIM application of economic incentives to achieve different participants at different stages, using different economic incentive programs.

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The development of technology for building information modeling (BIM) and the application in the civil engineering industry, prompting BIM technology and software into the university classroom to meet the needs of the industry. Our school of civil engineering professional use task-driven approach, innovation in undergraduate training programs, participate BIM class competition, graduation design teaching introduced BIM technology, guided independent learning BIM family of software, and achieved good results. Based on the above procedure Seeing discussed BIM technology in civil engineering teaching.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is based on the relevant information and data as a basis for building projects model, building model were established, and true information through digital information simulation building has. It has visualization, coordination, simulation, optimize and may be showing of five characteristics. BIM technology to promote a model using digital technology to achieve a new concept of the project life-cycle management, and its advantages in intelligent, digital information models and associated terms for all parties involved in the construction project has created an easy exchange of information platform, thereby increasing productivity in the construction industry. In recent years, BIM technology has been in the construction industry in a wide range of applications, and achieved good results in the construction of demonstration, collision detection, construction management and other aspects, and to some extent, shorten the construction period, reducing the project cost and improve quality of the project is a new trend in the future in the construction industry

With BIM technology in China to promote the construction industry, many colleges and universities are involved in the teaching and application of BIM technologies. The largest 2D and 3D design and engineering software company Autodesk (AUTODESK) in the country trying to promote its BIM software such as Revi t, Navi swork. Our school in civil engineering specialty teaching task-driven approach undertaken by BIM application of innovative undergraduate training program, to encourage undergraduates to participate in structural BIM series of competitions, such as the Revi t cup, cup Brownsville, in the Graduation Project the introduction of BIM, etc., to stimulate student interest, guided independent learning BIM software combined with the professional be applied. In the professional conduct of the past three years, the effect is more obvious, won the second prize Brownsville Cup Group Beijing structural competition first prize. Graduation design, BIM-related topics reached more than 50%; innovation in the training topics, BIM topics more than 30%; and so on. Students study and application of BIM and BIM software category awareness has been greatly improved. But also shows some shortcomings, we have relevant teaching experience, explore BIM technology Civil Teaching Status and recommendations.

The Proposed Methodology

Training enterprises to strengthen fine management significance

Improve the quality of training. By training in every aspect of the implementation of place, so that demand training, combining theory with practice, so as to improve and enhance performance, ensure the quality of training. 

Reduce the cost of training. Through the training process of standardization and refinement of management, can be done to discover and solve problems, to avoid unnecessary losses occur, thereby reducing costs.

Effective integration and use of training resources. With careful planning and planning training programs, the development of scientific and rational, workable plan that can effectively utilize and integrate internal training resources.

Timely discover and solve problems. Through the whole training process monitoring and control, timely detection of problems in the training process, and to solve their problems, to ensure that training can be completed as planned, and to ensure a certain quality.

Connotation fine training system. Meticulous management thinking, the earliest dating back to the early 20th century, scientific management theories of American “father of scientific management” Taylor founded. Taylor’s scientific management thought all reflect the attention to detail, emphasizing every detail of the specification, so that the details of the control, permeated with the refinement of management thinking. After World War II, with the expansion of business scale, the increasing complexity of production technology, product replacement cycle is shorter, more productive collaboration requirements. In this case, the business management of a more refined requirements. The birth of lean production and lean thinking to the formation of meticulous management thinking has epoch-making significance.

Meticulous management is a management concept and technology, through systematic and refinement rules, the use of procedures, standardized, data and information and the means to make the organization and management of each unit accurate, efficient, coordinated and continuous operation. Meticulous management is based on the conventional management of a management model. Fine management emphasizes attention to specific work process in a series of details; grasp the key details, important details as the focal point; increase the execution of the organization to ensure the smooth realization of organizational goals. Thus, content management is reflected in the fine attention to detail, standardize processes, strictly enforced to ensure the quality, cost and other aspects, emphasizing accountability, procedural norms, institutions effective implementation in place, the end of the inspection and timely correction.

The use of refined management thinking to build enterprise training system to go is fine with the idea to organize the implementation of corporate training, attention to detail control. Specific ideas is the person responsible for the training of the gang, refine, quantify, clear job responsibilities, standardize work processes, clear and specific task, improve the training system to ensure the effective implementation and monitoring of the training.

BIM disadvantage. Implement building information models need to use software such as Revit to achieve, but it is a large integrated software, Revit now just emerging when the universities can not offer relevant subjects, students can only lead to self-study books through the video, which gives students bring pressures and difficulties.

Building information modeling is a big macro concept, which involves all aspects of things, for the students, but also their relative lack of expertise, lack of awareness is still in full professional stage.

Some students focus on using some of the more unusual features to attract the teacher’s attention, to conceal the nature of the problem and show understanding, which is not conducive to students rigorous and correct the habit of thinking.

There is no doubt that students know BIM is important, but it is recognized only remain in the operational know-how, in order to raise the stakes in the primary stage of employment for BIM in the actual project how to effectively apply in order to achieve efficiency savings of lack of reasonable understanding . Take appropriate teaching methods to enhance the students’ understanding of BIM and guide students to think about how to apply BIM today is the most pressing issue.

Corporate Training System meticulous management from the Perspective of. The application of meticulous management thinking to build enterprise training system, and mainly from the following aspects.

The gang attended. Training can be either an independent business function, it can be in terms of human resource management and development of a core function. In the United States, as early as in the late 1970s it had already begun the training and development department set up as an independent movement. “The first people to pursue the principle of” South Korea’s Samsung Group, as early as 1957 that is set up its own training center, who once hired, it is necessary to invest a lot of capital for training, or can not posts. One of the essence of refined training system is designed to be used by the person responsible for post training, thinning, quantification job responsibilities management training, training managers a clear selection criteria. If you reach a certain scale enterprise development, the need to establish an independent training institutions or departments to undertake this function.

Analysis of training needs. The success of the training, to a great extent depends on the accuracy and validity of the demand analysis. Training needs analysis from the general organizational analysis, job analysis, personnel and other three levels of analysis.

The development of training courses. Corporate training curriculum development is a complex and detailed system engineering. Since the training requirements of enterprises with strong relevance and practicality, category-level training object is very complex, and the lack of suitable training materials on the market, therefore, the development of training programs with a certain degree of difficulty. In fact, the quality of curriculum development depends on the level of trainers.

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Training trainers internal trainers often targeted according to the specific situation of enterprises curriculum development, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff and participation in training lectures enthusiasm, not only effective, but also eliminates the need for high training costs. For internal trainers Training should focus on two aspects of knowledge and skills. Although they have some of their own expertise and experience, but for the curriculum to be taught, or need to re-sort system, and prepare a standardized instructor, student manual. At the same time, they want to carry out specialized training on instructor skills, multiple lecture, and let the experienced lecturers guide and on-site reviews, and finally to an independent school. Therefore, the internal trainers training and selection is a process of.

Condition Training of project implementation support. In order to make the effective implementation of the training program, in addition to working to ensure that all aspects of the process in accordance with the strict implementation of the provisions, but also the need for other security conditions.

Establish a scientific, comprehensive training system is the basis for effective training management, and provide support for the overall operation of the training system. However, as a management system, enterprises should combine their actual situation of the development of the training system. Enterprise training system generally includes a new system of employee orientation, training, organization and management system, training evaluation systems, training reward system, training in risk management system.

Training preparatory work. Training managers the best preparation for a job list, itemized inventory control check the progress of the preparatory work, to avoid missing. This phase of work include: print a list of participants; training written notice issued; notify specific training time and place; check that the training venues and equipment; posted a good seat label; meet with trainers, training programs and communication to confirm the contents; preparation Participant Manual or buy textbooks and materials; printed sign-in sheet, questionnaire, assessment papers, graduation certificate.

When summing up the work end of the course. Summarize the occasion of completion of the course is to start in the future to continue to learn, therefore, to assist instructor training managers do review and summarize the knowledge to help students design lecturer subsequent learning goals, learning methods and ways and give guidance.

Training effectiveness evaluation refers to the results of training to collect data to measure the effectiveness of the training process. Although the whole process from the point of view of training, training effectiveness evaluation last link in the training, in fact, to assess the effectiveness of training throughout the training process. Because the analysis to determine training needs assessment is inseparable from the effectiveness of training, training objectives and the results of training in information collection and other aspects of the training process. Specifically, the process of training effectiveness assessment include: goal setting training evaluation; the development of assessment programs; collection, analysis, assessment of the required raw materials.


BIM is a cutting edge of technology in the construction industry, which can be architectural design, construction management, and operations and so on throughout the life cycle well integrated together to facilitate the stakeholders in different stages of the project from the outset involved, greatly promoted the construction efficiency savings. As a new generation of professional civil engineering students to master BIM technology is necessary. It should be noted, BIM civil engineering in university teaching and professional practice in the application have been some development, but there are still a lot of work worthy of our university teachers to think, to explore.


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