Stakeholders in Health and Safety Duties at Work

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The client has responsibilities on a work site. The client is responsible for checking the competence of all the appointees and their resources. They must make sure that the facilities for all of the workers are suitable for their welfare. They must allow sufficient resources and time for each stage in the project and not rush any of the project. They must also provide information to the designer and contactors before the construction. The client is also responsible for hiring a CDM co-ordinator and a principle contractor. They must also make sure that the construction doesn’t start unless the construction phase is complete and all of the welfare facilities for the workers are on site, provide a health and safety information file for the CDM co-ordinator and retain and provide access to the health and safety file.

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CDM Co-ordinator

A CDM co-ordinators main duties are to advise and assist the client with their duties, to keep the HSE notified of the project details. Cooperate with everyone involved in the design and coordinate all of the health and safety aspects of the design. Facilitate good communication between the designer, contractor and client. Communicate and meet with the principle contractor regarding the design work. Analyse, gather and convey pre-construction information. And to prepare and keep the health and safety file up to date.


The architect is responsible for making sure that there will be no risks or hazards whilst still in the design stage of the build. After that is done they must provide information on all the other risks that there could still be and that cannot be completely prevented. The architect must make sure that the client is aware of their roles and responsibilities during the design stage and the construction phase of the whole process; they are also responsible for making sure that the client has hired a CDM coordinator. They must also provide information for the health and safety file and also keep the file updated.


Workers have health and safety responsibilities on site, as they are the most likely to be involved in an accident they also have duty’s to health and safety. The workers must be competent and know what they are doing at all times. They must report any obvious risks that they see in a site so that accidents can be avoided. Coordinating their work and cooperating with all of the workers to ensure you own and everyone else’s health and safety. They must also follow the health and safety rules and procedures and be aware of any hazards there could be on a site.

P2 – Outline the legal duties of employees and employers in relation to three pieces of health, safety and welfare legislation relevant to the construction and built environment sector

Legislation in health and safety are very important as they can help protect people from accidents and keep them safe in the working environment. This also covers people who aren’t part of the building company’s employment. There are many different legislation which all protect different areas of work. Legislations like the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA), Working at Heights 2007 (WAH), Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (COSHH).

The HASAWA is a very important legislation that was introduced in 1974 and many other pieces of legislation have been developed from this act. The HASAWA covers the duty of care that is on a construction site. There has been a large amount of health and safety legislation that has been created since HASAWA. It covers the occupational health and safety in Great Britain. Health and safety executives and other enforcing bodies are responsible for the administration of the legislation. The employer has responsibilities that they must follow out so that employees are safe. The employer must ensure health, safety and welfare at work to all of their employees. The employer must prepare a written statement of their general health and safety policy. They are also responsible for the enforcing of safety and reduce the risk to health involved in all the employees’ areas. The employee also has duties that they must follow out. The employees must take reasonable care in their safety and the safety of those around them who may be affected by their actions. They must also cooperate with the employer so that requirements can be met.

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COSHH is another important piece of legislation that is used in construction. This legislation helps to protect then workers from handling substances that could be fatal. The legislation ensures that the harmful substances will be supressed so that it is less of a risk to the employees. The legislation also states that employees must be informed about the substance and should have their health monitored if work with hazardous substances. Many businesses use substances that can be harmful to workers and these businesses should inform and train employees so that the substances can be handled. The employee has duties that they must carry out whilst enforcing the COSHH act. They must make sure that the substance has had a proper assessment identifying the risks that this substance may have on the heath of anyone involved, the assessments must also be updated if they become invalid or out dated. Substances that have a COSHH warning label must be stated in the inventory and material safety data sheets. The employees must also be train, supervised and instructed on the risk that the substance could have on the health of the employees and the precautions that must be taken. The employees also have duties that they must follow according to the COSHH act. Employees must know the hazards substances that are present and read the signs that are present at the work site and should handle the substances safely and follow the instructions given. They must ensure that the warning labels are left on the containers and inform management of and situation involving the substances that could be dangerous.

The final legislation is the WAH. This act is a law. This legislation ensures that before workers start working at a height the working must be planned and organized, the workers must be competent. The work must be assessed before the workers go up and the equipment that they are using must be the correct equipment. The risk of surfaces that may be fragile should be controlled and supported and the equipment that is used must be properly inspected and maintained. The duty holder must be responsible for the legislation being put into practice. The employer must ensure that all of the work is planned and organized and is carried out by a competent employee. The employees must receive information, training and instruction on how to safely use the equipment and how to spot defects in the equipment. They must follow the hierarchy of controls and they must do as much as they can that is practical to stop workers from falling. Employees must report and possible hazards or faulty equipment to the employer and they must use the equipment supplied and follow instructions correctly and safely.


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