Importance Of Civil Engineering in Britain

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Civil Engineering is the key to many of the issues affecting our daily lives. Civil engineers solve most problems and make our live easy and enjoyable. Civil engineering covers several specialized sectors including: buildings of all kinds as well as transport and communications infrastructure, production, storage and distribution of electricity gas and water. Most everything civil engineers do affects our daily lives in many ways.

The operation of the infrastructure that surrounds us is the foundation of our society. This infrastructure includes roads, airports, railroads, buildings, bridges, water and wastewater treatment plants, sewers, drainage, flood control, water supply, landfills, and many other facilities. All these are the jobs for Civil Engineers.

This essay is about importance of civil engineering in Britain and roles of civil engineering in Britain. I will do this by explaining water sewers, buildings, roads, stadiums development, wastewater treatment plants, energy development, york eco depot, airports, railroads, bridges and, sewers, drainage, flood control and water supply.

Civil Engineers saved time, money and resources by demolishing an old seven-storey building in London’s Buckingham Palace Road and replacing it with a new building that re-used the foundation of the original building. This technique reduced construction risks associated digging new foundations in London clay near the Circle and District Underground line. If more new piles had simply been installed between existing ones this would have restricted the future development of the site. Great care was taken to prevent water produced during drilling from swelling the clay and reducing the strength of the foundations. Other challenges included testing the structural integrity of the original piles and identifying their exact location as the original pen and ink drawings only showed the building as designed, not as it was actually constructed.

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The essential engineering work to ease congestion around Heathrow Airport would have caused chaos along a 23km stretch of the M25. M25 is regarded as on of the busiest motorway in Europe, visit [ ]. As well as ensuring construction work did not create traffic jams engineers also had to find clever ways of widening the road within existing highway boundaries and without using any new land.

Getting land from the motor ways’ central reservations as well as the hard shoulders and verges of the motor ways, the civil engineers increased Junctions 12 to 14 from four lanes to five lanes as well the Junction 15 from four lanes to six. Around ninety percentage of material used for this construction was recovered from the site and recycled. This technique not just reduced the congestion but also transport needed for the construction. On the night, when the natural awareness in so small and traffic queues are so small, the line closures are scheduled. This project was completed in 2005 before the time allocated without being seen the traffice congestions expected before the project has been started.

Engineers worked together to define unique characteristics of the Wembley Stadium and create a new English national football stadium that just looks like the original old building. While most modern stadium are orientated North-South so that the players seen well on afternoon sun, this new stadium is orientated East-West, just like the original Wembley (thanks to knowledge of the civil engineers). Visit for more information regarding this project.

On sunny days the South side of the roof is retracted so the whole pitch is in sunlight. This avoids valuable seconds of play being lost to broadcasters as television cameras adjust from bright sun to shadow. The iconic arch spans 315m, are visible for over 20km, carries 70% of the roof load and removes the need for any structural columns. This means that, unlike the old stadium, all 90,000 seats has unobstructed views of the pitch. []

To solve the crisis Hampshire and its partners created an action plan to reduce waste, increase composting and recycling, support anaerobic digestion, adopt recovery technologies and create up to five new facilities to process up to 200,000 tones of waste annually. The new Chineham Energy Recovery Facility is exceptional because engineers altered a standard building format to fit the small 1.4-hectare site of a former Basingstoke incinerator. The facility produces up to 8MW of power of which 1.25MW is used to operates the plant. The remaining 6.75MW is sufficient to supply 10,000 homes with electricity each year. The building is partly clad in light-reactive coated aluminum that changes color depending on light levels and weather to appear grey, blue or purple. Semi-opaque polycarbonate cladding allows natural light into the building and reduces electricity use. The ‘tipping hall’ has a ‘living roof’ covered with plants that change color seasonally and require no maintenance. Visit for more information regarding this project.

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Beddington Zero Energy Development, (BedZED) is regarded as an eye-catching and affordable housing community in South East England. Civil engineers worked to reduce the energy demands of 100 homes and 2,500m2 of commercial space, according to The civil engineers reduced the demand for energy with renewable resources including passive solar heating and wood-fuelled combined heat and power. These energy sources resulted by reducing fuel carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere to as well fossil energy development to zero. While BedZED’s tenants are assured an efficient energy lifestyles by using the techniques used by engineers to reduce the amount of energy they require. Visit for more information regarding this project.

The civil engineers used their to help City of York Council to move its department for housing, waste and roads from an expensive to an attractive new cheaper building. The civil engineers knowledge resulted in using a technique that maximizes natural light and ventilation by using sensors that detect high temperature, rain or high wind and open and close windows accordingly.

Rainfalls from the roof of the building is collected in what is known as the underground tanks and used to wash vehicles. This resulted by reducing water consumption around fifty percentage. The warehouse construction also reduces energy use by up to seventy-six percentages and the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to one hundred and fifty five tones annually if compared when building to a traditionally built, air-conditioned office of the same size. The warehouse also includes an Interpretation Room that could be used for education of the community in the City of York Council. Visit [ ] for more information regarding this project.

My conclusion is that the water we drink, the pavement we drive on, the air we breathe are the work of civil and environmental engineers literally surrounds us all. Transport systems join our communities together. Road, rail, air and sea networks span the world. All these are the work for civil engineers. Civil Engineers help us trade, travel, exchange ideas and information, and gain employment, healthcare and education. Our civilization is developing, but so too is our demand for electricity. Civil engineers are committed to protecting our natural resources, designing structures that use as little energy as possible. When it comes to providing energy for the entire planet, engineers are using nature to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

We should be proud of our civilization today, and its many great achievements. By applying the latest technologies, civil engineers can save structures and monuments from the distant past so that they can still be enjoyed well into the future. Civil engineers are using designs and materials that will protect our natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

The civil engineering knowledge cannot be regarded as a new subject. It has been around for so many hundred years back to the Romans (for their ancient Roman civilization), Egyptians (best known for their building of the pyramids) and Mayans (the Mayans are people from America that have a history or around three thousand years) who built great civilizations before us, our civilization relies more than ever on the civil engineers whom the work on all the environment in and around us, such as the road, the bridges, the libraries, the buses, the trains, the aero planes, the water we consume in our every day life, the toilets that we use, the cars we drive, the houses we sleep, the shelters that we cover from the cold and hot and the many more things that we use in our daily life without them the life would now have been as the one we have today.


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