Individual Reflective Essay on the Preparation of Tender Documentation

Modified: 11th May 2021
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In this piece of coursework I will be explaining my understanding and knowledge of the process of a tender documentation. Also I will be explaining how my group performed and what I would change next time if we had to do this task again.

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My knowledge and understanding on preparing a tender is making sure you have the necessary documents before sending a tender package to the sub-contractor. A tender package includes many things such as; a letter of invitation to tender, a form of contract, tender drawings and many more. So I will be explaining what needs to be in a tender package and why you need to have it in your package.

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So the first thing you should have in a tender package is a letter of invitation to tender. This is a formal invitation to make an offer for the goods or services. It can be issued in different ranges of contracts like a main construction contractor or trade contractors and more. In addition, an invitation to tender will include information describing either the goods or the service. When sending an invitation to tender it normally may follow a PQQ which stands for a pre qualification questionnaire. The main purpose for a PQQ is to find out which suppliers are best fit for that certain projectand by doing this it will help you save time when assessing which suppliers are best for the job.

The next thing is a form of tender. This is a submission which is made by a future supplier when resposing the to the invitation to the tender. Furthermore, it makes an offer for the services or goods you may require. The form of tender is arranged by the client and once completed it gets signed by the tenderer. Once it gets signed this means that the tenderer accepts the job and understands the conditions which are required for that job.

Preliminares could appear in tender documents. They are a document which provides information about the project. According to the NBS it recommends the main reason for preliminares are describing the works for the project and explaining the conditions and testing and completion of the works.

The next thing that is included in a tender package is the standard form of contract. A standard form of contract is an agreement between the client and the sub-contractor. In addition, by doing a standard form contract this would help the client for the goods or services they need because it would reduce and eliminate negotiation of the contract and the terms and conditions.

A tender pricing schedule is very important and this is because it shows the client and the design team the breakdown of the prices. Some of the main objectives are making sure the tenders and cost plan have a similar comparison between both of them. Another objective is to highlight the major differences in pricing to make sure that the design has been done correctly. Lastly another objective is establishing the area in which you can save money whilst negotiating with the tenderer while they are still discussing the package of tender. Finally when completing the pricing schedule it is similar to a BOQ which is a bill of quantities. As it shows the rates and costs and the totals and constructs the tenderer final and completed offer.

A drawing schedule for a tender package is important because it allows the sub-contractor to know what areas of the building they will be working on and helps them on what the building should look like once they have completed their works. Furthermore, a schedule of drawings is a list of drawings which are required for that project. In addition, depending on how big the project is a schedule of drawings could include all of the drawings for that project or it could only include certain drawings because those certain drawings will only interest the supplier when reviewing the tender package as those drawings are specialized for them. In a schedule of drawings it will include a project name, drawing types, drawing numbers and revisions, drawing formats, scales, date of issue, required and many more.

Another thing which should be in a tender package is design drawings. This is important because design drawings are used to expand and also communicate ideas about designs. The early stages of the tender shows the client that the design team is preparing the design drawings. This is when they have to develop and communicate the brief for the project, talk about potential sites and assess options, record the completed construction and many more. Normally, the design drawings will develop through time so this means it will start off as a block drawing then into sketches and then into detailed technical drawings which describe every part of the drawing which will help construct when building. Also the design drawings can be produced by different specialists such as architects, technicians, structural engineers and more. Some elements of the drawing may be designed and drawn up by one and then sent to someone else to develop on.

Specifications outline the products, materials and the work used by a construction contract. However, they don’t include the cost, quantity and drawn information. Furthermore, specifications can differ very much depending on the stage of the design. It could range from performance specifications which need more design work to accepted specifications where the design work has been fully completed. Having an accepted specification when a contract needs to be tendered will help the client and this is because it will give the client a better understanding of the final product. Compared to the performance specification will tell the supplier that they have more work to scope which means cost-effective methods of work which would result in value for money. Normally, performance specifications are for projects which are simple and are popular building types. However, accepted specifications are for more elaborate buildings.

Finally JCT construction management contracts are very important for tender packages and this is because it is a procurement route in which the works are to be constructed by different sub-contractors. The JCT contracts which stand for joint contracts tribunal are contracts which are designed to be used on projects where trade contractors are appointed by the employer with contract agreements to construct certain works for the project.

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The group has performed very well and we had meetings to discuss what each member was going to do for the tender package. We also discussed the work each member had produced and helped each other with our experience from the workplace and improved the tender package so that we were able to produce the final tender package. Another thing that we did really well was understanding what was required from the group and how we could complete the task which was given to us.


Overall, in conclusion there are many things in which you can include for a tender package. However, I believe that one of the most important things for a tender package is the pre-qualification questionnaire and this is because it allows you to find out which contractor best suits the job which will result in a completed project with no delays.



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