Qatar National Vision 2030

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The development and achievement of all social and economic aspects in modern communities depend on long-term goals from the country. The leaders must develop their countries by adopting the good working, clear vision and proper planning. Qatar national vision began in October 2008. The vision work to establish a strong link between the present and the future providing a standard high living for all people in Qatar and all coming generation. The big vision behind the project is to help to urge all people in Qatar to work hard together about achieving progress to their countries. Qatar national vision set rules to make Qatar progress and active country. The vision of national Qatar aims to present the best roadmap for the future of Qatar by achieving the growth economic and natural resources. The vision of Qatar work to develop the road of social, economic and all aspects in the future decades. By the developing the roadmap of Qatar, all citizens and all other people live in Qatar can benefit from all these developing aspects. The Qatar national vision woks to put country into an advanced position among all countries in the world in 2030. The vision aims to provide a high standard of living for the residents and citizens people in Qatar. The vision of developing cover all aspects living such as the social development, environmental development, economic development and human development.

Qatar National vision 2030 depend on Charity, equality, justice. They confirms on the values of religious, achieve security, constancy and stability in the country. Qatar national vision protect the freedoms of public and person and provide for people in Qatar equal opportunities.

Qatar National Vision depend on many pillars. Human development, economic development, environmental development and social development are the pillars in achieving the progress, stability, equal opportunities and prosperity for all people in Qatar. We will talk about the four pillar individually. The first pillar is the human development. This pillar makes to push all people in Qatar toward the prosperity. People in Qatar are able to support and strength their country’s growth. This need achievement for all improvements through heath care, economic and education. The development system of education is the first plane to achieve the vision of Qatar because education is the principle for achieving all stability and prosperity in the world. Qatar does it best for a long time to improve the system of education .Any country in the world, if want to achieve the development, they must work hard to develop all aspects of the country. The stability and progress of any country also depend on the health for the people living in the country. Qatar work to establish modern healthcare system to become effective. There are many hospitals in Qatar such as Primary Health Care Corporation and Hamad Medical Corporation and many other hospitals in Qatar aim to execute plans for developing their country and achieving the Qatar National Vision. The country plans also many achievement such as the Qatarization system. The Qatarization system work to enhance the nationals through presenting many opportunities for all people in the country.

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The second pillar that Qatar National vision depend on is the social development pillar. This pillar aims to modify the social of people in Qatar to develop and enhance the society in Qatar. This pillar calls people to preserve their communication and relationship between each other within the family. The pillar aims to make people in Qatar dealing easy and flexible with the life in present and the future to achieve the stability and prosperity. There are many aspects arising from the social development. One of the most strategy that arise from the social developing is to maintain the traditional and heritage of people in Qatar. This preserving of the traditional and heritage, strength the identity of all Arab in Qatar and to enhance the Islamic religion in the society. The second pillar also work to make the society in Qatar tied together. When people tied together or work together, they feel safe in Qatar. This pillar also enhances the tolerance and the good dealing between each other. Tolerance in dialogue is one of the achievement of Qatar National vision. When people strong their communication among themselves and preserve their moral and the values of religion, the society will become effective for all people in Qatar. The social society aims to guarantee their values and their rights.

The third pillar is called the environmental development pillar. Qatar seeks to develop and protect its land. God granted good natural environment for people in Qatar. The development of the environment help to the state to enhance its economic and social growth. Qatar calls for develop the environment by protecting its land. The protection include all aspects of the environment. The development will include the developing of air, water and land through following many means by learning people in Qatar how to maintain the environmental heritage and make the country strong. Building effective environment  and using the modern equipment should be done to enhance the public awareness between people for making their environment as an effective environment. Qatar uses many natural resources such as global water and hydrocarbon natural resources. These natural recourses will be diminish in the coming years so it will important for Qatar to get alternative ways by working with countries neighbors to protect their environment. Qatar work now to coordinate with Arab and Gulf Cooperation Council State to enhance trade and guarantee the financial ties.

The forth pillar that Qatar National vision depend on the economic development pillar. This economic pillar aims to enhance the economic achievement. This economic achievement work to enhance the high standard living for all people in Qatar now even the future generation in Qatar. There are many ways to enhance the economic and financial systems by following the right system and low inflation of financial system. The communication technology and ministry of information and Qatar foundation push Qatar into an advanced society among all countries. Qatar financial center is also responsible for bringing many huge industries to Qatar. Qatar work to provide its industries by developing its clean energy.

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Qatar National Vision launched in 2008. The Qatar National vision wok nowadays to establish a road between the present and the future. Qatar National vision serves all people and modern generation in Qatar. Qatar National vision aims to make all people in Qatar to work together. This vision will put Qatar in high position among all countries. The prosperity and stability will be spread in Qatar. The vision will protect the freedom of all people in Qatar. The society in Qatar will based on many good morals such as justice, good morals and equality. The vision also preserve the religious and ethical values in Qatar. Human, economic, environmental and social development are the pillars for the Qatar National vision. The achieving of human development through working people in Qatar to achieve the growth of country. Qatar aims to develop Education and the health care. The developing of social pillar through enhancing the heritage, making the country safe and the spreading of tolerance among people. The economic development pillar by using alternative resources and following the right financial system. The last pillar is the environmental pillar by protecting the land and getting the connection between the environment protection and economic growth.


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