Commitment to Students and Student Learning

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1. Commitment to Students and Student Learning: The OCT members are dedicated to demonstrating care, showing empathy and passion to students

They are committed to students by striving to understand each student and his needs and his abilities which inform the teaching planning. They also promote diversity inside and outside the classroom to reinforce positive learning

Members show respect and equitably to students to enhance learning by provide enabling environment where students feel valued, free to share ideas and contributions. Members encourage students to make choice and have access in the classroom which is vital to modeling fairness and equity

They facilitate students’ growth by striving to improve learning facilities and classroom environment. Members identify student’s interest and their strengths in order to help them develop their learning

Members are sensitive to the needs of students by knowing what to promote in students, skills they need to use and how to motivate students’ learning using differentiated instructions. Students are able to use their skills to contribute to the development of the communities.

2. Professional Knowledge


Striving and to be current: It is very important for OCT member to update their professional knowledge and stay current in their practice. There are so many on training programs through the Board or the Ontario College which are eligible to members for them to upgrade their knowledge. When teachers are current knowledge, it improves their practice and they can easily provide first hand information to their student.

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Understanding and reflecting student’s development, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum, ethics, educational research and related policies and legislation: This involve that the teacher must a better understanding of his subject, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum, professional ethics, educational research and related policies and legislation. The teacher must also understand the student as a whole person with abilities, weaknesses, strengths, perspectives and specific needs. It is essential for a teacher to reflect on a student’s learning development and identify how to improve development.

3. Professional Practice


Application of professional knowledge and experience: Teachers are expected to apply their professional knowledge to teaching practice by mastering the curriculum and pedagogy to promote student’s learning, professional knowledge is very vital and it is the back bone of teaching. Also an adage says “experience is the best teacher” the more experienced a teacher is the better he is able to apply a professional experience to different situations that promote positive learning.

Appropriate planning and method: It necessary for every teacher in a professional practice to enhance student learning by using the appropriate pedagogy, carry out assessment and evaluation, use various resources and technology to meet the learning needs of every child.

Response to individual needs: In professional practice teachers need to understand each student and their individual learning needs, this will assist the teacher to respond to the needs of the student by using various professional teaching method and planning to meet that needs. .

Refine professional practice: All teachers should be reflective practitioners. It is mandatory for all members to improve on their professional practice through on going inquiry, dialogue and reflection. This will assist teachers to discover new ways of doing things better.

4. Leadership in Learning Communities


Creation of collaborative and supportive learning communities: Teachers should collectively work together as a team to undertake activities that will support students’ learning. They should also work together with parents to provide support for learning community. They should reflect on their activities in order to improve students’ performance.

Shared responsibility and leadership role: Members should understand the vision of the school and their responsibilities into making it effective , however, they should not only be involved in the process of developing shared vision but make is a responsibility to use the vision as a guide post in making decision about teaching and learning in the school.

Maintain and uphold ethical standard: Teachers should continue to show integrity, trust in learning communities. They should maintain the moral principles of professional ethics by which they set themselves as role model to students, parents and the community in general

5. Ongoing Professional Learning


Commitment to professional learning: Ongoing professional training is an effective tool in discharging teaching practice and improving students’ learning. Teacher should continue to develop their professional knowledge by reading, carrying out research and reflect on experience.

Identify interesting/controversial phrases in each of domain.

1. Commitment to student and student learning

Dedicated in their care and commitment to student learning – interesting

2. Professional Knowledge.

Strive to be current and recognize its relationship to practice

3. Professional Practice

Refine their professional practice

Apply professional knowledge and experience

4. Leadership in Learning Communities

Promote and participate in the creation of collective, safe and supportive learning communities – controversial

5. Ongoing Professional Learning

Recognize that a commitment to ongoing professional learning is integral to effective practice and to student learning – interesting


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