Education Overseas Is Better Than Locally Education Essay

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By creating the international day of the peace, the UNs international day of the peace is the global observation and but not a public day. Global peace day is being celebrated in countries around the world and without peace a nation cannot be make any process. Every one is lifted up by one individual choosing the peace. There are some of that promote the world peace day among their members and something make great could to do promote world peace day. The way for to promoting the global which must be used is peace.

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Creating the world peace takes many forms but surely it became an individual. The way for to promote the global peace cannot fight again anything and be successful with be a peaceful person for to set a good example. This is also useful to think about the alternative of the peace of the war and to understand is at stake if do not strive to actively contribute towards the creation of the world peace. The global peace is an attempt to measure the relative position of the nations and regions peaceful. It continues to be the most of the significant co the human kindness and requires the efforts of each other. And also the generates with the smile, kindness, teach peace to the children, be more loving, supports the

department of peace, help the poor, be forgiving, learn about the other cultural, just take the personal responsibility for to creating a better world, also do writing a peace song, celebrate the earth of the day, be positive share, seek harmony with nature and celebrate peace. Helping the someone or the child was also for the way to promote the peace of the world and support peace making organization, medicate and pray for peace of the earth. Also world religions can have the potential for to promote the global peace. Making an effort to be more honest and thinking positive of the choice and think of all people will be help.

Now the global peace harmony has become slightly more peaceful then the last years. So nowadays all around the world people are doing the celebrate the world peace day , saving lives and healing their communities. World peace is an idea simple in principle but humans difficult to achieve in practice because it is an individual members of the species. Nothing power can create peace when people have fear and anger. Peace is the mother progress and without peace a nation cannot make any progress. So peace is ever useful. By creating the international day of peace, include the millions of the people worldwide and many events are organized each years to commemorate and celebrate their day. So world peace is the ideal of the peace, the happiness and within all nations of the people. So, today there are many celebration and peace marches to world peace in cities and countries world wide. Although peace is the various organization and group of the other dates and the global harmony day of peace is the official commemoration declared by all of the world.

Question 2

In this question ask about the education overseas is better than locally. Education is the process of receiving the knowledge in basic skills and the technical. For to study the education have many way but need to be perfect There are many things that can be elaborated between tertiary education overseas and local ones. Anyone can study the overseas but it would be difficult to study overseas. For the overseas study is basically a distance learning process. The principles are the same but the details will be different. Pursuing education overseas can be a transformational and it is more overcome on the journeys and towards the earning for the degree. Pursuing study oversea can get cool places, meetings a lot of people, seeing a different way of life, interactive the background of the own country and may be picking up the language. Pursue a tertiary study overseas is a private good. Sometimes the only differences that the people see are the money they are looking for it.

Studying overseas is the act of the students pursuing education opportunities in a country and the nowadays students are choose to study at the UK, Italy, Spain, and so on. The foreign education services have been highly appreciated by the students and education community. However, studying at the overseas is becomes more increase. Students can gain a better knowledge, develop the skill, expand the world view, understating of education, and can enhance the value of the degree. Many international students are choose for to study abroad because of to get more exposure to the other cultural. And it is more a better more education than those in their local areas. Choosing to study in abroad where the speaking of the language and to improve the foreign language skill. It is normally quite easy to add in a language skill or even the other without having to take many additions.

Study overseas is such a great learning process that given the chance should be taken. So many people are learning so much about the different cultural and people of the world. It is an excellent way to improve the chance of the job and can research for dreams. Another way for to study overseas is that experience for the holidays, politics, new custom, self-confidence, and so on. A tertiary education overseas is always been a demanding and it can be a transformational experience. Although all students benefits from the study oversea experience, there are a few choice that students can make the potential increase the language of the skill.

The education of the overseas is programs have been around for the years and it is becomes very popular. The biggest reason that to study overseas is very good for the education is that it will expose to the different way of the doing things. Education should be more controlled by the local to overseas because different communities have different needs. Studying abroad and locally are the same as the reasons but the different between for spending the semester, or the years, or the some discussion. Education is more critical and much more better than study locally. Nowadays more and more students are going to study overseas because the students are feeling that studying overseas is more better than locally universities of the country. So the pursuing a tertiary education overseas is more better than study it locally. And also studying overseas is a good experience for the students and getting education in foreign countries are gain more benefit and can get more improve for the English language skills. The students have own reasons for to study locally or overseas, it is have their own unique and different between the advantages and disadvantages. So Studying overseas have more jobs than the ones at the locally.

Question 3

There are many different ways to access the higher education. The way for to learning the processes have many but for to say about between e learning and the conventional education. This is a lot of arguments between e learning and the conventional education. E learning is the types of online learning and teaching using by software. Also known as online learning process. E learning is the interactive learning in which students are learning use the computers as an education medium. E learning includes the all forms of electrically supported learning, teaching, and also got a lot of advantages. E learning covers a wide set of applications and the processes. A type of education where students working in the own job from any internet connection location, communicate and other students are using for the e mail, videoconferencing and the other forms of the computer based communication. E learning is same as the distance studying and the people desire to use the technology and benefit from these online in order to expand the knowledge and for to acquire the new skills. For about many years, e learning are using in almost every educational institution such as like the primary and secondary schools at the positive step towards to improve performance and for learner to get more efficient. But the conventional education is separate. It is quite different in several ways, one of the different is the place. It is need to have the place and for to learning requires the numbers of the students personally to attend the class.

Whereas online learning is allows to students to learn anything for everywhere the learners has access to a network connection, at home, library, job, internet café and so on. It is true that the usage of the computers into of the education system has become more higher and one of the most significant developments for the students and the teachers. The

conventional education have be positive as well as can be negative. Always cannot be positive because many students are criticize that the amount of students are many in the classroom and not giving a chance to students to participate who are shy about the communicating with the teachers are in front of peers.

E learning also includes the advantages which are not found in conventional education such as like the time for digesting of the information and the responding. Also knowledge being achieve and ability to conduct an open discussion of required. The conventional education is the teachers are usually teaching talks more than the students but the e learning is the students talks at least as much as or more than the teachers. This is the different between of e learning and the conventional education. But some of the students are very difficult without direct. This is the reason between this two of view. This conventional education was if the teacher is conducts the lesson according to the study program. So when comparing the learning of the identical course between e learning and conventional education, the students have more expressed higher satisfaction from the computer mediated learning process and the learning rates are as much as then the conventional education.

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E learning includes many components, the arguments and the knowledge of the other process. Nowadays online learning is becoming more popular and increased all around the world. However, students are find that the experience help them develop to set of the technology and the knowledge skills. If contrast between e learning and the conventional education, e learning is the top choice among the students and for to get more knowledge and experience for to pursue of their tertiary education and it becomes use in all over the world.

Question 4

The growing problem of absenteeism is become more acute today than the before in the history. The way for to express the glowing problem of absenteeism id the variety of instruction of techniques and the evaluate methods. One of the way of perplexing things that to notice about the college life is the propensity of the many students are skip class. Some of a few students are attended the classes seriously at best and but only on test day at worst. The situation may occur in which the learning style of the individual of the students is not met by the instructional climate. Some got the lectures notes form the friends, reading the text and simply do not worry about it at all. Although a number of scholars agree that the absenteeism is a serious problem in among undergraduate. Many college complain about the students class attendance, but few data have been gathered on when and why students miss class. Most of the found that the students missed classes most frequently because of the illness, because of the time need to complete the other course work, because of the class were boring, and because of the classes were interfered with their social life. In this question the results of the survey measuring the attendance of the college principles towards the growing problem of absenteeism and this is becoming more increased in the country.

The education have recognized that the most effective students have for to regulated the own learning process. The reasons associated with the absenteeism among the undergraduate students are doing investigated. Factors to do with courses and the teachers are found to be the least significant. The student absenteeism is a major concern for the educators of the institutions for high school. There is some evidence that the undergraduate students general education may be the most important factor related to the levels of absenteeism. The undergraduate students have been declining in the world of the country since records were first kept in the late many years. The tendency of the student absenteeism to rise in districts

where the students absenteeism has increased sharply merely add to the main problem. The absence of the students not only the funding available to the most of the college but the education of the students and the ability of the education system of the study to teach effectively and seriously those students to attend.

In this document discusses the factors of the growing problem absenteeism involved in the dilemma, include the rationales for the attendance and the relationship of the college program, the attention behind, alternative to compulsory each of the friend and the education environment to absence rates. So this all of the documents are include with the description of the programs designed for to reduce the absenteeism of the students in school or college in the country. The rates of the lecture attended have been found to be highest in the college but the students attended have been more decrease. The way for to increase the class attendance are course characteristics on class attendance and performance and the lecture attributes. The problem of the student absenteeism is examined in terms of the costs and the effect on the performance and the solutions are suggested.

This is hard to write conclusion in this essay and the growing problem of absenteeism the undergraduate students need to more reduce and truancy is a goal of many school and college across the all of the country. The way for to this education is to prevent the spread of the education , thereby reducing student absenteeism and the related growing problem absenteeism of the undergraduate.


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