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Write a detailed account of your experience of learning English so far. Start by saying what your native language is and what other languages you know. State the order in which you learned these languages and how well you know each of them. Describe when and where you started learning English, express your feelings about learning English at each stage and provide details of what helped you in your learning, what difficulties and problems you faced and the efforts you made to improve your command over the language. Also explain what influence other people (for example, your parents, teachers, siblings or friends) had on the development of your English and on your confidence in using English. Finally, end with some advice to other students about what they should do to improve their English.

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I am a Malaysian Chinese girl. I grow up in a small town named as Teluk Intan situated in Perak, Malaysia. My first language is Chinese and I am a fully Chinese-based school educated. Either at home or outside, Chinese is the language I used the most. Besides Chinese, I do learnt English language since during my early childhood and Malay language during my primary school level. Although I do know the other languages, still I prefer to communicate or write in mandarin. I think I have moderated level for all this three language as I am able to express my idea verbally either in written form or spoken form.

I started learning my English during my early childhood. At about the age of 3 or 4 years old, by sing nursery rhythms and English poems. I learnt nursery song in the daytime at kindergarten together with some other friends at the same age with me. Hereby, I feel very happy to learnt English. The teacher always use colourful picture and However during night time, I went to a home tuition centre and learn some English together with both my sister who is 3 to 4 years older than me. In the tuition centre, I was the youngest and I feel very shy to talk to them thought they were very nice. Besides that, the teacher also told my parents that I was too small scared that I was not able to catch up. Thus I went for a few classes only.

The second stage of my English learning is during my primary school level. Since I studied at Chinese-based primary school, English language is not commonly used though it was being taught in the class. In this stages, I found that English is hard but interesting. It was hard because there are a lots of grammar and rules that I have to follow while writing. However, it is interesting as in English, there are words with the same spelling but different meaning and pronunciation, words with the same pronunciation but different spelling too. Besides that under this stage, I got a very good English teacher when I was in Standard 4 whereby he used many interesting ways to teach us English. I got motivated by the teacher and the prize for the English month quiz. This motivation pushed me until I finished my secondary school.

In my secondary school, I was some how like get attracted by English language. I had even join the English language club though it is a very cold club and the teacher adviser seldom do her part guiding us to do the activity. Besides that, this motivation had also pushed me to buy English novel to read. And lastly, I become a royal fans to Rick Riordan. I do even look for every of his books and keep them as precious collection. In this stage thought I have the motivation pushing me to use more English and to love English more; I still had some difficulties and feel like going to give up English. I had such a feeling because of having difficulties in understanding of literature and the way my English teacher taught us English and literature.

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After Form 5, I was really gave up English language for around seven months. Until I went to Tunku Abdul Rahman College to study Form 6. In the college, I met some classmate who are English educated and cannot speak their mother tongue language. Thereby, I had to use back my English. I though my English is very good, but there, I found out that my English is the worst. All my friends cannot understood what am I going to say either. I was there for about two months and was later get involve in Kirkby International College which I am in now. Yet my English being better here, I was almost gave up as the worst English I was using. However, I was being encouraged by my lecture here to use English language more. Thus, I make my effort to improve my English language. I bought a lots of English books to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Yet, my English improved as I use Manglish a lot and what I would like to say I used to translate it from Mandarin which is my mother language to English.

In conclusion, learning a second language is never be difficult. It is all depend on the determination of the person. To learn a better second language, ones need to use the language frequently. Yet, I can say that my English is the best; my English improved a lot since I used it more frequently.


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