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In teaching and learning process, it is considered that audio visual aids are very much practical that approaches to acquire a second language more effectively other than any way. The methods of language acquisition will improve day by day and audio-visual aids will continue be the more effective way to acquire a second language. Material based learning will be the pathway rather than any theoretical way to acquire second language. In this post-modern teaching and learning process, audio-visual aids are more essential because in modern teaching structure about 85% of the processes are affiliated with the audio-visual materials (Professor Jadal, 2011). The use of materials in learning process is more effective especially in primary level education. In higher education second language acquisition will be effective rather than using grammar translation methods, communicative methods etc. the effectiveness of audio-visual methods more likely depends on some factors that are used along the way of acquiring language. Material based education is always effective rather than theoretical knowledge and application. Basically, in the case of acquisition of second language, use of materials might be more efficient than any other methods. The input process becomes important in the process of using materials when learning a second language, visual materials helps effectively in this regard.

Background of the research

The research is all about how the materials are more important to acquire second language than the effectiveness any other methods. The effectiveness of audio-visual materials is the topic of this research. The use of the audio visual materials, learners expectation and learners capability are important in this research. The background of this research is more likely use of different materials in case of acquiring foreign language.

Research Questions

What are audio-visual materials?

How it is effective in acquiring second language?

What does audio and visual refers to?

Aim of the Research

This research aims to clear the concept about how the audio-visual materials are more effective to acquire second language than the other processes in language acquisition. The main concern of this research is to find out the best effective methods in acquiring second language in learning and teaching process in classrooms.

Objectives of the Research

The study is about to find out the most effective way of acquiring second language. The following are the main objectives of the study:

To find out the most effective way of acquiring second language

To evaluate how effective the materials that are used to acquire second language

To make a comparison of effectiveness between audio-visual aids and any other process

To investigate which way is more effective in acquiring second language

Justification of the Study

The objective of the research is to find out the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials in second language acquisition. So this is a qualitative research. The topic of this research is related to the capacity and acquisition of learners. The research is done in the classroom by using audio-visual materials and applying the practical implementation of the aids. This research is dependant mainly in the effectiveness of the materials used in the classroom.

Critical Literature Review

In the literature review chapter there will be some review of the previous works that indicate the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials as the best. There will have some several concepts that will have discussed in this part of the research paper. The research papers done on this topic will be presented as the source for conducting this research paper.


The methodology of this research paper will be descriptive. Practical evaluation of the process will be maintained properly. The improvement of a learner will be investigated in this research project. The effective process of acquiring second language will be researched with the help of the questionnaire and experiences of the learners.

Data Collection Method

A survey will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials in acquiring second language. The primary data will be collected from the survey that will be taken from different persons. In addition, the experienced person who has acquired language like this will be surveyed. Statistical and historical information will be analyzed in gathering the data for conducting this research paper.

Data Analysis

The primary data will be analyzed and researched from the data that will be collected from the questionnaire and survey that will be conducted in the particular people who have acquired a second language by using audio-visual materials. The data analysis will help out to find out the aim of the effectiveness of using audio-visual materials.


The reliability depends on the people who are going to attend in the survey. The survey will be taken on the persons who have already used audio-visual materials to acquire second language. So the research paper is reliable as this survey will be done on the persons.


If any part of the research in invalid, the validity will be questioned. How much valid the research paper is, has to be ensured by the true information. The information and statistical analysis will have validity by ensuring the authentic information.


The limitations of the research paper might be on the surveying process. The process might have limitations if people cannot evaluate properly. The proper and authentic information cannot be found due to the qualitative questionnaire. as the questionnaire will be qualitative, the limitations will be in this part of the research paper.


Audio —visual material is more effective to acquire second language is a product and analysis based research that will be conducted by taking a survey on the people who have experienced the audio-visual materials during acquiring second language. The materials like tape recorders, maps, charts, animation, cartoons, video clips etc will be the materials that are included in the audio-visual materials. The research is about the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials. So, this qualitative research will be based on the survey. The effectiveness of the audio-visual method will be proven by the statistical analysis and based on the data collected on the survey.


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