Computer Engineering: Career

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Computer Engineering/Engineer

Throughout the years we have spent on this planet, a lot of us are apparent to the rapid changes of technology. The moving of computer technology from China to America; none of us can say that those technological advancements made in the past few decades are given by the development of new computer science and engineering. These days, those assets we obtained are camouflaging every field of what we, now live by, and it is continuing to spread double time to every rim of this world. Computer engineering/engineer work together to create and maintain a computers performance and manufactures. The type of training for this career requires one to have patience’s and the ability to learn about computer science and the training programs that follow. However, one will find that the advantages of this career require one to use his or her creativity, while the disadvantages to this training may require one to work longer hours on certain given assignments.

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Throughout my life, I have been enticed with the functions of computers. When I was younger, I use to love solving problems on the computer. Nevertheless, I always had my goals set for computer engineering. If I have a major in computer engineering, it offers me several advantages over a major in computer science. I have been able to obtain an interest in creative solving variety problems, by analyzing and estimating my optional solutions. Computer engineers follow the bases of computer engineering curriculum, which better prepares them for problem-oriented approaches. Furthermore, an average engineer curriculum concentrates more on the hardware factor of computers. When I was searching for a college with this major, I noticed that nearly every school I visited offered a degree in computer science. However, very few of them offered one in computer engineering. Carnegie Mellon has exposed a compelling financial liability to excellent students and some cutting-edge technology (“SCS,”n.d.). Computer Engineers contain the swiftest developing branch of engineers. Computer engineering is considerably one of today’s most technologically based jobs. The field of computer engineering blends with the knowledge of electronic engineering and computer science to beget advancement in computer systems. Electronic and Computer engineering, or what engineers would call the E.C.E. (“Electrical and Computer”, n.d.), is an organization that works with the use of certain energy to develop structures, materials, and machines that are valuable for us (“Electrical and Computer”, n.d.). The computer engineers supply the techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical resolution to create, test, and assess software and computer systems. Computer engineers use what today’s best technology provides to create tomorrow’s.

I recently spoke with my father who has been a computer engineer for nearly 8 years and asked him what type of training and education he had to have in order to obtain his degree in Computer Software Engineering. He told me that computer engineers require a high level of training and intelligence to be masters at their job. A type of bachelor’s degree is what he accomplished, however, to receive such a degree; one must go to a college or university with a good computer-engineering program and or computer science program. He then told me once employed at a particular engineering company, there is usually an on the job training program that we must learn and the certain types of systems that will be created and manufactured. So basically, computer engineering majors must study conventional electronic engineering, computer science–again–and math in the college or university. The electrical engineering attainments that a computer engineer acquires allow them to understand the appliances that go into the computers so that they are created and built in the create format. My father says that the computer science part gives the engineer more wisdom and knowledge on how the software makes the computer system run right and perform tasks in excellent quality. More and more computer engineers are being laid-off, while some are wanted. Everyday there is a demand for computer engineers, and the list will just keep growing.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages for this particular career. Many people find that computer engineering is working on a computer for 8 hours and then going home. However, there is more to that theory than meets the eye. The advantage of being a computer engineer is to be able to use one’s creativity, and when working on a detailed project, one can express his or her ideas through the computer. Another great advantage is the increasing pay. This career is one that increases one’s bonuses on top of that bonus. There are some disadvantages to this also. Working at a computer desk all day long and being inside all the time is one. Of course, there are breaks–my father says–but how long does that last before your back at the desk again. This type of career requires patience’s and one must be very patient in order to accomplish this. The computer is a very interesting machine, and I believe that the technology that we have now will continue to increase with our future computer engineer and science wisdom and knowledge.

Many things are successful by having computer engineers in today’s economy. To train in this field requires good patience and experience in computer science and technology. To work on such machinery, one must be skilled and knowledgeable of his or her equipment. This career is worthwhile and growing every year.


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