Japan is the best country

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Japan is the best country in the world

There are several factors combined together that help a country be successful and great.

These factors should be harmonized together to bring up a healthy society.

The four main factors are:

  1. Strong complete religious freedom
  2. Rich literacy and literacy rate
  3. High life expectancy
  4. Healthy nation

Strong complete religious freedom

If this is achieved in any country in the world then there will be no need for wars starting because of religions. Japan successfully achieved since the past 30 years. There are quite a few religions because of people immigrating to Japan. However, they live together in harmony. This encouraged people to immigrate to Japan and they helped in bringing the country up economically.

Rich Literacy and literacy rate

This means that anywhere across the country the average person is able to communicate clearly and is able to read. This practically means our communication is enhanced. Thus, helping, aiding, and contributing to make the country overall successful. The average person in Japan is able to work in complicated jobs compared to those of other countries. This is done by providing free education to people or cheap education at least. This leads to high life expectancy.

High life expectancy

It is well known that in Japan people live very long. They live longer than many other people in other country. This is because they eat healthy food and they take care of their health. This makes them live longer. Thus, it indicates that the nation is wise. It is certainly wiser than many other nations. Therefore, by living longer they can learn more and teach the next generation more. This also contributes in the rich literacy rate.

Healthy nation

This simply means that diseases will not spread. People will live a healthy life. People will not die from disease problems. In Japan they have a good record of keeping diseases to a minimum unlike other countries where diseases are considered to be the main factor in killing people. By having a healthy nation Japan straightly lead itself to a higher life expectancy and reflected rich literacy.

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A very successful example of the above is that in Japan the garbage cleaner is called a “Health Engineer”. He needs to get certificates to get the job. He gets a monthly salary which is equal to $8000. He is treated very well as it is not easy to be a Health Engineer in Japan. In other countries the “garbage man” is only paid what is equal to $300 and is not treated well. He also is illiterate in most cases.

In Japan the system is fair and all the citizens abide the laws and the principles. There is recognition by the members of the society of the need to adhere to the rule of law. The successful adaptation and improvement of technology to improve a lot of individuals certainly makes Japan the best country in the world to live in. The recognition by individuals that the needs of their society sometimes overrule their personal needs or wants is mainly the result of the high literacy rate. One of the beautiful noticeable things about the Japanese people is that behind the entire serious working environment they show they have compassion with other members of society.

Finally, Japan is known to be the most advanced country technologically. It has a beautiful weather and a wonderful climate. It is well known for its food. It is known for being the world’s best destination for people who are looking for new adventures and experiences.


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