Quality and trust in workplace

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TRUST:-Trust means confidence that others action are consistent with their words that the people with whom you work are concerned about your welfare and interests apart from what you can do for them, the skills you have developed are respected and valued by co-workers and the organization.

Trust is found in three characteristics of workplace relationships:-

  1. Trust grows out of the ability to perceive others as credible that what they say is true and their actions are consistent.
  2. Trust also grows out of a sense that one will be treated fairly by others.
  3. Trust also depends on how much employees experience respect through support provided for professional growth, the inclusion of employees ideas in decision making and through care both within the workplace and life.

Trust in organizational strategies and top management is the most critical component in creating commitment towards a common goal.

Senior leaders need to place a high value on integrity and trust and then communicate that value to all associates.

Key factors in building trust

The five critical areas that directly impact the level of trust people have in their organization are:-

  1. The organization vision.
  2. The organization values.
  3. The compensation system.
  4. The work environment.
  5. Personnel decision.

Management consultant Jack R Gibbs explains that distrust in people are likely to occur when

  1. Top management is feared.
  2. Excessive pressure is placed on people.
  3. Sales are low.
  4. The vision of company is unclear.

QUALITY: – The organization should work in order to assure high quality of management and leadership in all parts of the organization. To work methodically in improving Management Quality all links must hold, in the long chain from management policy, through management system, programs and processes, all the way out to the individual employee. This kind of quality assurance of management requires a complete and consistent structure or model, and it must be possible to measure present status and improvements Over the past few years, employees have increased their focus on organizational characteristics that enhance employee work experiences and assist employees in balancing their jobs and personal lives. This focus on workplace quality has become significant enough for business press publications such as Fortune and Working Mother to publish annual lists of companies that excel in creating a high quality of work life for their employees.. Fulmer et al. (2003) argue that employee attitudes affect behaviors and their performance. They argue further that employee attitudes can influence workplace quality through the attraction and retention of good employees. They argue that if employee attitudes resulting from high workplace quality produce a sustainable competitive advantage, then listed firms should exhibit better financial performance than do non listed firms. There is some evidence that companies successful in creating positive employee attitudes about their workplace possess a valuable competitive advantage, which leads to improved operating and market performance. A high Management Quality is characterized by the following

  1. Our organization has updated and documented mission statements, vision and strategies.
  2. Our policy describes how we wish to relate to our employees.
  3. Participation and a high degree of independence are corner-stones of our management system.
  4. Everyone regards himself as owner of their personal objectives and the organization’s vision and objectives.
  5. We encourage open communication.
  6. Our policy describes how we work in order to ensure leaders of high quality in all places.
  7. We create good opportunities for our managers to be highly motivated in their task.
  8. We phase out leaders who are inadequate in their jobs.


INFOSIS: – An Infosys technology is founded in 1981 in India. Currently Infosys has over 58000 employees worldwide and have over $2 billion annual revenue. Infosys currently has over 15000 software developers working on projects with Microsoft technologies. Infosys BPO Ltd. is one of the fastest and leading BPO solution providers in the world. Having Infosys Technologies Ltd. as its parent company, it boasts of best-in-class systems and processes and financial strength and stability. The company started its operations in 2002 and has received numerous awards and citations such as: 10th among 50 Best Managed Vendors in the Black Book of Outsourcing, 2006 5th among 35 Rising Stars in The Global Outsourcing 100 of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, 2006. Infosys won the Outsourcing Institute and Vantage Partners’ first-ever customer relationship management award. Infosys is increasingly focusing on value-based pricing models for its offerings.


Infosys follows the best software engineering practices. Infosys is CMMI-5 certified but for a formal process oriented certification their CMMI level appears to be an outcome of what they actually practice.

Infosys doubles it revenue every 2 years, reaching $ 2 billion in 2006.Company currently trains 4500 new recruits every 14 weeks at its own training campus in Mysore.

Company’s campus at Bangalore was magnificent. The 50 buildings were a glass pyramid shaped multimedia facility housing, a large dome shaped library, sports centers, refectories futuristic electric cars are used for visitors.


Infosys is the first IT Company to receive Telstra award for excellence in quality from over 11000 vendors. Telstra assessed Infosys against its other suppliers and determined it as the winner based on a rigorous appraisal of its quality and ongoing commitment to developing viable solutions and providing Telstra customer with better value.

TRUST INFOSYS: – Trust is the foundation of all successful interpersonal relationships, both personal and business. Trust is the confidence or belief a person feels toward a particular person or group. Trust is, therefore, one of the primary binding forces in any interpersonal relationship. Trust is present in Infosys strategies and among the employees.

1:-Infosys organizational vision is clear: – Infosys vision is attainable and does not ignore the role that individuals play in achieving the organizational goals.

2:-The work environment in Infosys is very good.

3:-Infosys values:- Values are beliefs or convictions that guide behavior,

Support the overall organizational vision.

Typical values in Infosys include:-

Exceeding customer needs, engagement, and innovation.

4:-Infosys compensation system is good.


WELL-BEING AND TRUST IN WORKPLACE:-The research on well-being and trust in workplace is done by John F Helliwell and Huang:-They say that they were the first to know of to provide Income -equivalent values for workplace trust. The estimated values of trust in the workplaces are very large, and remain so even when we make a number of adjustments designed to remove risks of over-estimation. Our workplace trust results are independently estimated from two Canadian and one US survey using different samples and different question wordings. That all three surveys should show such consistently large effects convinces us of the robustness of our results. In this paper we have built on Subsequent extensions by Helliwell, Huang and Putnam (2009).

2:-TRUST IN WORKPLACE:-Research is done by Robert W Rogers – President, DDI. And by Sheryl Riddle – Sr. Vice president consulting services DDI. In their research they said that trust plays an important role in the organization. According to them Leaders can foster high levels of trust among teams by encouraging team members to follow six fundamental steps:

  1. Maintain one another’s self-esteem.
  2. Support and praise one another.
  3. Keep sensitive information confidential.
  4. Stand up for one another.
  5. Avoid gossip or unfair criticism of others.
  6. Appreciate one another’s skills and differences.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:-Two types of data are used:-

  1. Secondary Data:-Secondary data is taken from books, magazines, internet, research work, journals.
  2. Primary Data:- Primary data is collected from Infosys campus at Bangalore.


1-What is your company do for building trust in workplace?

Ans-The company vision is clear. The goals set by top management are attainable and Infosys does not ignore the role of individual in the achievement of companies’ goal.

2-What did the company do for quality in workplace?

Ans- A company follow the best software engineering practices. Infosys is CMMI-5 certified.

3-Why do the company use visual studio team system?

Ans-The Company use visual studio team system because it will increase exponentially over the next few years. We expect to grow this area to over 25000 developers.

4:-What did Infosys do for creating employment?

Ans: – The Company currently trains 4,500 new recruits every 14 weeks, at its own training campus in Mysore. The average age of the company’s employees is 25 years.

5:- What did the company do for society?

Ans:-1. Conducting rehabilitation camps at tribal areas, drought hit areas.

2. Construction of hospitals.

3. Rehabilitation of mentally retarded through other local organization.


From the above data we comes to a conclusion that quality and trust in workplace are very important factors because if the workers have no trust in organization they do not work properly for the achievement of the organizational goals. The organization should work in order to assure high quality of management and leadership in all parts of the organization. For better quality organizational missions, policies, strategies must be clear. Everyone regards himself/herself as owner of their personal objectives and open communication must be there in an organization so that everyone shares their views about the organizational goals.


Well being and trust in workplace:- www.nber.org/papers/w14589

About the Infosys company www.Infosys.com

Monograph:-Trust in workplace By Robert W Rogers, President, DDI And Sheryl Riddle, Sr. vice President consulting services DDI.

Building trust in workplace:- www.Melcrum.com


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