Relationships Between Conplan Nims And Ics Environmental Sciences Essay

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# An Analyzation of relationships between CONPLAN, NIMS and ICS. Some points to ponder: # Discuss what each does # Their formation? # T heir purpose? # How do they work together? BY: CONPLAN Concept of Operations Plan (CONPLAN) represents a league of Federal departments and agencies which work together for a common goal. CONPLAN will refine its work to support other departments with there focused mission and resources, which will help other agencies to get benefit out of that; and the work carried out by agency during there time frame would be to learn more about crisis management and consequence management which will help them to understand more about chemical, biological, nuclear/radiological, and conventional materials or devices for the war against the terror. It will help the federal government marshal and crisis management team to learn more about the structured and planned terrorst attack. CONT… It does not replace the present authorities or plans that were developed for response to incidents under department and agency statutory authorities. It is stands to coordinate plans between, crisis and consequence management to provide an effective Federal response to terrorism. CONPLAN is a Federal participant among the six principal departments and agencies named in PDD-39. It is renewed and amended, as necessary, by consensus among these agencies. Purpose of CONPLAN This plans purpose is to facilitate or assist an effective Federal response to all threats or acts of terrorism within the United States that are determined to be of a sufficient magnitude, to indros implementation of this plan and the associated policy guidelines established in PDD-39 and PDD-62. Establishes a structure for a methodical, coordinated and operational national response to threats or acts of terrorism in the United States. Defines procedures for the use of Federal resources to adding, contributing and support local and State government. Encompasses both crisis and consequence management responsibilities, and express the coordination relationships between missions. CONT.. Applies to all threats or acts of terrorism within the country. To make the avail the process of guidance and operational concepts for the Federal crisis and consequence management response to a threat or actual terrorist incident within the United States. Serves as foundation for further development of detailed regional, national, State, and local operation plans and procedures. Guidelines for coordination, notification and leadership of supporting operations, response activities, and coordination of emergency public information across all levels of government. How CONPLAN formed CONPLAN was the brain child or came through the efforts of six essential departments and agencies with responsibilities as identified in Presidential Decision Directive/NSC-39 (PDD-39). This plan has been established with reliable relevant PDDs, Federal law, the Attorney General’s Critical Incident Response Plan, the PDD-39 Domestic Guidelines, and the Federal Response Plan and its Terrorism Incident. It also outlines an organized and unified capability for a timely, coordinated response by Federal agencies to a terrorist threat or act. It establishes conceptual guidance for monitoring a developing threat, notifying appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies of the nature of the threat, and also position the requisite advisory and technical resources to assist the Lead Federal Agency (LFA) in facilitating interdepartmental coordination of crisis and consequence management activities. NIMS NIMS, or the National Incident Management System, is a nationwide model that enables all government and non-governmental organizations to work together during domestic incidents. It importantly requires all agencies to use ICS when responding to incidents. The way this nation prepares for and responds to domestic incidents is about to change. It won’t be an abrupt change; best practices that have been developed over the years are part of this new comprehensive national approach to incident management known as the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Purpose of NIMS NIMS provides flexible, consistent and adjustable national framework in which government and private entities at all levels can work together to manage domestic incidents, regardless of their size, cause, complexity or location. This flexibility applies across all phases of incident management: preparedness, prevention, recovery , response and mitigation. It also provides a set of standardized organizational structures including the ICS, Multi- Agency Coordination Systems and public information systems as well as requirements for processes, procedures and systems to improve interoperability among jurisdictions and disciplines in various areas. CONT.. Homeland Security recognizes that the majority of emergency incidents are taken care of on a daily basis by a single jurisdiction at the local level. However, the challenges faced as a nation are far greater than the capabilities of any one community or state, but not more than the sum of all who are working together. There are instances in which successful domestic incident management operations happens due to the involvement of emergency responders from multiple jurisdictions, as well as from other states and the federal government. These instances require efficient and effective coordination across a broad spectrum of organizations and activities. How NIMS formed Developed by the Department of Homeland Security and issued in March 2004, NIMS enables responders at all jurisdictional levels and across all disciplines to work together more effectively and efficiently. Beginning of FY in 2006, federal funding for state, local and tribal preparedness grants is tied to compliance with the NIMS. ICS ICS (Incident Command System) is a consistent, on-scene, all hazard incident management concept. It allows its users to adopt an joined organizational structure to match the intricacy and demands of single or multiple incidents without being burdened by jurisdictional boundaries. One of the most important or best practices’ that has been implemented into the NIMS is the Incident Command System (ICS), a standard, on-scene, all-hazards incident management system already in use by fire-fighters, hazardous materials teams, rescuers and emergency medical teams. Purpose The use of ICS in response to non-fire incidents was increasing. FIRESCOPE ICS is originally developed to assist in the response to wild land fires, it is also recognized as a system that helps public safety responders and provide effective and coordinated incident management for a wide range of situations, including floods, hazardous materials accidents, earthquakes and aircraft crashes. It makes it flexible enough to manage catastrophic incidents involving thousands of emergency response and management personnel. By introducing relatively minor terminology, organizational and procedural modifications to FIRESCOPE ICS. Every incident is handled in a different way , and the overall incident management approach still utilizes the major functions of the Incident Command System. How ICS formed NIMS has been established ICS for the management of all the incidents as the standardized incident organizational structure. Now the various forms of ICS is used by many agencies and also lots of considerable uncertainty about the NIMS and ICS and the impact have on processes and systems currently in place. In 2005 requirements for implementing NIMS is institutionalizing the use of ICS across the entire process system. How they work together All responding agencies must have to interface and work together when we thing that most incidents are local but when we face that worst case scenario like 11 Sept. 2001. NIMS, ICS and other particular allow to happen only if the foundations are laid at the local level. Variation of ICS can not grow and if local jurisdictions adopt this or it can not be applicable to other disciplines then a critical interface between jurisdictions and the responding agencies can not occur if the response expands. And everyone has to be understand that it is very important that the establishment of the NIMS there is only one ICS. CONT… ICS as established in the NIMS as agencies adopt the principal and the concept , it can expend to fulfill the need of incident command system to their response, regardless to the size and number of responders. The key of balance between flexibility and the standardization is both NIMS and ICS. No single, private, government agency either it would be local, state, or federal level possesses the authority of CONPLAN and the expertise to act unilaterally in difficult situation which CONPLAN have that may arise in response to act of terrorism, nuclear, radiology, biological and chemical material are involved. Reference Deflem, M. (Ed.) (2004). Terrorism and counter-terrorism: Criminological perspectives. San Diego: Elsevier. Ronczkowski, M. (2004). Terrorism and organized hate crime: Intelligence gathering, analysis, and investigations. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. * * * # * * *


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