Global Warming: Cause and Effect

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Drastic changes in temperatures proceeds of a very nominated term but little known to most people: global warming. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that is accelerating every year, due to several activities that as humans have helped to impact, in the great majority, negatively on the natural cycle of the environment (Alexandre & John, 2018: 67). A thorough research is not required to demonstrate with real data the current problem that people have to solve. Just by looking at the news, newspapers and even feel the weather, compared to previous years at the same season, to realize that nowadays, the heat feels stronger and the air that is breathed is not pure, but pertains to a polluted air. In order to provide a solution, its causes and effects must be known. Firstly, one of them is deforestation that does not allow trees to comply their role, which is to eliminate carbon dioxide, bringing effects on the greenhouse gases, in the biodiversity and water vapor in the environment. Secondly, transport and industry growth which has caused the rise in temperature.


One of the most significant causes in climate change produced by human activity is deforestation. This term refers to:

Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees to make room for something besides forest. This can include clearing the land for agriculture or grazing, or using the timber for fuel, construction or manufacturing. (Sarah Derouin, 2019)

The forest plays a very essential role by having the function of absorbing carbon dioxide, which helps to greatly mitigate the greenhouse gases produced by humanity. As global warming continues, the presence of wooded areas on the earth's surface is increasingly vital when capturing and storing excess carbon dioxide. According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it says that deforestation is the second cause of global warming (The first is the burning of fossil fuels). In fact, deforestation causes 25% and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions (FAO, 2016).

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As a consequence of deforestation, several effects are included, among the most relevant, for example, the absorption capacity of greenhouse gases, loss of biodiversity and decrease of water in the atmosphere (Pachamama Alliance, 2019). According to a study published in the journal Ecohydrology in 2019, it reflected that the lands which now are for agricultural functions have higher temperatures in the ground and air. In contrast, when the forest area existed, it had evapotranspiration rates, which helped to contribute more water vapor to the air. Another of the most dangerous effects is the loss of animal and plant species due to the loss of the known and unknown species. In addition, trees are the refuge for many species which can not survive for deforestation and bring negatively impacts in high temperatures. Finally, it is considerable to mention that having fewer trees that produce water vapor to the atmosphere, there is less water in the air to return to the ground; as a result, there is less regulation in the water cycle. All of the above mentioned are some of the effects that deforestation has caused to the acceleration in climate change, but which are the ones that have affected the most for the increase in global warming.

Industrial and Transportation Sector

Another aspect that has grown gradually over the years has been the industrial and transportation sector. As the population grows, in the same way, industrial manufacturing production has increased by having greater demand. After the industrial revolution that allowed the increase on the number of industries worldwide. Since that, it has been increasing and affecting the environment with the generation of pollutant gases, as a result of manufacturing process. In the case of transportation, as mentioned by the World Health Organization (WHO):

The transport sector is the fastest growing contributor to climate emissions. Growth in energy use is higher for the transport sector than any other end-use sector. The main drivers of global transport energy growth are land transport, mostly light-duty vehicles, such as cars, as well as freight transport. (WHO, 2014)

The industrial and transportation sectors both generate highly polluting gases that get locked in the atmosphere for weeks. These are trapped and that is why in cities such as China and India where they have a large number of industries, the sky is grey and sunlight does not completely enter, which impacts in an increase of ambient temperature.

The most significant effect produced by the growth of transport and industry is clearly the massive damage to air quality and temperature. Carbon dioxide (CO2) along with other pollutants and greenhouse gases accumulated in the atmosphere become the planet warmer. These gases have to remain for years and even centuries in the atmosphere, directly affecting the thermal sensation of humans. The increase in temperature has grown, as Valentin says "The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially of the carbon dioxide, has been the main cause for the substantial warming of the last 50 years of the 20th century" (349). This shows that it is not a current problem, but that for years it has been produced and it is expected that in the coming years the temperature of the earth will increase. It is relevant to mention that in some parts of the planet there have already been deaths and health problems, because of the same cause.


In conclusion, the heating of the environmental temperature will require many solutions, which today they already exist and are being carried out, but it depends on changing humans' behaviour. Causes such as deforestation should be more controlled and regulated; greenhouse gases must be mitigated with tree planting, increasing water vapor in the same way; animals and plants in forested areas should be more protected in order to ensure their habitat. Similarly, it is crucial that gasoline and diesel vehicles do not continue to be manufactured and choose to invest in electric vehicles, managing to reduce the amount of CO2 generated by the transport sector. Finally, in the case of industries, it is necessary to choose a carbon price and go changing the way that energy is manufactured and consumed. Solutions to climate change require policies that promote less waste, smarter use of natural resources and investment in new technologies.


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