Examining Bonnie And Clyde Film Studies Essay

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When someone speaks about a female criminal; without a doubt Bonnie Parker’s name will be mention. She is one of the most famous women in the history of crime. Bonnie and her partner Clyde was the most dangerous pair during the Great Depression Era. The two of them went on a two year robbing and killing spree that ultimately ended in their deaths. The way the two constantly eluded the police and

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Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born on October 1, 1910 to Charles and Emma Parker. Her father was a brick layer who died when she was only five and her mother was a house wife. She was the second child of three. Bonnie was a very bright and well educated girl. She was an excellent speller and was exceptionally good at writing poetry. This was a passion that she had and poetry helped her to express he feelings. Later in life she would write some poems while on her crime spree and they will become famous. When she was 16 she married a man name Roy Thornton. He eventually was arrested for his part in a robbery and was sentenced to prison. She left him but never divorced him because she felt it wouldn’t be right to do so while he was in jail. Although she was a waiter she eventually took a job as housekeeper and that is where she met Clyde Barrow. A couple of weeks after they met, Clyde was sentenced to prison of two years for past crimes that he had committed. Clyde then came up with a plan for Bonnie to help him escape. When she came to visit him she smuggled a pistol into jail and Clyde used it on the guard and he escaped. “Soon after his escape; he was arrested again and was then sentenced to fourteen years in prison. On February 2, 1932, Clyde was released from prison. He soon met up with Bonnie in a stolen car and this is when their crime spree began.” (about.com)

Bonnie went with Clyde on his first robbery since his released from prison. The plan was for Clyde and his gang (Buck (Clyde’s bother), W.D. Jones, Frank Clause, Henry Methvin, Everett Milligan, and Ray Hamilton) to rob a hardware store. Bonnie was in the car while the robbery was going on. She was arrested by the police while sitting in the car. She was soon released because of lack of evidence. Soon after her release, Bonnie and Clyde continued their crime spree.

Although Bonnie and Clyde were on the run they often made stops in Texas to see their mothers. Bonnie was very close to her mother and she made it mandatory to see her mother every 2-3 months. In March 1933 Bonnie and Clyde made another stop in Joplin, Missouri. Clyde’s brother Buck was released from prison, so the two decided to rent an apartment to spend time with Buck and his wife Blanche. In April they spotted two policemen and that is when a shootout began between the two groups. Bonnie, Clyde, Buck and Blanche all escaped. In the apartment they left pictures that showed Bonnie and Clyde posing with stolen cars, money, and guns. Bonnie also left one of her poems in the apartment also. These items that were left in the apartment made the couple very famous.

In November 1933 W.D. Jones was captured and told the police about how Bonnie and Clyde visits their family. The police then set up an ambush that put Bonnie and Clydes family in danger. This angered Clyde and he decided to take revenge on the Eastman Prison. Bonnie and Clyde helped to free Raymond and Henry. Raymond and Clyde got into an argument and Raymond left but Henry stayed. Little did Bonnie and Clyde know; Henry and his family would help cause the death of them.

Henry and his father Ivan were the two who help to set Bonnie and Clyde up. They did this for an exchange for Henry to be pardoned. Henry knew that Bonnie and Clyde didn’t have anywhere to stay so he insisted that they stay at his father’s cabin. Ivan told the police the route where Bonnie and Clyde would be traveling. The police then set up an ambush and also made it look as if Ivan had a flat tire. As Bonnie and Clyde came down they seen Ivan’s car and slowed down. That is when the police men came out and demand for them to stop. Bonnie and Clyde attempted to getaway but the police men fired approximately 167 rounds. Bonnie and Clyde died instantly because of the gunshots. They were buried separately at their families’ burial sites/

They knew Bonnie and Ckyde would stop to help and that is when they would capture them. As Bonnie and Clyde approached the car they

In April of 1934 Clyde and Henry Melthvin killed two policemen. It was this incident that would help to lead the police to them. Ivan Melthvin( Henry’s father) was took into custody after authorities found out that he often hid the gang. He them

Bonnie and Clyde had many co conspirators. Some of their Coconspirators were by the of Buck (Clyde’s bother), W.D. Jones, Frank Clause, Henry Methvin, Everett Milligan, and Ray Hamilton. Bonnie went with Clyde on his first robbery when he was released from prison. The plan was for Clyde and his gang to They often helped Bonnie and Clyde with their robberies and the murders. They would mainly rob grocery stores and gas stations. The money they stole from these places was the money they lived on. They would sometime banks but would not make off with too much money. They enjoyed stealing cars; mainly for the thrill of riding in a different car.


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