Jurassic Park: An Analysis

Modified: 1st May 2017
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Jurassic Park has been nominated for the best motion picture arts and science. Jurassic Park is one of Spielberg’s greatest movies which shows high quality pictures which no other movie of his has been thus greater than Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is one of the movies that will be always remembered as one of the best movies that has been created superbly. Jurassic Park features almost all camera shots that are needed for creating a movie that can interest audience watching the movie. Camera angles like close up are used to bring audience closer to characters in the movie. Such as when the T-Rax face comes close to the boy and the girl which builds an intensive suspense to terrify audience but that terrifying moment is also filled with excitement. Also the camera movements’ added action which allows audience to move in different angles from left, right, back and front such as when the dinosaur chased Tim and Lex Murphy.

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The camera movements which are used to make the animated objects such as the movement of the trees and dinosaurs were done accurately which showed proper figures of the objects by using low angle shots which added disorientation making the scene inspired with fear which has never been seen on screen. Whereas Jurassic Park was done from a novel to a movie which made it difficult to fill in all scenes that may be interesting. But the movie illustrates much more than the novel even though it is to have some missed scenes. Sometimes people find it difficult to visualise what is happening in the novel and imagining the environment. The technology used in Jurassic Park has allowed audience to recognise the movie by using gadgets which moved the dinosaurs and introducing electronic devices to move all of the surroundings. Only Jurassic Park has succeeded in making animated object to look real and adding different movement which illustrates the objects movement.

The movements of the destruction caused by the dinosaurs was done by machine which made Jurassic Park far by time because of the newly technology techniques. These use of technology shows that Jurassic Park equipment were well operated and generate before any other movies started introducing electronic gadgets to occupy the cars which no other movie has during the 1993.

Camera angels weren’t just the only important essential tools of creating this incredible movie. By this, it means that lights used in Jurassic Park reflected the colour even in the dark light reflected the objects structure. The lights were also more advanced compared to any other movie at that time because the lights were able to show audience the full characteristics of the dinosaurs with its 3 dimensional making the dinosaurs look real. The advanced lights also enable audience to see the texture of the dinosaurs and whatever was dead was put to life by using lights which meant everything that people thought it was dead was real when light was shining at 3 dimensional areas.

However, the story line captivates audience because of the script and also the rushing action thriller and makes audience ”still sit” keeping them questioned of what may happen throughout the next scene. Story line is very easy to follow and isn’t delayed to audience to get entertained because the way the movie is set starting from the beginning makes the whole movie withdraw their anticipation example you as a viewer acts along with the movie.Psycologically the movie keeps you also thinking and being part of the movie .

This brings the point of special effects with the story line which is well assembled. Special effects of Jurassic Park are phenomenal because the movie itself has made the dinosaurs of Jurassic park look like future move like a modern movie because of the triumph and special effects artistry. The special effects and the animatronics, with some of Spielberg’s best sequence of sustaining sheer terror played an important role in effecting all tools that were need to make this move successful. These special effects made it possible for the audience to experience things that they have never seen before with the sounds such as the glooming sound and sounds of explosions which sounded realistic. The make-up of footsteps of dinosaurs were made in a way that it can actually make audience think dinosaurs really existed in the 90s because of the real make of the footsteps structured.

The costume used in Jurassic park movie was spot on with the theme of the movie. As such if a audient watched the movie he or she will know what it is about because of the costumes.

The cast was well chosen but this credit has to be given to the directors with their unique idea of getting actors and actress to fit in specific characters like john the owner of Jurassic park and Ian Grant make audience interested on the way that the actors or actress act. The greatest thing that Jurassic Park has done to really prove that they deserve the nomination was to choose perfect characters which were able to express what is expected from them. The way that actors and actress express how they felt promoted them to touch audience mind and able to carry strong human story values which directors have led the actors to give other qualities more, such as sense of wonderment.

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To come into consideration symbolism played an important key factor to this movie Jurassic Park because without symbolism Jurassic park wouldn’t of achieved the full scariness of the movie, it also would have been difficult to create suspense and thriller which they have made in by using the green screenplay but also the charisma of the screenwriters successively made the movie an outstanding impact especially the nature used to create realistic effects brought real motions that one may have a once life time watching the movie may say the dark really scared him or her when the dinosaur came to life in the movie.

The soundtracks were really outstanding because the sound that you would have found during the 90s was not well supported but Jurassic park made sure that audience wouldn’t only enjoy watching the movie but also listen to the soundtrack or music of the symbolism.

Therefore, Jurassic park deserves the nomination because it is highly generated to bring the past and the future such as technology which was used and the animated dinosaurs and the cast to producers they produced a movie which can also make everyone relate take part in the movie and mostly showing people what they have never seen in a highly advanced technology.

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