Arguments for Affordable Healthcare in the US

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For most healthcare is a must but is a burden. Take a moment to look at some medical bills and think what you could have done with that money. For most families and individuals, they steer clear of the hospital because of the outcome on the bill. Regardless of reforms attempted there has yet to be a solution. For the average family it is can be hard to keep up with bills without health bills pilling up. Some improvements are needed to help the American people with obtaining a long and healthy life.  Healthcare system attempted solutions, costs, and what can be done to lower them for some.

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Has there been a reform in the health care system? Obama care also known as affordable healthcare act reformed in 2010 by President Barack Obama had 3 primary goals to lower the cost for the families in poverty, expand the medicaid program to cover all adults below poverty level, and support innovative medical care delivery methods. This reform attempted to expand on the Medicaid to prevent some insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions (Kenton 2019). Unlike the before form which allowed kids to be on their parent’s medical care until 18 it increased the age to 26. Although these reforms attempted to decrease the out of pocket expenses for the average family the cost still rain high. On JAN.20, 2017 President Trump intended to defund this act stating that those on the act are a fiscal burden on a state (Kenton 2019). The ACA act also forced those who did not have health insurance to obtain it or suffer tax penalties. This caused citizens to have health insurance regardless of wants. Due to the nature of the reform it helped the lower class but did nothing for the middle and upper class.

Why does it cost so much to stay healthy? For the average family it cost over $1,000 for health insurance. This insurance covers the basic checkup, and accidents to a degree. If a child was to brake his or her arm the insurance covers a portion and you must pay the out of pocket fees. If there is an emergency the average American is reluctant to visit the emergency room.  For those who happen to have insurance the co-pay is $50-$100. For those who are not so lucky it is $150-$3,000 (Hunt 2019). For most they just deal with the pain and attempt home remedies. Due to the cost in 1998 16 percent of the American people did not have health coverage (Sloan, Conover & Hall 1999). Today the numbers have taken a turn for the better of the insured and uninsured due to the mandate.  

 Some could say with the understanding of the country’s debt and need for revenue it cannot be done to make these services cheaper. By lowering the cost of some of the insurance fees and or making up their own coverage the country would lose out on thousands if not million in dollars a year. A feasible option for coverage for those who have these conditions and illnesses would be to expand the network and providers who can see them. The changing of the rates of coverage would not change, but the health of the individual would benefit from seeing a specialist in the field. With the development the individual would should be great full for the ability to see a specialist for a lower cost than not being covered at all. This should bring down that total form $150,000 per year to approximately $100,000 per year. Although a slight difference in pricing that is a decrease none the less.

Although, these statements are true to lower the health insurance cost would be a great task. The only way to lessen the cost of healthcare would be to lead a healthy life. Instead of the average beer and or soda try coconut water to lubricate the body. Although the country needs the tax dollars spent on medical care throughout the nation something should be done about those will serious illness. Those with cancer, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and more have no control over how much medical attention is needed to balance out life. With these illnesses they are developed not of free will, but of a family history. For the average individual with cancer no matter which kind they spend over $150,000 per year (Moore 2018). The average for an individual with diabetes is $16,750 per year (Riddle & Herman 2018). For most those amounts are insurmountable no one can keep up a payment plan with those cost. With the understanding of the economies dependence on the revenue spent on medical care it would not be possible to make treatment free but for those individuals they should have their own health care plans available due to the fact of the average healthcare plan will not cover a good portion of the expenses.  

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 Obama care was a reform of the Affordable Healthcare Act which shifted the care of the Medicaid system. This shift allowed the lower-class poverty-stricken citizens to seek healthcare and pay lower premiums for the care they receive. It covered more providers and broadened the network of clinics and hospitals patients can be seen. It limited the number of agencies who could deny patient due to pre-existing conditions. Throughout life there are unforeseen events causing injuries and illness. Most citizens who have illnesses, injuries, and mental health issues shy away from seeking professional help unless considered fatal. Americans still to this day go without healthcare due to the cost. For those with uncontrollable illnesses that have been passed from generational family members with the current health care system get the raw end of the deal. For the average person with illnesses must spend a minimum of $20,000 a year in corrective medications and doctors’ visits. This total does not include if the individual who must be seen by a specialist. In todays society health care expenses can make or break a family.


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