Marketing issues in the fashion industry

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Today’s world economy has led increase in the business reconstruction and reengineering due to the drastic changes experienced in the world of competition. The competition climate has affected the business atmosphere, affecting every sector of the business. Many brands are collapsing as more business which gives the consumers choices dominate the market thus to ensure the survival of the brand the company need a better marketing strategy. Today, the branding concept is being used to create emotional feeling associated to the company and the products Dave, D. (2010). This includes the feeling of involvement and the sense of higher quality that surround the brand name, or the trade mark. In the cloth line industry, it takes great ideas and designs to get the market recognition and building the clothing line brand is an essential factor. The clothing line company has to ensure that the branding provides the originality in the minds of customers. The name is the most important aspect of the brand which represents the company image not only today but in future. Brainstorming the name of the brand before making the final decision is always good in coming up with a relevant and unique name for the clothing line.

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In the cloth line industry and other fashion related businesses, branding of the company is a major facet and a measure of the business size. It is beyond the pricing or the location as it provides a concrete descriptor to the consumers. clothing line business is a very sensitive business as far as branding is concerned as many companies ensures that the brand maintains the originality in the minds of consumers and the stores who would be willing to stock it. Developing a cloth line company brand name requires more than just picking any name and placing associating it with the products. Fashion in the cloth line industry has further affected the market with customers fashion behavioral change. Many customers are wearing the outfits which are associated with a certain celebrity thus building the brand name in association to this can lead to a successful business. Brand is a trigger that makes a consumer feels a certain way according to how the brand is perceived. When it comes to clothing, choosing what matches the taste and the fashion is what many customers’ looks. This is the branding on the hottest trends in the fashion. Brand popularity is created by the capability of the design to show a true and innovative fashion design (Dave, 2010). Many consumers and customers are looking for the clothes and other accessories on which many people wears especially the celebrities making the cloth line business more intense in the competition.

Karma Designs is a wholesale cloth line company established in 1999 with major specialization in sheepskin, leather, fur, suede, embellished garments and accessories. Its major outlet includes the retail shops and specialists boutiques selling the Karma label to their customers. The company has provided strong link with other discerning brands delivering a competitive price as compared to its competitors in the market. The branding process involves making of a trademark and a good name for the business ensuring that other competitors don’t conduct the same business using the same name. The company brands are composed of various collection and stockists of different design which are sold as a family of products under the marquee of a brand with certain recognition in the target market. The company has greatly focused on the focused and concentrated on production as its main area of expertise forgetting other core business entities such as branding. They offer the deign services to various designers in the development process of the design in the production.

Branding of the karma company and its products design plays an important role in marketing the company’s various well known clothe line. It brings a positive perception of the company attracting more customers as many people get informed. This is a very critical area that the company has failed to build over the time which has contributed to slow growth and expansion of the company’s sales as compared to some of the competitors. The process of branding enables the customers to be well aware of the company and its products. Many companies ignore and put less emphasis on the branding not knowing that it is the main source of revenues generation asset. The market segment of the Karma Company is diverse and targets a wide range of customers of any age and using the multi-product cross-branding the company can be able to maximally recognize in the competitive market.

Building the company’s brand needs an enhanced brand loyalty which is an integral part in ensuring that the company has retained its consumers preventing them from shifting to the competitors. Same market segment in fashion line industry always give the consumers a choice of products. Effective branding of the design is required to keep these consumers on the company’s products consumption. This loyalty of from the customers come in several packages such as discounts on the sales, incentives and special offers that draws the consumers into the Karmas distribution points and stores. With increase in the brand loyalty the company’s customers become less sensitive to price on their favorite price and the sales increases in volume as more consumers become more convinced. The clothing line company has to ensure that the branding provides the originality in the minds of customers. The name is the most important aspect of the brand which represents the company image not only today but in future. Brainstorming the name of the brand before making the final decision is always good coming up with a relevant and unique name for the clothing line.

Importance of the branding is not an interest to the consumer as many customers tend to associate themselves with the most famous and well known brand names of the company. Creating a name on which the consumer can remember and associating the name with a positive values and qualities gives the consumers the confidence thus promoting the business. The brand name is supposed to be accompanied with a statement summarizing the vision and the goals of the Karmas Company. This enables the marketing employees to easily communicate with the consumers as the message of brand name suggests. There is need for a clear understanding of the branding to the employee in the fashion line company as they play a major role in promoting the company’s product. The company has been trying to concentrate on other sectors of the business in trying enhancing the profits instead of analyzing the importance of branding the company products especially the design which can be used to positively promote the business quality. With the brand name recognition efforts the profits can remarkably rise between 10 to 20 percent in short period as the demand of the Karmas product increases.

Developing an effective company brand

Developing is the first step in building the brand strategy. It involves analyzing the existing designs of the collection in the company’s stockiest. Brand definition establishes the foundation for all other business components as this regulates all the marketing materials and strategies. Determining the Karma Company’s brand’s objectives is critical factor to effective brand management as the brand becomes clear to the customers and the objectives that the company want to achieve. The company has failed to focus on the target market as it has branded their products below the target market. Defining the market target of the company’s product will help to strengthen the brands effectiveness (Dave, 2010).

Building a successful cloth line business needs the brand identity which starts generally with philosophy .Developing the branding strategy in the Karmas cloth line requires the company to perform a careful analysis in determination of the principle barriers and eliminate them so that they don’t affect the process of marketing the products. Brand packaging is also an integral part of the branding process and with the various collections of the Karmas cloth line unique packaging is required to give a unique and quality identification in the market place. Building the emotional relationship with the consumers will be key issues in promotion of the Karmas brand. This is because the brands will put more emphasis on the creation of the total customer experience promoting the branding to more customers. The relevant innovativeness is all what the customers require from the several companies’ designs. Managing the customer service in the sale points promotes the understanding of the brand due to the employee’s efforts. Strong brands provides the awareness for many customers who believe in the quality of the brand

Brand Management

A strong marketing program with strong branding strategy gears the business operations making the fashion line company a success. The social media branding and marketing strategy creates a solid foundation with a company logo and the business name that has a strong and convincing message to the consumers. The survival of a weak company brand is minimal as the competition increases which further increasing the pressures. Many weak brands have engaged in price reductions and promotions in an effort to generate the consumer interest on their products. A strong brand overcomes the downward pull of the increased competition in the market by regulating their price premiums. Building the Karmas brand can increase the fashion cloth line market value to the investors due to the consumers’ equity, efficient operations and the goodwill in the widespread company’s outlets all over London. The differentiation in the market gives a good perception of high valued brand eliminating the competitive threats of the brand in the market. Strengthening the company’s brand enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the Karma Company as the employees becomes aligned and focused in the business.

The company needs effective management of the brand to enhance the perception the various fashion designs in the company’s products. The management recognizes the market perception and shapes the company’s marketing strategies in line with the target market. Strong brand influences the consumers buying decision process and shapes the company’s market. To strengthen the fashion design of the company the branding allows the consumers to make decisions not just for logical or intellectual reasons but also out of the products perception in the market. A strong brand builds the customers company trust creating high expectations on the products without even the awareness of the product features. The well managed branding will enhance the fashion design perception as it makes actual product features virtually insignificant to the customer. Many customers tend to purchase the products on the basis the brand familiarity as opposed to the past where they used to purchase on the basis of features and the benefits. They tend to allow the emotion control and do not bother to make the rational purchase decisions. This provides an opportunity in enhancing the company’s fashion line design and improving the branding to protect the company’s market share of the company among the competitors.

Importance of Strong Branding

A strong brand provides a meaningful and relevant compelling message to its target customers. The karmas brand creates a desire and the existing demands but lacks the required emphasis on what the brand delivers. Improving the brand provides a differentiating factor which gives the business a discrete advantage over the competitors. This prevents the confusion among the target customers who perceive the importance of the difference as they make the purchase. The brand consists of the believable and achievable promises with a strong authentic message to the consumers. It offers value and gives the consumers a reason to purchase and reliably experienced in every sector of the company’s sectors.

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The external and internal perception of the brand plays a major role in the strength and the future sustainability of the brand. The company should develop a sustainable brand that provides improvements and innovation for the company. The company should be able to measure and manage the relationship between the expenditures and the revenue in regard to the branding which adds the value to the business (Laura, 2010). The company’s branding lacks common understanding as the alignment in the brand execution is not clearly articulated and defined to the stakeholders and consumers. In essence, it should be used as a tool to drive every company’s business function, inspiring the consumers to increase the purchase. Fashion in the cloth line business affects the branding of the company’s product as people shows different attitudes to fashion. Many of the customers are very choosy and can go to an extent of spending a lot of money on the outfits they wear. The style and the design of the Karmas products need to be enhanced to scope a wide area as it influence the customer’s perception.

Operationalizing the brand strengthens the brand in ensuring that it delivers what it promises. It involves an intensive and systematic management of the fashion clothing business branding with the implementation programs that delivers the value of the brand to the target market (Charles, 2008). Developing a strong brand strategy is a vital step in enhancing the Karmas company identity and marketing plan process in the fashion line clothing business. This element is a major cause of many business challenges and it is a one of the difficult process in development of the marketing plan. The company needs to invest in researching, defining, and building the brand as the competition intensifies day by day in fashion clothes outfits. This builds a foundation in the marketing of the company’s products and builds the focus abilities for the brand effectiveness in the market. The current branding of the company’s name has barriers and market conditions that affect the company image preventing the company from achieving the success.

The most famous cloth line designs in the world such as Gucci, Nike, Addidas among others undergoes intensive research to build the company’s image. Using the celebrity in building the brand image and marketing of the product is today widely used where the product is being associated with a certain celebrity. This enables the familiarity of the company’s brand name as well as the products in the market creating a strong market share (Denise,2009). The Karma Company’s fashion designs lack the brand awareness destroying the brand image of the company. The company needs to do more on the design as their brand doesn’t reach the type and level of clientele they are after; which are upscale, posh, and cool. This can be achieved by attaching a high value of superior attribute to the karmas product enhancing the brand preference as more consumers prefer the company’s product over the competing brands. The strategic awareness of the brand the advertisement becomes more intense as more consumers get connected to the products through the world of mouth from the current consumers. Branding process creates a singular distinction and differentiation to the target market which builds equity for the company’s brand points of parity. The designs of the Karmas products have many shared features with the competing brands thus there is a need of unique point of parity in the design to allow the easier differentiation of the products among the competitors’ products.

The Branding Concept

Dramatic changes is currently experienced in the branding concepts in the cloth line businesses as the new technology allows the company’s to overproduce the products. Branding the Karmas products can be enhanced by improving the branding concept utilizing the marketing strategies. The concept allows the favorable impact on the target market with the major outlines and guidelines followed in the branding process. This should follow some constants that establish a quality and simple brand to the company’s product. The branding concept of the Karmas product should be simple as many customers seem to associate themselves with simple things choosing to ignore the complex ideas. Karmas collections lack the compatibility in their design as their brand lacks the different individuality which stimulates the psyche of the target market. Intensive designing of the company’s branding ensures that the symbols and designs don’t offend the target market. The company needs to take care of the regional and cultural values as well as the fashion issues while undertaking the branding process. Branding concepts contains the three factors that vital in the branding process. They include brand assurance, brand qualities and the brand attributes (Laura, 2010). The brand promise outlines the commitment that the company makes to it target market which should be clearly stated with the benefits of the product. Brand attributes are a feature that helps the company in delivering the customers promise and express the customer’s experience like quality and originality. The brand personality outlines the customer experiences on the product.

Brand promotion gives a wide range of opportunities to the company as many good brands enhance the shopping speed for the customer reducing the selling time and efforts. Customers are always willing to make more purchase as long as they are rewarded with some offers and other incentives. Promotions attract more customers increasing the sales of the product and protecting the product design against competition from competitors. Optimum branding requires the best value of the product in comparison to the price. The karma cloth line company success relies on the promotion methods offered as a way of improving the performance of the branding. Initiation the incentives has been an effort of the company to its major cloth line outlets all over London.

The Karmas company recognition in the world market is an important benefit of the company’s branding effort as many will be well aware of the company’s existence. It greatly improves the reputation among current, old, and prospective consumer. Branding, reliability consistently puts the company’s best face forward. Enhancing the company’s image in the market place improves the appearance of the company’s packaging. A strong brand of the company name and its product is essential for profitability of the company in the current competitive and globalize company. Brand equity┬áis a better method of enhancing the Karmas business enabling the business to enjoy premium product pricing, lower customer acquisition costs and market domination.

The best brand for the company is therefore the owner as many successful brands shows. Many cloth line brands are associated with their initiator of the product or the company with a great representation and strong marketing in everywhere the owner goes. The brand in the clothline business needs to ensure that its promise is heard with relevancy in it. Consumers need to feel the trust of the company as their interest is purchase of the product which is quality and reliable of its promises. In fashion cloth line the brand needs to maintain broad, target market appeal and the trade volumes


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