Effect of Morning Shows in Pakistan

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Impact of Morning Shows on Housewife


The research is aiming to find the impact of Morning Shows on Housewife. The researcher has found association between viewership and influence of Morning shows on Housewife.

The Researcher choose this topic as Morning shows are getting popular in our society and considering the importance of Morning shows and females attachment with the characters of different celebrities.

The researcher used survey method to measure the influence and impact of Morning shows on housewives. As survey technique is an effective way to find out people’s behavior.

There has been noticed a heavy viewership of Morning Shows and a greater influence over housewife’s. Excessive influence of Morning Shows on Housewife of middle is also seen. Influence in culture, language, relationship and religious practices is seen. Housewife’s watch these Morning Shows and are getting influenced by the artist according to their mental understanding.

Housewives are the ones who bring up the society and play a role in nation building. There is an excessive viewership of Morning Shows and greater change on Housewife’s in Pakistani Society


Television shows is a major element of media. Media has been considered to be a change agent of socialization. Media reflects the society and Society has to depend on media for the fulfillment of its various needs. As major collective sources of information and images, the media perform many functions and server numerous personal needs. Media provide a link to the larger society. Mass media and society relation refers to the knowledge we all have from our own long experine4nces with media which enables us to understand what is going on, how a medium might fit into our daily lives, how its content is intended to be “study” genres and examples of contents and much more.

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Tim O’ Sulligvan, Brian Dutton and Philip Rayner write say’s “Media collectively act to provide their audience with windows on the world or with definitions of social reality”. Implicit in this kind of claim is the idea that the media act as a powerful agencies capable of shaping and directing public and private understandings of the world and awareness of its social, economics, moral, cultural, technological and political affairs. (1)


Nowadays Morning Shows are playing a vital role in the society, Theses shows are encouraging women to stick before TV sets ignoring the educative role. Morning Show are playing a prominent role in capitalizing and the ignorance of family values and genuine rights and responsibilities of people on individual and collective level as a family. Everywhere in these shows there are family politics, issues, and victimization stories, often daughter in law is targeted either positively or negatively. Youngsters see people in shows that are beautiful, fancy luxuries life style live in magnificent homes, wear best clothes and live every imaginable life styles in full autonomy and frequency without condemnation for any behaviors. They perceive them in different terms according to their mental level and derive different meanings from those shows.

Rational for Selecting Housewife’s

The researcher is targeting Lahore City Housewife’s because almost are educated, cohort and have greater viewer ship of Morning shows. On the other hand Husbands are supposed to watch TV at home on weekend or holidays in an irregular manner.

Statement of the Problem

This study is an attempt to find out the impact of Morning shows on Lahori housewife’s and the influence they are getting in their daily lives and mutual relationships.

Research Objectives

  • To find out the effect of Morning Shows on Lahori Housewife’s.
  • To analyze the influence of Morning Show on the life style of Lahori Housewife’s.
  • To investigate whether the Morning shows are affecting the relationships of Lahoris Housewife’s.
  • To study that affect of religious practices shown in the Morning Shows over Islamic religious practices
  • To find out whether the Morning Show are affecting or changing the lahories housewife’s cultural practices or not.
  • Morning Shows are portraying useful message to housewife’s or not.

Research Question

Research question are considered very important in any scientific study, No research can be conducted unless the research question is chosen and accurately and clearly defined- it deserves some serious consideration. “A research question is a formally stated question intended to provide indication about something, and it is not limited to investigating relationship between variables.” (wimmer, 1994). This research has been conducted under the light of theses research questions:

  • Are Housewife’s following the same fashion such a makeup and jewelry shows in Morning shows?
  • Is Morning shows affecting the language of Housewife’s?
  • Is it justified to have extra-marital relationship in an unhappy married life?
  • Are family affairs in Morning shows affecting the relationship between family members?
  • Are religious practices shown in their Morning shows our religious practices?


The significance of selecting this topic is that females have to play a role of a mother and houses wife. They watch these shows and perceiving them according to their mental levels and then also derive different meanings from those shows. Morning shows are densely watched and the reason of studying this topic is that it has a heave viewership as compared with other shows. Females of Lahore stand at the age of having idealistic thinking or fantasy about the futures.

Our family setup is completely different from those shows in the Morning shows. Female watched these Morning shows regularly. They have unconsciously started applying those roles in their homes. Females of Lahore by these show and expect that they will also spend that kind of lifestyle.

History of Morning shows

Breakfast television (Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom) or morning show (Canada, Indonesia and United States), is a type of infotainment television program, broadcast live in the morning (typically scheduled between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m.). Often hosted by a small team of hosts, morning shows typically target the combined demographic of people getting ready for work and school, and stay-at-home adults and parents.

The world’s first breakfast / morning show on national television is Today, which set the tone for the television genre and began broadcasting on January 14, 1952, on the U.S. television network NBC. For the next 60 years, the Today show was number one in the morning ratings for the vast majority of its run and since its start many other stations around the world followed NBC’s lead and copied their successful format.

Moring Shows History in Pakistan

Golden times were those when we have only one channel PTV. People waited desperately for their favorite shows that were broadcasted once in a week. At that time one thing that we had was Standard. Standard content was displayed on TV and yes you can enjoy it with your family, with the course of time PTV introduced its morning transmission that was Pakistan’s first morning show. So, today we will discuss the Morning Shows in Pakistan. Morning shows in Pakistan are aggravating their standards day by day. The basic purpose of this show was information with entertainment and grooming of both kids and their mothers. These shows were intellectual ones and hosted by Mentally Groomed anchors those people knew the ethics and etiquette. Most crucial thing is that they knew that they are broadcasting their selves on a national television.

Literature Review

Literature Review is considered as one of the most important step in any research process as it helps to extract the main points, issues, findings and research methods of previous studies. Literature review serves as a springboard for any research. It is a systematic research and analysis of published information that accredited scholars and research have written on a topic. It is organized according to the research objective, thesis or the problem/issue that a researcher wishes to address.

The purposed of literature review is to know what type of research has been done in the area and what has been found in previous studies.

According to Wimmer and Dominick (1994), it not only allows to learn from (and eventually add to) pervious research but also saves time, effort and money. The review of relevant literature in a study accomplishes several purposes:

  • It helps the researchers to have a better understanding of his/her own study by identifying what knowledge and ideas have been established on the topic.
  • It grants you the knowledge in your area of focus and reduces the chances of the duplication of ideas.
  • It helps to indicate the direction of your research scope to maximize the reward of your research efforts.
  • It helps to indicate the direction of your research scope to maximize the reward of your research efforts.
  • It shares with the readers, the result of other studies that are closely related to the study being reported and provides a framework for comparing the results of a study with other findings.
  • It also provides an opportunity to the researcher to rephrase the problem into analytical and operational term clearly, sharply and free from ambiguities.

The researcher has reviewed the studies related to Television for this chapter.

In order to capture the audience our morning shows have evolved into something more like a drama or a game show. Popular TV drama actress come, are hosting a morning show! The hosts are jumping around and the stage is full of celebrities and at times we do not hear what any of them is saying except that Research have found someone sitting and talking. One show had a girl in a box with lots of snakes being injected in the box and the girl dared to sing and she kept of singing not my idea of a good morning!

Researcher read article online Mustansar Hussain Tarar and Qurat ul ain Haider days on PTV when words had meanings and wisdom, when conversation used to take place between people with etiquettes, when we used to learn from the anchors and when morning show reflected our culture and values and we used to respect them!

The morning shows era which followed the PTV days with Marina Khan, Nadia Khan and Farah Hussain was still better. They talked about health, children issues, mental health, cooking, exercise and a lot more but still informative. Now it seems like these shows are from some other country, hosts ( girls) do not wear dopattas (they NEVER do) and men look like they also come out of a beauty parlour. Even when they are talking about various social issues we do not seem to relate with them.

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Researcher does not mean to say that we should have stayed in 80′s and 90′s but we could have matured and nourished our morning show into something more engaging without making it so commercial like a fake product with hosts wrapped in expensive clothes, loaded with makeup in this heat, wedding parties and mango parties when a middle class family cannot afford any of the above. Watching morning shows for a week was a disappointment.

Saleem, Noshina in 1994 conducted a research on “cultural Imperialism. A case study of the impact of Dish Antennas on Pakistani society” used survey method concluded that majority watch Dish antenna viewers, because of cultural and linguistic harmony with Indian. Almost all the respondents are of the view that Hindi and English words have started penetrating in their spoken languages. Majority of the women are of the opinion that the dresses, hairstyles, jewelry and the styles of Indian and western models and actresses are attracting their attention. Therefore, new trends and fashion are making way in our society.

Butt, Naveeda in 19997 conduct a study on the “Impact of PTV pop music programs and drams on the student of Punjab University” applied survey method and shows that Pop Music in popular among student of Punjab University due to fashion, dances, songs and pop singers. Male and female are influenced from romantic seenes which are being shown.

Yousaf, Ayesha in 1998 carried out a research on “A Comparative Study of the difference between reading and T.V viewing of Punjab University Students”. She used questionnaire in her research and found that consciously or unconsciously people do absurd language from both type of media. T.V does involve a person’s own choice to a large degree and they read books of their own choice. As far as in depth analysis is concerned, results show that both media can prove to be useful depending upon the viewer and nature of issue. As far as the criticism that books hinder a person’s socializing ability is concerned, results do not support it. It cannot be categorically said that books always make a person reserved. Other factors also need to be considered. The use of this medium is not the one and the only factor involved.

Lala Rukh, Nas in 1999 carried out a research on “Analytical study of PTV drama serial carrying social issue (1995-1998)”. She used content analysis in her research and found that this is not the contribution of PTV but drama writers have played an important role to reflect the social issues of Pakistani society through their creation drama script.

Aftab Butt, Saher in 2000 conducted a research on “An analytical study of the role of PTV dramas in educating the masses about women problems (July 2001-June 2002). She did qualitative analysis of dramas of Pakistan Television, in which she has critically analyzed dramas of Khawateen Time and Prime Time from July 2001 to June 2002 and shows that TV dramas are highlighting the women problems but they are not educating the people nor creating awareness among them the way a drama should do. Viewers more readily see Prime Time transmission of PTV as the time is suitable to all the people. However, it has been observed by the researcher that the topics of PTV dramas lacks diversity and the same subjects appear in every drama. The cable network channels have also diverted the people’s attention away from Pakistan Television PTV. Viewer’s habits and perceptions have changed over the period of time due to their exposure to other channels.

Arif, Muhammad 2002 carried out a research on “Analysis of behavior of college students towards Mass Media” used a survey method and indicator that the students like to watch TV drams, movies and comedy programs. They also like to watch Indian programs as well as Pakistani programs.

Shahid, Muhammad, in 2001 conducted a research on “The role of private productions in changing the contents of T.V dramas” concluded that the role of private productions in drams has played positive and negative aspects and changes. As far as positive role is concerned it is less. There is no doubt that private productions have played a vital role but only those people are successful who has money. It is not compulsory that people who have talent and positive thinking are successful. Private productions have less positive role than negative role.

Bukari, Bushra in 2002 conducted a research on “The Effect of Television programs on youth” shows that youth of the Punjab University has modern views about different issues such as co-education, women liberation and parental authority etc. It is difficult to say whether these modern views are due to television programs or due to some other factor.

Tamkeen, Zahra in 2004 conducted a research on “Nuclearization of family system and role of TV dramas used survey method and concluded that a majority of the people watch television on daily bases in their leisure time. They have an extent to the exposure of Television. The results conclude that majority of the audience watch PTV, Geo and Star plus as their favorite channels and people are more interested watching television drama on these channels. Dramas have greater exposure in this society and majority of the viewers have large media habits of exploring television dramas.

N. Ahmed Kiran and T. Haroon Uzma wrote an article on “Proliferation of TV channels in Pakistan” concluded that the proliferation of private television channels has had a positive impact in three important dimensions. It has led to the creation of a niche for alternative dramas and has broken the rigidity of religious shows; it has played a major role in opening up of the political debate in Pakistan’s electronic media; and it has benefited both the electronic media and advertising industry through revenue generation. There are disparate views on the future impact of television proliferation in the country. At the moment, PTV authorities are not too concerned about competition from the cable television. This optimism is not misplaced. While cable is available in limited regions, PTV is terrestrial with its own transmitters covering a wide area. PTV still has its stronghold and covers a wide-ranging area. For instant, PTV-1, which is also claimed to be the family channel, covers 38% of the area catering to 86% of the population. PTV world, that transmits news and current affairs programs, cover 29% of the areas and catering to 75% of the population. Its news channel service covers some 8% of the areas with 40% of the population. From June 2003, PTV has introduced another channel, PTV National that transmits regional programs. Prime TV telecasts PTV drams and documentaries for the peoples, especially Pakistanis living in Europe. Channel-3 aims to provide ‘homely atmosphere to all family viewers’. PTV World beams its programs to viewers in South Asia and the Middle East.

Theoretical Framework

It is crucial for every social research to be supported by some theory. Theoretical framework can be roughly defined as a select setup within which any research operates. A primary aim of science is to discover explanations for observed phenomena. To explain communication, the researcher must move from description to a theoretical analysis, seeking to develop theories that offer satisfactory answers to the question why?” Thus, a research’s aim in the discovery phase is to generate theoretical explanations for observed patterns of human communication (Smit 1998).

The research will relate the Use and Gratification, Cultivation Theory and Self Perception Theory with her study.

Research Methodology

  • Population
  • Sample and Sampling Techniques
  • Research Design
  • Survey Method
  • Research Instrument
  • Closed-Ended Question
  • Pre-Testing
  • Data Collection
  • Quantification of data
  • Data Preparations
  • Data Processing
  • Delimitations


  1. Tim O’ Sulligvan, Brian Dutton and Philip Rayner: : Study the Media, London, Amold. 1998, p.19
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