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The essay states the importance of internet, communication, virtual way of life and peculiarities of the modern world. “The Internet opens large opportunities for work, leisure, communication, and sharing diverse information. Internet has changed the world and society consistently because the creation of internet and its growing popularity contributed to the consistent change in the life of people. They have opened the new, virtual world and a new effective means of communication- internet – which have started to replace the traditional means of communication, to the extent that online communication has started to replace the live, real, physical communication between people.” As well, essay shows to the audience the advantages and disadvantages of such way of life, the opportunities and interest in everything new. “Today, staying online for the majority of people, who have computers at home, means more than staying “offline”. In actuality, people are relying too much on internet and on the virtual way of life. Such a change has occurred under the impact of internet and innovation it brought into the life of people and their social relationships.” The essay also states, that ” Internet era has changed the perception of having rest or relaxation for many people, as the unknown world of virtual reality seems to have something special. People tend to use internet as the means to escape from reality, from problems they have in the real life.” Running from reality has become one of the most simplest ways to avoid problems, to postpone them, to try to forget and to involve in something that brings joy and happiness. The essay context is aimed to show the trends of the society, of the business and of the future. The essay also described that people prefer share their problems with strangers in their blog, as this way they are unknown in the internet and this fact helps people to communicate, inventing new ways of solving problems, communication and also fun. “…blogs help people to talk to someone, without revelation of their personality. In such a way, people can make a sort of confession and receive feedback from users that relieves them and encourages people to carry on writing about issues which important for them in their blogs.”

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The essay shows the counter arguments of people who have different opinion from the majority. “People can live without technology, having other interests, probably more interesting than the online world. For instance, many people have little ideas of advanced information technologies and they are quite happy in their “non-technological” world.” Some people do not admit the existence of the virtual world, considering it as a game, or something not serious and that will pass soon. They do not take it seriously and do not take into consideration all the advantages it brings, that is why there are claims that staying in the virtual world means just killing of time. “For instance, Guillermo Gomez-Pena in “The Virtual Barrio @ the Other Frontier” refers to the example of Mexicans, who live next to the US, with its advanced information technologies, and local people are still simple and maintain traditional social relationships instead of virtual ones” “[Mexicans] are simple people. They are happy with the little they got… They are not ambitious and complex like us. They don’t need all this technology to communicate. Sometimes I just feel like going down there and living among them.” (p. 555).”

Counter argument can exist, but they should not hide the reality and the important technologies along with the technological progress that has its advantages. “Nevertheless, technologies keep progressing and affect more and more people. Technology has definitely changed humanity, as nowadays people devote a lot of time to the online way of life, exploring it, reading, watching, listening and communicating. Some people can balance and live in harmony with the technologies, but some people become addicted to the technologies, to the computer especially.” Some people do not have the limit, as described in the essay. “Some people create their own virtual world of online friends, of the websites to visit, of the places to spend time, of the games to play, of the videos to download. People no more want to share their thoughts, their dreams or ideas with their friends offline; instead they choose the options to write about all that in their blogs and micro blogs and social networking sites.”

There is the reasoning of a counter argument and there should be found a balance to be able to depict everything useful from the online world and to live happily in the offline world. The essay ethically responds to the reasoning of a counter argument and shows the both sides of the issue. “Communication offline has become something challenging especially for youngsters these day, as it is much easier to respond or to give ideas when a person is at home and he does not fear to see the reaction of another person who will read his message. The more people get involved in the virtual world, the more challenging it is to get out of there.”

The essay about violence addresses counter argument and argument’s reasoning. It includes the description of the problem, the different views on it, the possible solutions and different opinions of the experts.

“When analyzing the problem of violence and its impact on individuals, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that violence is a fundamental part of the life of people. In regard, it is possible to refer to history, when cruel and violent acts were considered to be a norm.” The essay also includes the major claim considering the fact how violence is widely- spread and how many people suffer from it. “…cases of domestic violence were a norm in the past, because the violence in relation to children, for example, was considered to be essential to raise them up as good people. Others would argue that this kind of violence is still practiced. I would totally agree, but what is beginning shown by me side is that it used to be a norm that people did not see it anything more than a tool used to bring up good disciplined kids. Whereas, nowadays, it is considered a crime, at least in our society, and so, people have distanced from it to an extent.”

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Reflective essay claims concentrate on the facts that some believe that by using violence they can solve all their problems and gain the respect of their social environment. “…they are unconscious of the negative effect of the violence on their own personality because the violence has a destructive impact on the behavior and psychology of individuals. Some would argue this, “Many people like to use Mohandes Ghandi as an example of non-violent protest winning the day. But the only reason Ghandi’s tactics worked is because he was using them against a civilized adversary, the British Empire. Had he tried to use them against someone else, like Nazi Germany, he would have ended up with a bullet to the back of the head or in one of the cremation ovens after being worked to death in a concentration camp.”

There are also counter arguments present in the essay to highlight the opinions from different people with different points of views.”Violence does solve things. It has ended brutal dictatorships, saved citizens from the predation of criminals, prevented injustices on a small and large scale, and prevented wars. Perhaps the old saying needs to be modified. Instead, it should be “Violence never solves anything if it is used at the wrong time in the wrong place.” Violence in and of itself solves nothing. It is the proper use of violence under the right circumstances that solves problems” (Farm).”

Essay context is aimed to show the importance of the issue, the key problems and claims. “There are a lot of factors that provoke the violence and that increase the risk of the violent and aggressive behavior from the people’s side. At the same time, people are vulnerable to a consistent impact of their environment and different situations in their life which make them choosing the violent model of behavior as the only effective way of behavior.” The essay also described the solutions to the problem for the audience. “People often have an alternative to the violent model of behavior but they do not always use them because they need much more efforts and they are not as widely-spread as violent methods, which have always accompanied the mankind in the course of its development and evolution.”


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