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In Western Europe, North America and Eastern Europe mainly persistent talks are about the broadcasting rules of the public or community. Newly enhanced machinery, rules and ways of doing business changed the actions and topic of debates and extent of work. BBC stays on first channel of the all. It provides free advertising services to its viewers. It is financed by the TV licence fee that viewers pay annually and fifty percent discount for blind people. It earned status for world’s no. 1 TV channel. It gains status by its news and entertainment channels. Following are the channels of BBC:

Now a day’s broadcasting companies are competing with each other. They do what they want to see their company on first place. Main competitors of BBC NEWS are CNN, Fox NEWS, Sky NEWS and all local media channels. In the world of entertainment the BBC main competitors are Channel 4, ITV, boomerang, discovery and etc.

BBC World of Digital TV:

In beginning of 1998, people do not have any concept of digital television. After the six years, almost in every home there is digital TV. People like digital television network more than the non-digital system because it has channels in greater number than the non-digital system. Now a day’s every one can enjoy more than 200 channels by paying just little amount. In the last 6 years, BBC remarkably increases its amount of output by opening a series of TV channels and now BBC is broadcasting excessive amount of output i-e 380 hrs per week.

Competitive Analysis:

BBC performs like an ideal in approximately whole of the European market like in Germany, France, Switzerland and etc. In the United Kingdom the BBC make market share up to the 36% as the survey about this is conducted in 2005. While in radio BBC occupy the 54% market share as said by the governor in 2005.


According to my point of view globally BBC and CNN are the main competitors in the news casting media both of them captured the more than 50% market shares of the whole market. International sources of news are increasing the number viewers by giving them choices of viewing the news on their mobile, by texting and on internet. It is written in the lines of article that published in Europe (1998), CNN the main competitor of BBC is currently having more viewers on internet other than on broadcasting. CNN in addition declaring that they have more than 50 million viewers who use the messaging facility. That is the story of CNN, in response of the strategies of CNN; BBC starts to modify the services of TV by accumulating more news about trades, limiting the long news i-e cutting down the irrelevant material from stories and learning the best marketing illusions to capture the attention of its viewers.

BBC Entertainment:

BBC Cbeebies channel that is for the child viewers of who do not go to school and BBC CbbC is concentrated on the kids whose age are ranging from six to fourteen. These are the channels of BBC who are focusing on kids but few more channels like boomerang, disney playhouse and nick jr that are also about the kids who do not go to school. There are also thirteen more kids TV channels who concentrate on the kid of age ranging from six to fourteen. Competitors of BBC kids channels are strong enough in terms of finance and also that the international contributions are helping out the market. Currently their capability is not in danger. But still to take competitors out of business the strategies of BBC are quite clever because they are targeting on the segmented marketing i-e niche or position marketing. See Appendix 2.

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There is another channel names BBC FOUR, it is very diverse channel based on culture and science fiction programmes and its competitors are the history channel, discovery, discovery health etc. BBC FOUR and its competitors are all working well and it is before time to say that BBC FOUR have problem with finance because it is the diverse type of channel and people who have interest in science and the people who have interest in culture will always be watching this channels. There is not as much competition in these types of channels. See Appendix 3.

BBC three is a channel that catches the attention of same age group. The viewers of the BBC three recommended that this channel can excel and can leave behind its competitors. The rival of BBC three, Channel 4 finds that BBC three is giving a lot of money to its hosts and this is causing the inflation. Share of BBC three is improved merely 0.2%. Its majority rivals are being not changed i-e they keep up the share at the same level. While in response BBC three start to concentrate on youth. Rivalries in this type of channels are strong. See Appendix 4.


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