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Nowadays, game are well known by people around the world. Many people play games for many reason. Some of them play games for the sake of entertainment but there are also some people who make game as a work field. Furthermore, games give an activity besides reading a book, sport activities, and hang out.

The tremendous popularity of game can be attributed, in part, to characteristic elements of games that fulfill certain societal and personal needs. Some of these elements are real-time interaction goal and stages. Increasing audience and expanding demographic point to the further evolution of video game in their ability to incorporate these elements in way that fulfills player’s needs. Different game elements appeal differently to people. Culture and society have a major impact on the success of game because of this ability (rabin, 2010, p 55)

There are so many games which are play by poeple, it starts with nintendo, playstation, and online game. Online game already spread out over the world, because of the globalization era that use the high technology such as internet. The player of the game, also known as gamers are actually children until adults, and most of them are male.

The contunuing intense interest in computer game may be een from a number of factors. The entertainment software association repotted on the popularity of computer games. The average game lplayer was found to be 35 years old and had been playing games for 12 years, furthermore, 40% of game players were found to be female. (tobias and fletcher, 2011. P. 5)

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One of the online game is DotA ( Defense of the ancient ) the popularity of dota is also well known for gamers in indonesia. The indonesian gamers are basically children and adults. There number is growing over time and will still increase in the next two until five years ( Dota is a short for defense of the ancient, this game can be played on-lined and offline with using LAN ( local area network). Dota is strategy game were players can choose sides and heroes. There are two sides in this game, the sentinel and the scrouge. There are 108 choice of heroes that we can choose, it is defided in 57 heroes in sentinel sides and 51 heroes in the scrouge sides, because there are alot choice of heroes, the team can created their own combos and strategy to make a powerfull line ups and beat the opponent. The purpose of this game is to destroy the opponent base. Heroes started in a level 1 and can leveled up until 25 times, hero gain level up during this game by killing opponent creature called creep and opponent hero’s. Hero gained new skill when they leveled up. This game can bey played starting one versus one up to five versus five.

Dota was originally developed by map maker named eul. There was a various kind of map dota, the one whose most popular is dota allstars. Guinsoo is the dota allstars map developer, when he was retired, he substituted by icefrog until now

Although this came can be played in one versus one mode, but this game can be more interesting and challenging if played in five versus five mode. The player should ncan be cooperate with the team and together create the strategy to win the game.

The popularity of DotA has increase over time and got many attention from many people in the world.

In June 2008, Michael Walbridge, writing for Gamasutra, stated thet DotA “is likely the most popular and most-discussed free. Non-supported game mod in the world”. In pointing to the strong community built around the game, Walbridge stated that DotA shows it is much easier for a community game to be maintained by the community, and this is one of the maps’ greatest strengths (blog dota, 2011,p2)

In this paper the writer wants to observe the phenomenon of on-line game, in this case the writer will focus to discuss about the phenomenon game “DotA(Defence Of The Ancients)” In Sedes Sapientiae senior high school.


The field of the study is focused on literature, especially Pop culture


In this case, the writer used online game Defense of the Ancient – all stars (DotA) as his reasearch. Popular culture are the approaches which his choose to know how the popular of this game in Sedes Sapientiae high school.


The writer has two major problems in this research:

What makes DotA popular for students in Sedes Sapiantiae high school?

What makes student in Sedes Sapiantiae start to play DotA?


From the problem formulation above, the writer has two objectives to answer that problems formulation:

To find the aspects/elements that make DotA is popular in Sedes Sapiantiae

To find the reason that makes student play DotA


This research is intended to increase the knowledge about popular culture and to discuss and prove the phenomenon of the popularv culture of games Defense of the Ancient in the Sedes Sapiantiae high school student.


In this reasearch, there arev two terms that need explanation in order to avoid confusion from the readers. Those terms are the words popular culture and on-line game.

H. 1 Popular culture

Popular culture is the shared knowledge and practices of a specific group a specific time. Because of its commonality, pop culture both reflects and influences the people’s way of life; because it is linked to a specific time and places, pop culture is transitory, subject to change, and often an initiator of change (EKA =salah)

An obvious starting point in any attempt to define popular culture is to say that popular culture is simply culture that is widely favoured or well liked by many people (Storey, 2010, p.5)

H.2 Online Game

According to, online game is a game that can be run from an internet browser and requires the I-net connection. In most cases online games are freeware programs that can be used for an unlimited time and are available for free.

H. 3 Phenomenon

According to the American Heritage Dictionari Of The English Language, phenomenon is an accuirance, circumstance, or fact that is perceptible by the senses.

H. 4 Sedes Sapientiae

A senior high school in Semarang that located in Letjen MT. Hariyono street, number 908, peterongan, Semarang.


I.1 History of Game

Game is of the popular culture product in the world. The first concept of games was discovered by Beaur since 1949.

In 1949, a young engineer named Ralph Baer was given an assignment to build a television set. He was not suppoused to build just any television set, but one thet would be the absolute best of all television. This was not a problem for Baer, but he wanted to go beyond his original assignmet and in corporate some kind of game into the set. He didn’t know excatly what kind of game he had in mind, but it didn’t really matter because his manager mixed the idea. It would take another 18 years for his idea to become a reality, and by the time there would be other people to share in the glory, like Willy Higinbotham, who dwesigned an interactive tennis game played on an oscilloscoope, and Steve Russell, who programed a rudimentary space game on a DEC PDP-1 mineframe computer. And then there was also nolan bushnell, who played that space game, and dreamed of a time when fairground midweast would be field with games powered by computers. (Herman, Horwitz, Kent, and Miller, 2002. P 1 )

Through the research and some development in game, there was a bunch of variety of game such as : offline game and on-line game. The writer focusing to discuss about on-line game based on Borko Furth in 2008 online game is fairness in online games is concerned with the problem of ansuring that players perceive the game evolution in the same movement, despite different network latencies ( Furth, 2008. P. 2008)

I.2 History of DotA

One of the online games is dota. Dota concept and its gameplay is adopting a lot from aeon of strife. Aeon of strife also known as AOS, is a modified map that pioneered the concept of players choosing a single hero for the collective objective of destroying the opposing team’s base. Defense of the ancient was originally created for warcraft III: Reign of chaos by lead progammer Eul up until the release of warcraft III:

The Frozen Throne. Eul did not continue the development onto the frozen Throne; and instead, made the map open source before officially shutting down development. DotA all-stars became the most popular version, and it still the most widely plyaed map today.

Dota All – Stars

DotA all-stars is a custom map and it was development from the current version

Defense of the Ancientsm or DotA for short, is a modification of warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. The current version that is a modification by the mainstream group of gamers is version 5.84c, also know as DotA Allstars ( Aziz, 2005. P 16)

The Guinsoo

While the true origins of DotA All-stars still remains in question today, many DotA players and community members attribute the creation of DotA All-Stars with its first mainstream developer, Guinsoo, who built a majority of the systems that make it popular today. While tbhe concept of using single heroes to accomplish an objective had previously existed (See AoS), Guinsoo created a large number of interesting and unique heroes in addition to uniquely fun item- crafting system, much of which still exist today. (Chart of Heroes) Guinsoo is atributtet to creating and running DotA ” smost well known clan, Clan TDA (Theme DotA All Stars).

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Some controversy remins to this day regarding the creation of DotA All-Stars wirth avoid players of the original DotA presenting Guinsoo for supposedly stealing the game concept, action scripts, and ideas of the original DotA. “Guinsoo, for his part, maintains that the map was created from scratch (besides the map layout and based only spiritually on Eul’s work”. While, the real reason is still in question, there are some rumors linking Guinsoo’s departure from the DotA community for world of Warcraft. Guinsoo’s last official version was version 6.01

The Icefrog

Upon Guinsoo’s departurev shortly after the release of version 6.01 on February 28th, 2005, players. Icefrog and Neichus took over development. Neichushas since dropped from view, and Icefrog is now thec primary point for DotA All-Stars development.

While the development of new heroes and items have slowed since Guinsoo’s development, Icefrog is primarily attributed with bug fixes, tweaks, and balances.

In DotA there was a complicated game play that contain of job, role in playing game and also building item, what makes interesting.

Every game is different. You buy different items, you lane against different opponents, you have different combod, you pick different heroes, you plan different attacks, etc. Variation is important to stay addicted on something. Nobody would want to do same things over and over again. (Rodriguez, 2011. P14)

Role of playing game

DotA is a strategy game with a bunch of development by many people in case of playing it. In this game there are some role that you must choose and suitable for your team, each role have a different job. There are Five role in playing DotA :


A hero that usually had decent stunt ability, has slow, or disable, is perfect to ganking a hero. Ganker usually ganks with groups, they never gank alone. The ganker job is to mobile and gank any enemy carry (if it is possible).

Carry :

Sometimes called as a “Hitter” because their primary job is auto attack. But don’t be surprised, not only Agility or Strength heroes that can be carry, intelligence heroes has some few carries like Tinker and Storm Spirit. But they don’t do the auto-attack, they cast spam spells, spells, spells, and much spells. The carry job is to farm a lot. Killing, and juggling.


An hero that helps the team, supports usually have heaking abikities, protection skills, and some supporting abilities. Support usually known as “Baby Sitter”, they usually laning with a carry, to let them farm meanwhile the support is covering them. Support job is to Let carry farm, Support team, and Mobile.


A unique rolr. Initiator are divided into 2 more roles, they are tanker, and Nuker.

Tanker job is to tank everytime war happen and to block creeps Nuker job is to spam every single spell that you can on every war and stay behind when war, the longer you can survive, the more damage you can dealt. So, the main point of initiator is, they are the war heroes.


A hero that has abilities to destroy a waves of creeps in instant, or even destroying a tower in seconds. Pusher job is to mobile pushing and prevent being ganked when pushing.

Build up item

Playing this game is not always depend on the team, you must support your own hero with a suitable and effective equip. The equipment in this game basically has the function for : improve attack, improve defence, regeneration, supporting aura, and get special ability.

Team Work Game

This game need a team work. First you playing this game, is hard to blend with your team yet, when you get the chemistry you will enjoy playing this game with your team. Playing with team mates is more addicting than playing alone.

J. Method of data collection and analysis

J.1 Method of data collection

The writer would do library reasearch book, internet, and article that related to the topic.

J.2 Participant

The studebts of sedes Saptentiae senior high school grade I – III

J.3 Procudure

Firstly the writer make a questionare about the popularity of DotA of studebts in Sedes Sapiantiae senior high school. After thet the writer give it to the students, and after that the writer analyze it, and make the data.

J.4 Method of analysis

Analysis the game by searching in internet and search the theory in and then Calculate the answer from questionnaire and make the conclusion from that questionnaire.


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