Trends in Innovative Technology

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Guide To Creative Industries Khalid Khan Digital Arts Kk356

What are creative industries?

The creative industry refers to those that have their own individual skills and talent. The creative industry has the potential to create jobs for certain individuals and to create wealth for the economic through the development, production and exploitation of intellectual property (law). The way this has been achieved is through the development of culture and technology connecting people through images, sound, text and symbols.

The creative industry consists of 13 sectors which include,

  1. Advertising
  2. Architecture
  3. Arts and antiques
  4. Crafts
  5. Design
  6. Designer fashion
  7. Film
  8. Interactive leisure software
  9. Music
  10. Performing arts
  11. Publishing
  12. Software and computer services
  13. TV and radio

Who are the key players? What did you find out about them?

The key players in the creative industries are the individuals that think outside the box and use their intuition to form their personal understanding on how one sector works in the creative industry. The way on how one individual is successful is through finding a weak gap in the sector and then improving its core values. In other words, originality and creativity.

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Let’s take the software and computer services sector. A great example of this would be Apple. The main reason why Apply is successful is because they’re not just selling electronics, they’re trying to sell a lifestyle and friendship to consumers who are otherwise without it. Another reason why Apple is successful is because of their marketing. The ‘brand’ is what stands out to the public. Some consumers are well aware that they can buy Microsoft brands who are the competitors for half the price however because of Apples marketing, the consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for ‘Apple’. Consumers buy Apple products because they automatically assume more expensive products mean better products. A similar brand has also approached this method. If we look at Monsters products we can also argue that it’s done very well in the music industry. To a lot of consumers, the Apple products and the Monsters Beats brand is a fashion accessory and status symbol.

What are the current trends?


Hologram is becoming popular trend as it allows images to be recorded in three dimensions and to be displayed in different angles which can be perceived as a real object being displayed in the real world. However this being said, hologram was first technologized by Dennis Gabor. In 1948 Dennis Gabor wrote a paper that has become the foundation of modern holograms. Unfortunately Dennis could not pursue his idea further due to the lack of apparatus and instruments used at the time.

Musion is a global creative company which specialize in Hologram developments. Musion are best known for working with Madonna Louise, Gorillaz, Tupac Shakur, David Beckham and many more. Musion’s aims are to present 3D holographic images in real time so they are indistinguishable from real live performance and presenters appearing alongside them.

Another popular trend in the creative industry is the ability to work as a freelancer or being self-employed. This gives them the flexibility to organise and work on their own pace and the freedom to work where they want. Another reason why being self-employed is a popular trend in the creative industry is having the flexibility over the payment rates and terms applied. You can negotiate your prices with the clients depending on how confident you are with yourself however one major downside to being self-employed that you’re challenged with a certain level of financial instability.

Timeline of Holography:

  • 1947: Dennis Gabor developed the theory of holography
  • 1960: Pulsed ruby laser was developed.
  • 1962: White light reflection hologram was invented.
  • 1983: MasterCard first credit card to use holograms.
  • 2009: Interactive holographic displays developed.
  • 2010: Development of moving 3D holograms.
  • What important projects and/or productions happened in the last five years?

Touch Screen Technology

Ultimately, the main project that has been successful in the last five years is the ability to use touch screen. Touch screen technology has allowed users to interact directly with what is being displayed rather than using keyboard or mouse. This has been used in many projects such as smartphones, video games, navigation systems and computer systems.

The main company that revolutionized touchscreens was Apple. With their innovative designs and technology, the IPhone was far more superior than any other telecommunication system out at the time. In 2007, Apple revealed the iPhone which changed the face of telecommunication and screen technology. Not only was it touch screen, the device was revolutionary because it incorporated the ability to record and take photos, play games, take notes, watch YouTube videos, connect to WiFi and more. Following the success of this device, Apple released their next generation of other devices such as iPod and iPad. Their market research lead them into making the iPod and iPad very similar to the iPhone, expect for the difference that it doesn’t have the cell phone capabilities. Both systems relied on the same touch screen technology and using the same user-interface.

Leap Motion Technology

Leap motion is a technology that is in the process of being developed by companies such as Samsung. The technology allows the user to use hands in motion instead of using the conventional keyboard or mouse. The technology is a way of interaction. The technology uses motion detection in order to process detecting changes in the position of an object relative to its surrounding.

History of Leap Motion

The technology was first developed in 2008. The initial investment was from David Holz who started the company (LEAP MOTION) along with his childhood friend Michael Buckwald.

‘The company raised a $1.3M seed financing round in June 2011 with investments from venture capital firmsAndreessen Horowitz,Founders Fund, andSOSventures, as well as severalangel investors. In May 2012, Leap Motion announced a $12.75MSeries. A funding roundled byHighland Capital Partners.In January 2013, Leap Motion announced a further series B round of funding for $30M’.

Currently, Leap Motion are trying to implement their technology into gaming, where some users may find gaming experience more intuitive compared to mouse and keyboard however this being said, there are consoles such as the Nintendo Wii that imitate this process.

What innovative technology is used and how?

3D printing

3D printing is an innovative technology being used in many of the creative industries as the technology allows an object to be printed by three dimension. 3D printers build objects by depositing a material such as metal or plastic to be printed out in layer by layer until the final product is complete. The process of this is called rapid prototyping or 3D printing. The main benefit of using 3D printing is prototypes can be printed in hours. This means the user can obtain feedbacks from the prototypes or any refine designs that needs to be changed and can be repeated until the final design is perfect.

One major company that is using the aid of 3D printing is Nike. Nike falls into the designer fashion sector and with the aid of 3D printing, Nike has successfully managed to present 3D items such as football boots and their new duffle bags which are aimed at the very high end luxury market. This is a clever way of integrating 3D printing into sports product designs. This demonstrates that the performance of 3D printing is starting to be getting recognised by famous brands across the world.

Virtual Reality

Provides 3D reality experiences mostly for gaming and video entertainment purposes. Virtual Reality is a computer simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being generated in a virtual environment instead of the one that they’re actually in. A lot of video gaming companies have developed the technology to put the user in an interactive world, for example, in a driver’s seat of a car or in a battle field first person shooter however the users perception of reality is not altered, the user is simply a spectator overseeing the events that are happening in that world. In order for our brains to perceive a virtual environment, there are a few key factors that are vital for the creation of an immersion experience necessary for virtual reality. While there are different display methods, one of the most popular ways to experience virtual reality is through a head set. Head set devices use stereoscopic displays, to make what you see three dimensional, and to give depth to the image that you’re looking at.

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The ability to tack a user’s motion such as their head and eye movement, allows the images displayed in that headset to actually change, your perspective, so if you turn to the left, the display will render whatever is on your left environment. Besides visions, certain VR experience, will also include, other sensors stimulations like, sounds and even tactical feedback for touch.

Virtual reality has a lot of practical outside of gaming. It has been used for training simulations, for shoulders, pilots, and doctors. Drives such as Oculus has advance the VR experience by including, superior graphics, improved latency and wider range of motion. Reduce costs of components, also allowing virtual reality devices to become affordable, for consumers.

What future projects/technologies are being developed?

Smart glasses i.e Google Glasses

Smart Glass is a future development project being planned by various companies such as Google to create free displaying information on a user’s perspective. It is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as if the information is being displayed in the front of your eyes. The video displays a pop up hands free information. Another feature that smart glasses are implementing are EyeTap technology. The technology allows the user to record the scene available right in front of the user’s perspective. The video camera takes photos and can take videos too. Another feature is having speakers built in. The speaker is designed for the user to make or receive calls. Another feature that is on board is a microphone. Not only does this allow the user to make telephonic communications but it also acts as a voice recognition. This allows the user to take voice commands from the user without having to touch the display.


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