Benefits of Critical Thinking in the Workplace and Schools

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Critical Thinking

To think critically about something is the definition of critical thinking. Ennis,1993 defined critical thinking as "the reasoned and reflexive thinking that focuses on deciding what to believe and what to do". Being a good critical thinker promotes thinking skills and is important in the fast-paced working environment. Critical thinking can have a positive impact on a person's performance because it requires him or her to think outside of the norm on matters. Being a critical thinker allows you to enhance your language skills, as well as your communication skills. It also offers a deeper understanding of people and their ability to communicate more clearly with them. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective (Northouse, 2019).

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Critical thinking means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought-out (Northouse, 2019). It is a way of thinking in which you do not simply accept all arguments and conclusions you are exposed to but, rather have an attitude involving questioning such arguments and conclusions (Mintzberg,2009). What this means is critical thinkers go beyond the information that is available to us so we can dive deeper for the sake of more information. For my future dissertation, critical thinking will be an important component in how I approach the topic of my research. In critical thinking, there is no conclusion; it is constant interaction with changing circumstances and new knowledge that allows for the broader vision which allows for new evidence that starts the process over again (Baron & Shane, 2008).

Critical thinking has at its core raw emotion and tone. A person has to remove the emotion from the decision-making process and just focus on the topics. When I think of Critical thinking in business, I think of being a forward-thinking leader. Because in business and life we use critical skills every day. It is used to make good decisions, solve problems, and understand the consequences of our actions. Critical Thinking utilizes other important skills like making connections, perspective taking and communicating.

Critical Thinking in School

Critical thinking helps us make good, sound decisions. This happens regardless of outside influence. As a student being able to think critically will allow you to be more creative from your perspective."Critically thinking about something means formulating your own opinions and drawing your conclusions (Rear, 2017). This happens regardless of outside influence. "It's about the discipline of analysis and seeing the connections between ideas" (Rear, 2017). As a student critical thinking allows you to think more independently about your learning. Why is this important because critical thinking means forming your own opinions and draw on your conclusion. Learning is designed so that students can navigate the real world outside of school more independently. Learners are passive, lack thinking skills and consequently cannot produce or demonstrate knowledge (Çınar, 2012) and there have been multiple calls to the government to change the education policies (Kizilçelik, 2015).

Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Critical thinking in the workplace is a necessary tool for process improvement and growing your people. As a leader, my approach to critical thinking is used in brainstorming sessions as we played profit recovery and process improvement. Critical thinking is very important in the workplace Because it helps the team and individual identify problems and solutions. Critical thinking is one of the most essential workplace skills because it includes problem-solving, good judgment, analyzing, and making decisions. However, some organizations also contributed critical thinking to attracting talent and measuring compensation within their people. Critical thinking is also important in managing people because it helps you understand your biases and help you look past them. You are a force to see people. "Collaborating and getting feedback from others especially people with different backgrounds to your own" ( Cooper, 2015).

In conclusion, critical thinking is a tool that should be used every day in our lives rather we are in school or on the job. Not all managers will agree that critical thinking should be a requirement however, it should be. Because few people realize the powerful role that thinking plays in their lives, few gain significant command of their thinking. Critical thinking allows you to problems solves while growing your people. Critical thinking is important because it allows workers to dive deeper into thought. As a student it also allows you to expand your thinking from a domestic perspective to a global. Therefore, most people are in many ways "victims" of their thinking–harmed rather than helped by it. Most people are their own worst enemy think at the unconscious level most of the time, never putting the details of their thinking into words…they have little command of their thinking they are unable to adequately analyze and assess their thought" (Paul & Elder, 2014, p. xv).


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