The Characteristics Of Good Efficient Leader Politics Essay

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Characteristics of good and efficient leader. As a leader that is the type of responsibilities that not easy to handle. In the society a person having potential, confident determination enough knowledge to take the responsibility as a leader. Now i am going to explain for what i research and learn about leader with my references. The obligation duties and responsibilities as being leader. Whether in private or public activities in individual. A good leader knows when to lead and when to follow. a leader when chosen the peoples who chose is expecting that the person the have is can accomplish the tasks and duties as stated on him or her being a leader is not only served for a man to manage and handle whoever women can be a leader also. Like the history of a women leader in the Philippines that included to this portion. Anticipate

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As a leader, is the One of the extraordinary characteristics by individuals admitting his/ her weaknesses and failure such of that leader said by each leader the characteristics reveal respective leader’s readiness to believe in high standard accomplishment of mission achievement success and activity, improvement that earns him/her praise, appreciation and approbation or support in the future from all walks of his or her life.


they develop and deploy new products quickly and can fast without all the process that A leader is a type of person that has a good brain and dare to ask question and straight forward the most important trait of a leader is they are vision that they can take a team and bring them up with the leader knowledge in the society. Furthermore, a leader visionary believes that really can manage a team or organization and to organised peoples very well. You can see the differences how leader can be perform as well. You can see around the world in leadership organization. A person or a type of peoples having a high ability. a leader can improve organization it because of a good way they did and how he or she handles it .leader is a lot of characteristics, can be in business organization or political organization can be a private or public. However, why peoples need a leader? How important to have a leader to every peoples. To handle this kind of responsibility not everyone can do it. Leader is a big achievement in life. But why you cannot see a leader without knowledge. The qualification to be a leader is high mostly of the qualified leader is, lawyer political sciences journalist a degree holder person and having enough knowledge inexperience so that can be a leader because they are going to give hope and guide peoples who believe to them as they are leader. As a good example, they are good and successful. Because of they are good-minded people However, they are efficient because found at they called in at largest company thinking about it could or should be different.


As a leader, you can see how strong confidences they have. The he or she believe that taking responsibility to handle peoples or a companies in organization they still can be a confident to bring up specially in business production. Anywhere in the world leader have a lot of commitment. However, sometimes depend on you how you improve yourself in this society. In order to lead and set direction as a leader such a person inspires confident in others and draws out the trust and draws the best effort for they are team and to do become a best for the achievement to complete the task well. A for a leader who convey confident toward the propose objective inspired and best effort given by the best team leader. Having a confidence for a leader is the type of very powerful things, that leader needs, can be able to fulfil the set targets.


A leader must have self-ideas and to improve the organization plan by they own. This is how the organization can be developed because of good ideas by the team leader or either small or big companies. They believe that from the ideas they did will bring the business in good result.

Quick thinking and decision-making

Leader capability is to think fast and be a good in decision-making. Quick thinking referred to organization improvement to think and plan fast to carry out and bring up the business or in leadership in organization. This how leader can become a successful in the future. What is making decision mean as a leader for making decision? Need to analysed in every decision you

By the leader. As leader, Knowledge of the field in which a person who have working like essential can become a successful leader. In the society a leader should be able to motivate, they are people or employees around him effectively, that is a most duties and responsibility as leader. To be done the most important motivation for the progress and improvement by him or her with the sincerity this can be through a good communication.


Why in leadership career or apply to leader characteristics how important to discipline for individual leader? Because discipline reffer to the performance and good examples of a role model leader. Why time is they are dedicated consider as good to every hardworking leader. So for those leaders. Are loyal and dedicated person especially to work and handle responsibility. This how they can show that he or she is can be a good leader or role model in organization.

Risk taking

A leader duties and responsibility to get the aim that they wanted to be. To shown and prove that he or she is deserving as a leader. By leading and teaching peoples guide and shared knowledge towards to better development. To be spruce person to give moral spiritual support to peoples. But the risk is also fallowing for every wrong step they given or instruction that can cause of organization

Communication skills

As a leader why communication must be priority and in organization don’t want to have or encounter miscommunication problem and the the leader is very particular in communication system in any institution. The benefit of effective communication is a serious thing to shared understanding among team members. Be a good leader and experience to manage organization has the ability to listen, observe, question, analyze, evaluate, and process information before speaking. However, the leader will not letting him or her reputation to be down as in charge when a leader does speak, they should be certain that they are completely understood. To fallow the instructions by communication by the ordered mission by the leader. If they did a good job in the process of communication, the can have more ideas to build and improve themselves in that way being confusion will be limited in individuals


Referred to individual leader who has self-motivated that person will set a good example for their team. They can give many ideas for the development of organization that he or she had handle. When balanced with the rest of the good leader characteristics, you can how its works a self-motivated leader is always coordinating and shown how to motivated themselves so this is how they can have and go thru a good result and achievement he or she will be respected by their subordinates and it will be easier for such a leader to motivate their staff. Because this is how they want, be. Even do for a leader especially having a lot experience in business or staying long time in the leading life. They are career is comes to first priority. A person like them is always putting they are effort and mind in they professions he or she is dedicated as being leader. In they are mind is always thinking a lot of positive way to development and not only for themselves but also to the peoples who believe to them and chose them as a leader.


As individual leader the responsibility that they carry is not that easy but why still leader are important in one organization or any types of society. What is the value of being leader? And how they can. They believe that a leader is the heart of operation in organization to improve the development project or activities. This is how the leader does his or her responsibility in organization system.

A quality of successful individual leader

This portion is showing the image of the person a Filipino citizen

Senator, Aquilino Quilinging Pimentel jr

This portion is showing how senator aquiline Pimentel had capability to lead peoples not only in the Philippines. He also has done attending overseas activities.

Aquilino “Nene” Quilinging Pimentel, Jr. (born December 11, 1933) is a Filipino politician he has served as the President of the Senate of the Philippines from 2000-2001.senator Pimentel still doing his best to help the improvement of the country having his power as senator.

Senator.Aquilino Quilinging Pimentel jr.

Here is the information about the work experience of senator Aquilino Quilinging Pimentel that he has done in the good way.

As fallows:

Present work

Senator of the Republic, 2004-2010

Senator of the Republic, 1998-2004

Senate Minority Leader, July 23, 2002 – August 5, 2002

Senate Majority Leader, June 3, 2002 – July 23, 2002

Senate Minority Leader, July 23, 2001 – June 3, 2002

Senate President, November 13, 2000 – July 23, 2001

Cited annually by mass media, its the civic and religious organizations for him as Outstanding Senator.

Furthermore, some of his significant legislative output that he authored and co-sponsored.

As he served for the government,

Republic Act No. 7160, the Local Government Code of 1991. The Code liberates provinces, cities, municipalities and barangay from over-dependence upon the central government by increasing their powers and share in the taxes and wealth of the nation.

Republic Act No. 6938, the Cooperative Code. The Code provides government support for the establishment of all kinds of cooperatives to help combat poverty.

Republic Act No. 6678, the Generic Drugs Act. The law encourages the use of generic drugs (medicine) as a way of reducing the costs of medicine.

Furthermore, all this accomplishment by him is a good example of the individual successful.

About political activities of senator Aquilino Quilinging Pimentel

As fallows:

I. Political experience

Elected Delegate, Constitutional Convention, 1971;

Elected Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City, 1980-84;

Elected Member of Parliament (Batasan Pambansa), 1984-86;

Appointed Minister of Local Government by President Corazon C. Aquino, 1986;

Appointed Presidential Adviser and Chief Negotiator with the Muslim rebels by President Aquino, 1987 the reason to obey peace and order in the Philippines.

Elected Senator of the Republic, 1987-1992;

furthermore Cheated of victory by means of dagdag/bawas in the 1995 senatorial elections; senator Pimentel will do the action whereupon he sued the cheaters that putting and making the election dirty in politics issue that before the criminal courts where the cases are still being tried. He, has, however, established by incontrovertible evidence in the Senate Electoral Tribunal the existence of massive dagdag/bawas is the type of illegal activities making by the peoples who wants to the candidate to be win but by cheating votes fraudulent count in the said senatorial elections.

Elected Senator of the Republic, 1998-2004. As a senator, he continues the crusade to curb graft and corruption in government; the fight for electoral reforms and the prosecution of the criminal cases against the cheats in the 1995 & 1998 elections.

Elected as the 19th Senate President of the Republic, November 13, 2000. And next is

Elected as the Senate Minority Leader in the opening of the 12th Congress, July 23, 2001.

Senate Majority Leader of the Republic, June 3, 2002.

Senate Minority Leader of the Republic, July 23, 2002.

Elected Senator of the Republic, 2004-2010. 


A quality or achievement leader. Being leader a person who has a capability and potential to handle responsibility is a the sign of him or her way to be successful for how they perform in they career life to lead and give a good example that people can appreciate and compliment them as they leader. In that way. In the world you can see how all the people as leader to perform and handle they are responsibility. And is not an ordinary job for them to do but still they can they are duties. Just because they want to shown what is the leader is? The example of being a leader with the quality will give inspiration for the next generation.

Senator loren legarda.

here is the one of individual leader like senator loren legarda. A women that can managed become successful leader in the philippines.

Loren Legarda is a Filipino broadcast journalist, environmentalist, and politician of Visayan ancestry, notable as the only female to top she very strong to handle responsibility she also has two senatorial elections (1998 and 2007). During the 2004 Philippine general election, during her time she ran for the position of Vice-President as an Independent with Fernando Poe, Jr. She chose him as running mate.during senator legarda the one of a


Here are showing about the achievements of senator loren legarda in the fields of social development and human rights advocacy along with her work in journalism. Furthermore senator legarda is a women who wants to implement the rules and regulation in the Philippines.

Legarda is a notable advocate of Climate Change Awareness and has numerous As a journalist,from that time being she has received many awards. In 2008,she continue her good performance and she was chosen as “United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Asia Pacific Regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation”. And only in the she can shown the her ability She was a member of the Philippine delegation during the 2009 Copenhagen Summit that she lead.

About senator Loren Bautista Legarda information.

Loren Legarda she was born on January 28, 1960 in Malabon a Filipino citizen as Lorna Regina Bautista Legarda,ishe is the only daughter of Antonio Cabrera Legarda of San Pablo, Laguna, and Bessie Gella Bautista of Malabon.[1] furthermore Her maternal grandfather was Jose P. Bautista,is an editor of the pre-Martial Law newspaper in the Philippines at The Manila Times.[2]that time was senator legarda As a teenager, she to appeared as a commercial model and/or DJ in various television and print ads for Close-up, Pond’s cream, and Hapee toothpaste, among others.[1]

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Furthermore senator legarda She has attended Assumption College from primary to high school that who recognized her now as a senator where she was a valedictorian. Aside on has she attended university in the University of the Philippines, from which she graduated with a cum laude all this are the achievement of a lady senator legarda.

Private work experience before political career.

as fallows:

1960-80 – Practicing Lawyer;

1962-67 – Dean, College of Law, Xavier University;

1975-79 – Professor, College of Law, San Beda College;

1977-79 – Professor, College of Law, Far Eastern University; Counsel, Justice and Peace Committee, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines;

Book author:

The Local Government Code: The Key to National Development (Cacho Hermanos, Manila, 1993);

The Barangay and the Local Government Code (Rex Bookstore, Manila, 1994);

Cooperative Code of the Philippines: Theory, Law and Practice (White Orchids Printing & Publishing Co., Quezon City) with co-author, Atty. Mordino R. Cua (1994); and

Handbook on Cooperatives (White Orchids Printing & Publishing Co., Quezon City, 1996).

Martial Law in the Philippines: My Story (Cacho Publishing House, Mandaluyong City, 2006).

The Making of Human Security Act of 2007 (PNU Press, Manila, 2007).

The Local Government Code Revisited 2007 (PNU Press, Manila, 2007).

JUNKETING: Senatorial Style (Cacho Publishing House, Mandaluyong City, 2008).

Federalizing the Philippines: A Primer (PNU Press, Manila, 2008).

Continuously with.-

1960-80 – Practicing Lawyer;

1962-67 – Dean, College of Law, Xavier University;

1975-79 – Professor, College of Law, San Beda College;

1977-79 – Professor, College of Law, Far Eastern University; Counsel, Justice and Peace Committee, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines;

Book author:

The Local Government Code: The Key to National Development (Cacho Hermanos, Manila, 1993);

The Barangay and the Local Government Code (Rex Bookstore, Manila, 1994);

Cooperative Code of the Philippines: Theory, Law and Practice (White Orchids Printing & Publishing Co., Quezon City) with co-author, Atty. Mordino R. Cua (1994); and

Handbook on Cooperatives (White Orchids Printing & Publishing Co., Quezon City, 1996).

Furthermore as senator legarda she has done.

Martial Law in the Philippines: My Story (Cacho Publishing House, Mandaluyong City, 2006).) The Making of Human Security Act of 2007 (PNU Press, Manila, 2007).

The Local Government Code Revisited 2007 (PNU Press, Manila, 2007).

JUNKETING: Senatorial Style (Cacho Publishing House, Mandaluyong City, 2008). Federalizing the Philippines: A Primer (PNU Press, Manila, 2008).


Senate, 1st term (1998-2004)

Senator loren bautista legarda After becoming urged by the Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos,during Ramosadministration in 1998. Legarda ran for the Senate in 1998 under the Lakas-NUCD-UMDP Party.[1] And she was elected and chosen with more than 15 million votes of, allowing her to be the highest vote getter in that year’s election to serve the country . During her tenure, she played crucial roles in the release of several hostages abducted as a result of the Insurgency in the Philippines. With the coopetation and negotiation by senator legarda.with These include the release from captivity of five military and police officers and personnel (including General Victor Obillo of the Philippine Army) held by the CPP-NPA-NDF in April 1999, of Philippine Army Major Noel Buan in April 2001 from two years of captivity, and fellow journalist Arlene dela Cruz from her Abu Sayyaf abductors in Jolo.[citation needed]

During her first six years in the Senate, Legarda authored legislation benefiting women’s and children’s rights, such as the following:

Senator legarda want to implement the rules for the women security fallow by.

Anti-Domestic Violence Act – seeks to uphold and protect the basic human rights of women and their children.

Senator Legarda want To protect children by abusing Anti-Child Labour law – limits the employment of children as a worst situation in the Philippines for the child labour below 15 years old, restricts the hours of work of working children, expands working children’s access to education, social, medical and legal assistance that the government wants to implement the law And to prevent human trafficking

Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act – aims to protect victims of human trafficking.

All this achievement done by a woman Senator Loren Bautista Legarda to shown the wonderful kindness and concern not only for the Filipino peoples and also to foreign country that Philippines has a good and quality leaders.


A quality and success of the individual leader is a very valuable achievement that he or she have done for the organization or country that they severed a showing a good example and quality characters by as a leader aside for the other important thing a discipline and self motivation will bring the leader up to become a successful leader. Centralization order and initiative that have. As a leader, they have a lot of duties and responsibilities to shoulder.

I love mylene greeee


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