The Old Testament: Understanding the Bible

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In the readings leading up to this paper, I’m going to reflect on the most important thing we are to learn from the Bible and two important questions we should be asking about the Bible’s content. Next, I’m going summarize and explain the four safeguards we are to remember to help us avoid misunderstandings about God as we read the Old Testament. Thirdly, I’ll reflect on what Adam and Eve lost after they disobeyed God, what effects or results of sin are found in Genesis 3, what other sins and sin-results are found in Genesis 4-11, and what evidences of God’s grace and kindness are found in Genesis 3-11. Lastly but not least, I’m going to identify the main points of this agreement, discuss what we learn about God from this covenant, and does this covenant apply to us now and if so, explain how it is applicable today. I’m excited about this class and looking forward to learning as much as possible about the Old Testament.

The most important thing we are to learn from the Bible. The two most important questions we should be asking continually about the Bible’s content.

In the Bible the most important thing we are to learn is God’s word to the world because we want to hear and know more about Him, with His teachings. Studying the Bible matters because it’s simple God matters, if you ever only pick up one book, this is where to start and the most important throughout your life. When God is talking to us, it’s good to really listen to Him, then you’ll have a better understanding of what He’s trying to say. God is a loving, compassionate, faithful God, the more we read His word the more we become closer to Him, building that personal relationship with Him.

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There are two questions we could ask when it comes to the Old Testament, it can all be so overwhelming at times when reading the Bible. First question is what can I learn about God’s plan? Secondly, What can I learn about God? In God’s plan, “undo the effects of sin and bring the world back into a relationship with God,” the readings in the Old Testament gets us a little closer to learning more about God ( Lennox, 2009, pg. 53-54).

When reflecting on the Bible there are four safeguards to help us avoid misunderstanding God’s word throughout the Old Testament. First, look for an attribute of God, not just an action. God is powerful, He created the heaven and earth, He said let there be light, and then we had light. God shows how powerful He is, and His power may act differently in different situations, however, He will always remain powerful. Secondly, what you learn about God’s character in one passage should be compared with what you know of Him from other passages. God seems to be cruel sometimes, like when He refused to allow Moses to enter Canaan, however, many other times He shows to be a loving God. Thirdly, keep in mind that everything we learn about God is by analogy. God compared Himself to something we’re familiar with, that how we know something about God. He is a father, a king, and a healer. Lastly but not least the last safeguard to remember is not just know about God, He wants us to experience a relationship with Him. He wants to know us on a personal level, forming a personal relationship with Him and following Him ( Lennox, 2009, pg. 55-56).

What did Adam and Eve lose after they disobeyed God?

In the story of Adam and Eve everything changed when they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit. Before Eve ate the apple, then gave some to Adam, after that suddenly shame came over them and the evil begin. God warned Adam about eating the forbidden fruit form the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and when God was disobeyed evil was in the world.

What effects or results of sin are found in Genesis 3?

In (Genesis 3:10), Their shame is being naked, this is a consequence of their disobedience to God. Also in (Genesis 3: 21) God made garments of skin and clothed them after they had sinned. When they disobeyed God their “eyes became opened”, and they had so much shame using leaves to cover themselves.

What other sins and sin-results are found in Genesis 4-11?

When reading Genesis, Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel. There one son Cain did not give God what He wanted, Cain had became jealous of Abel to the point of murdering him. Cain committed a sin, he wanted to die himself, but God had different plans for him. Another is in (Genesis 6-11), when God seen how corrupt and full of violence the world had become and decided to destroy it all and start over. 

What evidences of God’s grace and kindness are found in Genesis 3-11?

When reading the verses from Genesis 3-11, God’s grace and kindness was shown throughout. Take Cain as mentioned above, even though He sinned God still showed love and kindness by making it know that whoever tried to murder him would receive much worse of a punishment that that of Cain himself. God does show a great deal of grace and kindness and Genesis showed that in the various verses.

Identify the main points of this agreement. Discuss what we learn about God from this covenant. Does this covenant apply to us now? If so, explain how it is applicable today.

In the readings leading up to this paper, the main points of this agreement are simple. It’s all about God’s work, how we obey and disobey God in our work, it shows how God even though we commit horrible acts such as Cain did, that God’s love and kindness still was shown. We see what a loving, caring, compassionate, and so on…, God is the creator of all, it’s all an act of God. God is a loving leader, who welcomes all His people, however, it’s up to us to accept Him. God was the creator and sacrificed a lot because He loves us so much. I do believe it was different then vs. now with laws, etc. This covenant still applies to the true Christian world who follow God and try to walk with Him daily. Those individuals are God’s children, if you believe in Him then He will take care of you. God doesn’t always answer prayers in our time but keep faith and He will in His time.


The Old Testament gives us great insight into the life of God’s work, and teachings. We learn what a good loving God we have, how He made good. God saw evil and corrupt in the world, destroyed it, to rebuild, the sacrifices He made, that shows His love for us. God is an amazing God, if we take His hand and have total faith in Him, God will see that we are taken care of. This class has opened my eyes and I’m learning so much about the Old Testament, I look forward to learning more.


  • Lennox, S. J. (2009). God with us: an introduction to the Old Testament. Marion, IN: Triangle Pub.


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