Role of Health and Social Care in the UK

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In United Kingdom health and social care is a team that provides integrated service about it. This unit grows absorbing the values and principles that corroborate the application of all who work in it. Health and social care is generally called “HUMAN SERVICE” in Canada and U.S. They give security to the patient and ensure that during treatment they won’t face any problem. They can take treatment safe and secure. Confidentiality, Communication, Promoting anti-discrimination, Rights, Acknowledgment is some principles o it. Confidentiality means keeping information secret. Patients don’t want to show their records. Communication is very important for this sector. It is a common allowing access between persons or place. Anti-discrimination activities means don’t make unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people.

Task 1

  1. A young child undergoing physical abuse from his parents:

Make Child Protective service” This Principle I would like to follow

Children’s are often physically abusing by their parents. It makes a huge effect on their health and mind. Parents should have known about the impact of physical abusing. When a child has hit or slapped on the side of head he might injured badly. Its also causes death. Child may lost their hair or teeth and also broken bones by beating. They are depends on the adults for grew up. Sometimes we see that child is murdered by their parents. They are need love not hit. Not only parents but relatives are also providing them with love and support. Local health and social service departments can arrange parenting classes. Social workers can help the parents to understand the psychology of their children.


Multi-agencies can promote an approach. They can promote or the welfare of the children. Common assessment framework (CAF) plays a vital role for the children. They can identify the child who is abused by his parents physically. Some voluntary organization is take responsibility to stop the child abuse. They are often working very closely to a child and their family. Child can get help from them. They provide this child health treatment. Agencies can make them sure to their security system. Their motto will be we don’t need more we service more. Its mean that they don’t want more they want to serve the survived person. Inter-personal agencies can do something to eradicate this problem. Child abuse is a crime they can aware this around the people. They can arrange a psychological treatment to the parents who are psychological abnormal and hit their children.

(b) A wife whose partner is subjecting her to domestic violence:

“Promoting Anti-discrimination practice” This Principle I would like to follow

Domestic violence is comes from the discrimination between two people. Women’s are the victim of this abuse. It can be physical, sexual, mentally. It often occurs because the spouse of the women thinks that abuse is the accurate justice. Domestic violence is a complicated matter that needs sensible handling by health and social care professionals. Health and social care specialist, commissioners may take some steps to prevent it. They can contract with them who are experience domestic violence and abuse. Then make them aware of the social impact for this violence.


Multi-agencies are aware of gender discrimination. They are work or it. Some agencies are taking some essential steps to stop it. If a women facing domestic violence she has a right to stop it. Domestic violence is caused for many reasons. If two spouses mentality is not same, If they are not educated, If two persons society is not same. The problems are small but the impact is not small. Multi agencies are making some policies to eradicate the problem. They can make this problem solve by consulting with them. If women face this type of violence she should confirm the others. She should want divorced from her spouse. The men who are occurring this violence are indicated and give them the hard punishment. Gov should regulate a strong act against the domestic violence. Multi agencies can give the affected women’s free medical treatment. They should provide them security. The un-job women are facing this problem. I agencies arrange job for this women’s for the betterment of their life.

(c) A young person living in a home for people with learning disabilities

“Increased Acknowledgment” This Principle I would like to follow

Disability means a person who are lack of experience, education, knowledge, manner, manage. Learning disability mean unexpected gap between a person’s level of experience. If a young person lives in a house which people have no knowledge, he can’t learn anything. Young boys live with his family which members are not educated, and then the young person does not understand the value o education. He don’t lean the social behaviors and articles. He is not aware of the health. Family is the primary stage of person’s acknowledgement.

Some learning disabilities are listening, speaking, reading, writing and spelling. The learning disability person have problem with concentration, memorizing something. If one is not listening he is a problem to learn.


Some multi-agencies are working or people with learning disabilities. Their motto is give more and takes less. Agencies are beyond health and social services. They identify some people who have this problem. They are participating in some form of joint working..They are make relationship among the contestants and creating opportunity to work together. They can make a promotional program. They build a school for this type of person who is facing the problem lack of learning disability. They are making social aware of this problem. This type o person is not accepted easily in society. They are isolated by some narrow minded person. Because of this people awareness is very important. Health and care service are give them medical treatment to overcome this. When a child born If it has this problem so immediately he have to start the treatment.

Task 2

Role of Care Standard Act, 2000

Care Standard Act (CAS) 2000 was activated on 20 July 2000. It is following two white papers which are produced by the govt. in 1998 and in 1999.

It is establish by a national care standards commission. The role of this act is very meaningful. This legislation is establish to make act for the adjustment and regulation of

Summary of this act:

  1. Establish a new and self-sufficient regulatory for social care and voluntary healthcare service.
  2. Improvement of the care standard
  3. Establish new councils for registration of social care workers
  4. Gov has to introduce necessary standards of health and social care.
  5. Reducing the poor providers.
  6. Residence limitations such as – disposable income. Less entry to benefits. Incentive work, less independence and ordinary life.
  7. The main motto of this act is to reform the ordinance system for care service in UK and Wales.

This act is playing a vital role on the standard health and social care.

Government can establish policies for the implementation of the health service. This sector has many policies to make the people useful. Local policies developed the service sector beneficial for people.

The regulation of care 2001:

The care homes regulations 2001 is now working under a new function of domiciliary care. “the children’s homes regulations 2001”. It is amendment with relation to “the care standard act”. A care home must be registered. Accommodation can be registered if they provide standard degree of care. It also defines that personal care should not include any activities which are done by regulation. It works independently in April 2002 under the regulation of care act 2001.

The objective of this is act:

  • Keep people safe.
  • Promote dignity
  • Support independence
  • Regulation the care service
  • School care system
  • Care home for the children and youngsters, and aged people.
  • Hospital care system.
  • Welfare of users
  • Personal plane
  • Fitness in relation to child minding;
  • Fitness of managers;
  • Facilities in care homes;
  • Medical practitioners in care home;

GSCC code of practice:

It is a Social care council (GSCC).it running their activities in England. It is a “public body” .it has no department. It Built in October 2000. And it is developed by “The Department of Health”.

It is a record of care employees. It describes the conduct and practice required for care workers as they go their routine work. It consists of 6 care value.

  1. Care worker must care of the rights and must promote the interest of users.
  2. Care worker must compete to establish the faith of users and careers.
  3. Care worker advertise the independence of work, they protected from danger as far as possible.
  4. Care workers must respect the rights of the service.
  5. Must uphold public trust
  6. Must be accountable for your work and take responsibility.

Task 3


A woman is recently lost her spouse. Bereaved means the reaction of loss of a beloved person by death. Some people can cope up with the situation and some can’t. In this time she get depressed. Her mentally situation is not good. She can survive from economic problem. She may be more socially isolated. She feel lonely and affair of living home alone. If she wants to get married again the society make problem. But it varies on the soceitys culture. The main problem is that she is facing the economic problem.

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Some social agencies make policies to help them who are bereaved. And help them to deal with this situation. They give them psychological treatment and try to make them normal. They can ensure their security. The impact of this policy is very effective. Society can get rid of this type of problems. The care centre can give them health treatment also. They can also give the psychological counseling. They can start a job to met financial needs. She gets help from the care centre. Government can get rid of this problem.

Relocated from one country to another:

Parents relocation is give impact on the child. For bringing up a child both of them are needed. By these child are not get proper right to bring up.


  • They feel lonely at their life. Because their parents are busy and nobody can fill up the absence of parents.
  • They don’t know the actual manner of time, eat, speaking, learning . They don’t know how to speak? How to speak with others? This is the responsibility of their parents to give them this learns. If they are absent the child is not grew up properly.
  • They feel suffocated. It makes them sick too. If they are not happy they feel many heath related problem.
  • They are not getting help and care from their parents in their emergency situation.
  • They can involve in the bad culture.
  • They might start to take drugs.
  • The society might think it negatively because o the parents absence the children may face many difficulties and they might involved with violence. Ultimately, the society is facing this problem.
  • Parents make some solution to recover this problem. They can make the contact with their children. The opportunity of contract between them is very important to solve this problem.

Identical twins raised in a different environment

Identical twins are look alike. They are not only look alike but their like, dislike are same. It is a matter o wonder that their decisions are sometime same. Identical twins are same in behavior but also have some distinction .genetically and physically they are same but they are influenced by the environment.

This is real evidence that a twin’s baby were separated at birth. They are being adopted by different families. They are unknown to each other. They are brought up with the different culture. But both of them have abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry.

There are some examples of some identical twins. They have matched their school subject. They like smoking and like to drink. Sometimes they got headaches at the same time of a day

Identical twins have different cultural but their behavior or habit are same.

Some similarities of them :

  • They are matched their school subject.
  • They are got headache same time
  • They married same type o girls/boys.
  • They have same abilities to work.
  • They have same color of their eyes
  • They are like to listening same type of music.
  • They take same decisions at a same point.

Some distinction because of bringing up different environment:

  • Their culture might be varying by their environment. Such as one is bring up in UK and another is in India. Both countries culture are not same.
  • They are differs from their food habit.
  • Their language is different.
  • They have different height or weight.

Task 4

Responsibility and duties of my (as a manager of hospital ward)

Hospital management is vigorous and an adaptable job. The duty of the manager are not same .its varies on the area. They have to skilled, knowledgeable and sharpen. They have some essential duty such as record keeping, hiring good staff, fiscal management etc.

Hiring qualified staff:

A manager is responsible for hiring staff for a hospital. It is the main duty and he has to fulfill this responsibility carefully. Staff can be nurses, administrator, doctor, surgeon, word boy and other maintainer. Manager should check their personal files and records to ensure that they are qualified for the hospital.

Record keeping:

Some hospital manager appointed someone to keep the patient records. Because he has much work to keep the facility go on .however they ensure the patient that their records are safe and secret.

Fiscal management:

It is very important role for a manager, Hiring the medical supplies, setting rate for the service. Make financial framework by implemented new program and expended old.

Make a strong security system:

Make the clinical practice is safe and effective. Make this highly protective. Patient and their relatives are satisfied.

There have some duty for a manager

  1. Ensure my clinical practice is safe and effective.
  2. Give extra facilities to the patient and their relatives.
  3. Make nurses and word boy satisfied by providing their rights.
  4. Follow a good management process.
  5. Give confidentiality about patients report.
  6. Daily operation
  7. Ensure good communication between doctor and patient.


I had been work in a hospital. My designation was “ward manager”. To be a good manager you have the knowledge about the management presses. I follow a ideal management practice. During my time I hire some qualified staff for the hospital. And I hire the best supplies for surgery. That’s why the patients are satisfied and they comfort safe at the hospital.

My recommendation about these policies in order to good practice;

1. Hire a qualified staff team.

Staffs are the essential part of a hospital. A good staff makes a hospital popular. This policy can make the good practice. If my hospital doctors are satisfied their patient by giving good treatment the patient has feel. If the nurses are properly take after the patient it impacts well.

2. Make the security system good:

The security system is also managed by the manager. He has to ensure the patient that their records are safe and nobody can see this. Patients are not wanted to show their records. They want to get secret it. If the hospital manager make it sure that their records are safe it is good to the hospital facility. Make the patient sure that the hospital management are confidential to their records.

3. Follow a good management process:

A manager has to follow the best management system. He has to think about the beneficial of the hospital. A good monitoring system is important. Choose good staff. Give the staffs proper right. Give their salary on time. Make sure that the managing system is very hard.


Health and social care give security to the patient and ensure that during the treatment they won’t face any problem. In task 1 we talk about some social problems like child abusing, discrimination and lack of learning we discuss the solution from get rid o this problem. How multi agencies can promote some approach to give the service.

In task 2 we discuss the care standard act 2000, the role o the act and the implement o this act. This act is playing a vital role on the standard health and social care. Government can establish policies for the implementation of the health service. This sector has many policies to make the people useful. Local policies developed the service sector beneficial for people. How this act make our society beneficial. The care home regulation and GSCC code the role o this code in our society.

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Task 3 is on social emotions and different behavior of people how a widow feel when she lost her husband in a age of 35, how a child facing problem If his parents are relocated from one country to another, Parents relocation is give impact on the child. For bringing up a child both of them are needed. By these children are not get proper right to bring up Identical twins are look alike. They are not only look alike but their like, dislike are same. It is a matter of wonder that their decisions are sometime same. Identical twins are same in behavior but also have some distinction .genetically and physically they are same but they are influenced by the environment.

In the last task we talk about a Manager who works at a hospital. What his responsibility to manage the hospital and how he does it properly.


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