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What Contributions did your individual make to the Renaissance, Reformation or Scientific Revolution? Why is your individual unique and why were his/her contributions necessary to advance European and western civilizations?

Based on the Information, I have gathered Galileo Galilei was born in 1564, and died in 1642.Galileo had made quite a few major contributions to the renaissance. One of Galileo’s Improvements towards the Renaissance was to the branches of physics and Mechanics. In 1586, He Improved Science and had deployed the telescope and eventually changed our view of the nature and the solar system universe completely, and later on he had became aware of the sunspots. His most adventurous moment was in January 1610, he had watched Jupiter for the first time telescopically, and had found out that the plant has 4 satellites. Galileo’s Pisa experiment was unique because he proved that an item with a heavier mass doesn’t mean it will fall quicker, in fact an item with a lighter mass had fallen much quicker than one with a heavier mass. Also, I believe that Galileo was a big role in why the renaissance had moved towards advancing in European and western civilizations. I think that without Galileo we would have never advanced in science as far as we did in the renaissance. Galileo had a quite impact on the scientific revolution in the renaissance; he had brought the studies of physics to today’s culture. He had also made quite a few different objects, he had invented the first telescope to let us view our nature in a different way and he also brought us the method of a hydrostatic balance. He had let us see science in a whole new different way than we would have without his improvements during the renaissance like I said before I believe the Galileo had a huge impact on the renaissance Era as we still use some of his inventions today! Galileo had made some big inventions during the renaissance era and had helped improve science for today people, without him and all his contributions to science in the renaissance, reformation, and scientific revolution I don’t believe that science would be what it is today because of everything he had done!

Who influenced your individual and who did your individual influence in turn? In Other words, how did your individual rely upon previous scholars and how did your individuals work affect others and the world today?

Based on the information I have gathered, I have to come to a conclusion that Copernicus influenced Galileo. Copernicus created the sun-center, also known as the heliocentric theory! This astronomy theory had concluded that the center of the universe had to be the sun, and that all the other objects in the universe had rotated around it but the sun had never moved. Galileo had a pretty big impact on Science. Galileo additionally created many advances in scientific fields and inventions that area unit still relied upon in some type or another to the present day. I believe that Galileo had influenced Isaac Newton, Who had created the Laws of Motion. Galileo had branched modern science off into the Astronomy field. Galileo was also tackling the problem of motion. I believe without Galileo we would not be in modern science like we are today, because he had invented the telescope so we could see nature’s solar system in a whole different view. He had also invented the hydrostatic balance for the determination of relative densities. One of Galileo’s major improvements to the renaissance was the theory of falling bodies. He had stated that a body will move along a flat surface. .i believe that Galileo had influenced a lot more people also, i mean a lot of people still continue to talk about his inventions and accomplishments today. Galileo was a very brilliant man and he is very intelligent and also he is very well known for what he did, he is still talked about quite a bit in today’s science classes!

Question 3: Describe a “day in life of your individual. Where did you individual live, and what did he/she experience on a daily basis. Your response should NOT be a history of the life of your person.

Though Galileo is nearly universally proverbial by his name, he was born urologist on Feb fifteen, 1564 in Pisa, a city of northern European nation. His father, a poor member of a decent family from Florence, was Vincenzo. Vincenzo was distinguished by his skills as a musician and a man of science. Galileo was a bright kid and initially his father steered his kid aloof from a career in arithmetic. He had hoped that Galileo would eventually create his fortune in business. However Vincenzo was wise enough to visualize that his son had alternative skills and interests that may higher suit him in some type of knowledgeable career. In 1581, at the age of seventeen, Galileo’s father sent him to review drugs – a profession that paid way more than one within the educational world – at the University of Pisa. Interest and talent notwithstanding, Galileo was compelled to quit the University in 1585 Galileo’s 1st real contribution to physical science came within the year 1604 with the looks within the heavens of a “new” star. I believe that Galileo’s day of life had started as the sun rose, Galileo had woken up and ate breakfast, and then he had briefly checked on his latest inventions. Galileo then had made his way over to the University and started to advance his career in the field of study of Astronomy! Galileo had always believed that Astronomy was going to be today’s future which in a way it did. But After Galileo was done at the university, he then returned back to his lab to advance in his latest inventions which at this time just happened to be the telescope. Galileo then had slowly started to end his night as he invented he had then started to settle down and slowly started to bring his day to an end. Galileo had invented quite a few different inventions while he attended the university and while he advanced his career into the Field of Astronomy and many other areas! Galileo had a very interesting and very long “day of life” as you would say. His Day of life consisted of many different contribution towards his advancements in his inventions. He had also attended a university to advance and extend his career in many different ways.


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