Market Advertising in Jamaican Tourism

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Jamaica is the most complete, diverse and unique warm weather destination in the world that delivers the best vacation value available. Jamaica delivers a distinct vacation experience that competitors cannot match. (JTB Marketing Presentation to Joint Meeting of Board 1995) The vibrant culture which includes fine and performing arts, literature music and history. Not to mention the exquisite cuisine, the food, coffee rum and beer. The warm, hospitable and accomplish people such as the athletes, entrepreneurs, political leaders, artists and educators are the main factors which enhances tourism development. These factors combined creatively could be used to in an innovative manner during a destination marketing process.

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Destination Marketing is the process of communicating with potential visitors to influence their destination preference, intention to travel and ultimately their final destination and product choices. Destination marketing is a major part of the ‘Implementation’ process; it is the articulation and communication of the values; vision and competitive attributes of the destination. The actions implemented in the destination marketing phase should be uncertain should be underpinned by the findings of the ‘Destination Planning’, process and the subsequent ‘Destination Development’ activities. (Destination Marketing – Sustainable Tourism)

Marketing strategies are designed as the vehicle to achieve marketing objectives.. (Phillip Kotler, p. 690)

The Jamaica Tourist Board is to ensure Brand Jamaica destination is managed and marketed effectively. Marketing tools or techniques will have to be implemented. Tools or Techniques that Jamaica Tourist Board could use are:

Radio and Television Advertising

This technique is commonly used most business places. It creates awareness more rapidly when compared to news papers on a daily basis. First you must target your audience, implement creativity and unique style that will grab and attract the audience attention. Even though it’s cost effective, the advertisement must be able to convince people and they will relate to what is being advertised. At the end of the day, there should be some reward and profitability deriving from this tool.



  • Creates awareness to a wide audience on a daily basis


  • Very Expensive
  • Not unique and has no style


  • Develop Tourism
  • Grab people’s attention rapidly


  • People getting the wrong message
  • Message not clear and concise

Print Advertising

Digital Printing is a very effective as well as a common marketing tool. Sometimes persons don’t have time to watch television due to the increasing changes in their lifestyle on a daily basis. Brochures, Bill Boards and other innovative ideas can be used. Although this could be expensive, installing Bill Boards in a few countries and placing brochures at travel agencies, airports and other designated areas that will educate and inform persons will be an asset to assist in utilizing this marketing tool.



  • Bill Boards and brochures can be placed all over the world


  • Very Expensive
  • Might not reach to the audience targeted


  • Create awareness and interest of the destination


  • Natural disasters such as hurricane can damage bill boards


Branding is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool available to destination marketers confronted by product similarity where tourism products appear equal or lack differentiations to consumer and competitions. Today many destinations can offer five-star resorts, hotels and attractions, claim a unique culture and heritage and describe themselves as having the friendliest people and the most customer-focused tourism industry. Therefore, there is a critical need for destinations to create a unique identity and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. (TO 490, Destination Marketing)



  • Jamaica’s greatest strength is its name Brand Jamaica
  • Jamaica has a very diverse culture, warm hospitality, attractions


  • Persons such as our athletes and other celebrities must represent and maintain creativity and uniqueness of the brand.


  • Development of the Tourism Sector
  • Investments


  • Competition
  • High Crime Rates

Social Media

Social Media has become very dominant in our lives today. It is very user friendly and it does send your messages in one way or the other.

Travelers today who are very skeptic and they also crave information and feedback as it relates to booking a vacation. Most travelers utilize social media for travel packages, booking vacation online, quiz social networks for eg. Facebook etc to obtain feedbacks and ideas. Social media marketing is inexpensive to travelers and the destination. It is also a good business sense, where the leaders who are responsible for managing the marketing tools, could implement a website that will showcase and advertise the destination, thus making it more simple and easy for visitors who are interested in booking their vacation.



  • Excellent for customer’s communication
  • Daily Updates
  • Feedbacks


  • Websites pops up and fades away
  • People writing bad comments


  • Large advertising
  • Making marketing more efficient.


  • Not able to target the right audience
  • Fearing the unknown
  • Keeping up with the latest trends in social media

Special Events

Jamaica has a very rich cultural heritage which is covered by the love of sports, music, food and other types of entertainment.

Reggae music is dominant in Jamaica as well as most countries in the world. Thanks to Bob Marley for putting us on the Map. Not to mention our Athletes who have represented us on the local and international scene and continuing to do great things.

Therefore, hosting sporting events will bring investors and tourist to our destination and this will develop the infrastructural aspect of the country.

Entertainment Events such as Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues, Reggae Sumfest, just to name a few, have accounted for most of the receipts of tourists to our shores.

Putting on more shows like these will definitely continue to promote Jamaica worldwide.



  • Develop Tourism
  • Increase Revenue for the country
  • Infrastructural Development


  • Crowded Situations
  • Insufficient Airlifts


  • Sports Tourism
  • Development of emerging markets


  • Natural Disaster
  • Crime and Violence

Tourism Marketing Plan

Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. Marketing is more selling than advertising. The aim is identify customer’s needs and to meet those needs so well that the product almost “sells itself”. (

A Tourism Marketing Plan is responsible for the guidance of the marketing decisions made. These include assigning tasks, choosing markets and generating funds to promote the destination. It assists in enticing potential visitors to the destination.

In order to gain success there are certain information that must be outlined about the destination.

Therefore should be specific information about the people who travel to your destination and what they desire during stay.

It also set the standard and provides means for all marketing activities for any destination which includes market research, brand development and management, advertising and promoting, sales, distribution and cooperative marketing opportunities.

Three processes involved in such a plan are;


The first stage in developing a market plan is analyzing the market. It is important that you understand the market. The resources needed, competitors involved and the structure of the business environment.

The analysis sets the foundation for developing ways or strategies to detect threats, challenges, barriers, opportunities and competitions.


This step which is the second stage assists in the decision making and choices in market segmentation, targeting the sectors and audience and planning the position of your product.

Below is a list of steps to consider in developing a marketing strategy:

  • Build Critical Mass
  • Increase consumer demand
  • Leverage the supply chain
  • Motivate businesses to become certified
  • Incorporate health, safety, and quality standards into ‘green certification programs
  • Understand international trade agreements to avoid conflicts
  • Promote a global accreditation body (Practical Steps for Marketing Tourism)

Marketing Mix

The last stage is determining the general set of activities of the marketing plan. This includes determining the Marketing Mix or the or the 4Ps: Product, Pricing, Promotion and Placement. (Practical Steps for Marketing Tourism)

  • Product: This involves the management and marketing of the product.
  • Price: Setting a price and marketing the cost for the product and services is important.
  • Promotion: This includes advertising, sales promotion, publicizing the destination and ensuring the word is spread across effectively and efficiently.
  • Placement: Placement is the channels or means by which the destination is marketed.

External Players assisting Jamaica Tourist Board

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is an agency of the Minister of Tourism. As a result it is affiliated with a number of other agencies under the Ministry, for example the Tourist Product Development Company (TPDCO) and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). The JTB also work closely with other organizations such as The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) and Jamaica Trade Invest (JTI) in the marketing of the Destination Jamaica. (

In order for a sustainable tourism in Jamaica, there are external organizations that could assist the Jamaica Tourist Board with their responsibilities.

Ministry of Tourism (MOT)

The main responsibility for the Ministry of Tourism is to develop policies that will aid to the needs within the Portfolio areas. Excess emphasis is placed on getting the all the stakeholders involved, including the private sector.

As it relates to Tourism the Ministry aims to:

  • Develop policies and pilot legislation which facilitates sustainable development of the tourism product and investment in the industry as a whole.
  • Develop policies and pilot legislation which would ensure the maximization of the social and economic benefits of tourism for the Jamaica People. (

Tourism Product Development (TPDCO)

The Tourism Product Development Company Limited is responsible for developing and improving the Jamaica’s Tourism Product.

Its main responsibilities are:

  • Returning the national budget to a surplus position
  • Implementing innovative ideas and plans in order to improve the resort areas
  • Seek to identify areas with potential that could be developed and enhance Jamaica’s Tourism Product, develop strategies to and market the destination by reducing the level of competition, thus making the destination more marketable.
  • Ensuring co-operation from all parties involved to protect the culture, architectural sites, wider environment and economic contributions.

Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)

The “Tourism Enhancement Fund Act, 2004” was passed by Parliament in December 2004. This act provides the legal basis for the Ministry of Tourism to establish a mechanism for the collection of a small fee from incoming airline and cruise passengers.

Specifically, the Act allows for:

  • A Tourism Enhancement Fee of US$10.00 to be charged to incoming airline passengers and US$2.00 to be charged to Cruise Passengers.
  • The monies collected are paid into a dedicated Tourism Enhancement Fund.
  • The Fund was established on May 1, 2005 for the sole purpose of implementing the recommendations emanating from the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development, 2002. (

The economic significances the Tourism Enhancement Fund provides are:

  • Assists in promoting growth and development
  • Enhancing the visitor’s experience
  • Makes provision for a sustainable development
  • Encouraging a better environmental management
  • The Fund is managed by a Board of thirteen Directors who are experienced in matters relating to Toutism and Finance. (

Jamaica Trade Invest (JTI)

Jamaica Trade Invest guides the economic and financial development of Jamaica. Their job is to implement programmes and policies that will assist them in the development of plans.

In order to achieve this mandate JTI provides a wide range of services, which includes conducting research on national development issues and the provision of technical support to the cabinet. JTI also undertakes consultancy activities for government entities; manage external cooperation agreements and interfaces with funding agencies, while maintaining national socio-economic library. (

Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association(JHTA)

Established in 1961, the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association is the Organisation, which represents hotels, other visitor accommodations as well as the most suppliers of goods and services to the Tourism Industry.

The main aim is to promote the development of Jamaica’s hospitality industry and to represent the interests of its members in all flora, locally, regionally and internationally. (


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