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We currently have 15 writers qualified in the area of Chemistry. You can see the academic level of work that each writer is qualified to write, in the table below:

Writer ID Qualification Level
4140Masters (PGD) Pass (50-59%)
6053MPhil Pass
26142Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
26219Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
26449Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
27396Undergraduate 2:2 (50-59%)
27464Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28399Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
28574Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
28614Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28793Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28976Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29005Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29016Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29031Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)

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Our expert writers have prepared a number of materials to illustrate the quality of work that we produce.

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