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Definition: An essay writing service is an academic help service designed to supply students with a high quality sample of an essay written to a specific set of instructions.

With over 20 years experience in the field of History essay writing, UKEssays are a class leading provider of custom written essays to university students studying in the United Arab Emirates and overseas.

Don't risk your future with cheap essay writing companies and AI generated essays. Choose UKEssays and rely on our trusted services to provide you with an essay that will help you achieve the most from your History studies.

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Why Choose Our History Essay Writing Service?

Using an history essay writing service is one of the best ways to improve your own academic writing skills and to do better at university. Whether you're studying at undergraduate, masters or a different level; returning to education after a long break or just struggling with your history studies, we can help!

We think the best way to highlight the quality of our history essay writing service is to show you our work - it speaks for itself! We've produced some fantastic samples that show you exactly the kind of work you'll receive when ordering from us. Take a look at our sample essays, prepared at undergraduate and Masters level across a range of grades and subjects.

Reasons To Choose Our Service

We only allow our writers qualified in history with matching qualifications to take on your work.

Your order will go through rigorous quality controls and is checked against your instructions and academic standards by qualified professionals. We'll even give you a quality report to show our findings.

Your order will come with a comprehensive plagiarism report which is compiled with our state-of-the-art plagiarism software, ensuring the essay provided has not been plagiarised.

You get a free 7 day amendment period, so if you're not happy with the work, let us know and our customer support teams will resolve any concerns.

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Written to standard

We take great care to ensure your history essay is written to the academic standard requested.

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Always on Time

We guarantee that your history essay will be delivered within your deadline - or your money back!

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Human Written

We never use AI writing tools and guarantee your history essay is written by a real human.

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Proven Quality

The quality of our work has been verified by numerous academic and media organisations.

Samples of Our History Essays

History students have a wealth of information and events to explore when they consider what direction their essay shall take. Some graduates however struggle under this pressure and are unable to fathom where they should begin or how to structure their arguments.

Here at UKEssays, we have a wide range of qualified history graduates available to divulge their knowledge and supply any student who is in need of assistance with their history essay writing services.

Our vast array of writers are able to deliver a model essay about any era in history, as well as the intricate events that have helped to define our culture. This includes an in-depth analysis of civilisations, human development, wars, kings and queens among many other topics. This could also include different areas that have fallen into the spectrum of history such as archaeology, film studies and architecture. You may instead need a focus on the political, economic, social and cultural issues that existed in the Victorian period and how the industrial urban society blossomed in the 1830s and '40s. Our unique and eclectic writers are able to provide critical commentary on all of these topics and more, such as the general understanding of history, post-war Britain and early modern Europe between 1450 and 1750. These model essays would include an introduction to broad themes in European history that were established in that specific period, the social structures, state formation, the role of government, religion and church in society.

More Samples of Our Work Sample Essays

How to Order from UKEssays

Placing an order is easy. Three simple steps:


Set Your Requirements

Whether you are an Emirati student, or an international student attending a university in the United Arab Emirates, our order process is the same. Simply start your essay order by using our specially designed order form to send us all the details about your piece of work. From there, we take your instructions to write an essay just the way you need it. We’ll review your instructions and get in touch to confirm everything with you and clear up any questions we might have.


Place Your Order

Each paper we write is unique, and we always aim to cater to your specific needs. We carefully select each expert writer – who are always qualified in the subject you need help with – to create a fully referenced essay with the detailed aspects you require, from a rich, detailed discussion to a well-structured argument. We never re-use or re-sell any essay we have created.


Download Your Work

Each paper we write is unique, and we always aim to cater to your specific needs. We carefully select each expert writer – who are always qualified in the subject you need help with – to create a fully referenced essay with the detailed aspects you require, from a rich, detailed discussion to a well-structured argument. We never re-use or re-sell any essay we have created.

How To Use Your History Essay

Our Fair Use Policy is designed to guide you through the best way to use and rewrite your order - be sure to read it though too!

Read Through
The Work

Once you've downloaded the essay, the next step is to make sure you gain a full understanding of it at length.

Read Through
Related Literature

We strongly suggest reading the references used in the paper, too, to deepen your knowledge of the topic.

Write Your
Own Essay

You should re-write the paper, so it is in your own words, and so that you gain the valuable information it contains.

Our Fair Use Policy

Our Fair Use Policy outlines the way in which the work we provide should be used, and gives you the necessary guidance to get the most out of your model essay.

Read our Fair Use Policy

Reviews of Our History Essay Writing Service

We've served over 30,000 customers across the world since we started trading in 2003. The reviews below are all from the independently verified and trusted Reviews.io and Trustpilot websites.

1 year ago

The essay writing service is outstanding, and I always receive an excellent score.

- Femi

Reviews.io Logo Verified Review
2 years ago

Your Essay Writing Service is the best . Always on time without exception and the quality of the work is incredible. Regards Steve

- Steve

Reviews.io Logo Verified Review
2 years ago

The order was delivered on time. Team are always available by chat or phone to provide support or give clarification when needed. Still awaiting the result from lecture but the work content seems to the standard. good team

- Christelle

Reviews.io Logo Verified Review
1 year ago

Very good model essay and clarity of topic

- Anne

Reviews.io Logo Verified Review
1 year ago

I received outstanding feedback from which I was able to dramatically improve my essay. Great tips to follow, great advice on reading material to help complete the assignment. I could not be happier. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.

- Jennie

Trustpilot Logo Verified Review
1 year ago

Good and excellent write up. Writer so experienced. I made a mistake i previous review. I will surely recommend them. The flow of their essay writing is superb. Well done.

- Chelsea

Trustpilot Logo Verified Review
1 year ago

Easy to navigate and very helpful with helping you through the ordering process. Not to mention the amazing essay they provided me with

- Daniel

Trustpilot Logo Verified Review

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We can help you no matter what level you're writing for. Many of our writers hold Masters degrees or higher, so we can help regardless of whether you are writing an undergraduate or postgraduate essay! We also have a variety of other academic services that may be able to assist you.

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UKEssays have been recognised as a leading essay writing company by various press and media outlets. In business since 2003, we have thousands of students to testify to both the quality and integrity of our services, and our total commitment to customer satisfaction.

It would be plagiarism to directly hand in the work that we supply to you. Instead we ask that all students rewrite the work we supply in their own words, and take time to learn and understand the research and analysis presented in the essay.

The difference between an essay mill and an essay writing company is that an essay mill sells pre-written essay from a database, often to multiple students. An essay writing service (such as UKEssays) in contrast provides custom written essays to individual students, this means that the final work provided is far more relevant to the student's studies and is written to a far higher academic standard.

UKEssays are happy to provide essays on any subject for business, industrial, or commercial purposes. Many companies choose to use our services every year as a means of accessing the services of a professional academic researcher - usually at a far lower cost than that charged by universities.

Currently UKEssays only provide essays in English language - either British or American English where our writers gained their qualifications. We are hoping to launch an Arabic language service in Autumn 2024.

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