Health and Safety Practices at College

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This research based assignment discussed about the Health and safety practices in Aspire2international College, using all the given data (primary and secondary) by Aspire2international. The purpose of the assignment is to check whether Aspire2 have fulfilled the requirements given by Health and Safety Work Act 2015. Moreover evidence needs to be given if Aspire2 meets the requirement but if not then the Health and Safety representative further provide the recommendation for what’s need to be done in fulfilling the requirements and minimize the risk.

Purpose of Health and Safety Audit:

The health and Safety Work Act 2015 is designed to encourage the individuals and all New Zealand businesses to adopt the health and safety measures and protects all their stakeholders from any harm and to make sure that the environment they are working is safe and healthy. The main purpose of health and safety work act is to minimize and eliminating the risk by providing continuous training, information and advice to workplace (Worksafe, 2015). Every year or six months a government representative will conduct an Audit to make sure that the Organisation such as Aspire2 International meeting the health and safety standards or not.

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These audits are basically of two types: First one is schedule to audit which means that the auditor will given a certain notice minimum of two or three days to Organisation in the form of written note. Second one is unscheduled audit; here auditor will not provide any notice to Organisation. Situations like Risk will be identified with the help of health and safety audit.

Auditor will generally check the warrant of fitness, Certificate of compliance or warrant of electric fitness. Furthermore if the results of the audit are negative then certain actions needs to be taken like how to overcome with that issue. (Worksafe, 2015)

Task:1 External and Internal health and safety requirements:

Health and Safety checklist of Aspire2 international based on Health and Safety work Act 2015:


Name of Organisation:


Aspire2 International College

Auditor Name:

Mansi Choksi

Day and Date:




Duration of Audit:

2 Hours



Section: 1

Risk Management




Not Met:

Concern Person:



Does the Aspire2 International College follow the process of Hazard Identifications?


Akhil Chopra

Health and Safety representative regularly check the hazard control plan and than follow the process.


Does Aspire 2 International have a risk assessment process for their significant hazards?


Akhil Chopra

Everything is mentioned in their Health and safety policy plan.


Does Aspire 2 International make efforts to minimize the hazards and follow the process to monitor risk control plan?


Akhil Chopra

Health and Safety representative regularly comes and check for the hazards and ask students if they know any.


Do Aspire2 students and staff aware from where they can get first aiders or what to do during the risk like earthquake, fire or location for their lost and found area?


Akhil Chopra

On the very first day of their induction process, they provide all information to students and staff.


Are the fire extinguisher are available in every area?



In every floor there are fire extinguisher in case need any in emergency situation


Does Aspire2 International have Risk Registers that record how they manage the risk?


Akhil Chopra

Health and Safety representative will have the record for all the risk.

Section: 2





Not Met:

Concern Person:



Does the Aspire2 International is maintain the hygiene of Green bean café?


Sahil Nanda

Aspire2 International forgot to renew their certificate of inspection.


Are college Canteens in Aspire2 International is clean and tidy?


Sahil Nanda

AMP cleaning company comes every day after the college hours to clean the college.


Are cleaner’s follow the correct cleaning method and also are suitable cleaning chemicals available and store properly in Aspire 2 International?


Akhil Chopra

In every toilets there is checklist to follow but cleaners sometimes not follow.


Are Cleaner’s of Aspire 2 International clean inside of microwave, oven and refrigerator?


Akhil Chopra

Every twice a day.

Section: 3

Student and employee Induction:





Are students and staff who joint the Aspire 2 International has to participate in orientation?


Mauricio Morsch

Every students receive an email for the orientation schedule.


Does the Aspire 2 International having the emergency contact numbers of their students and staff of their home countries or of New Zealand?



On the day of orientation, they provide us one form to fill up all students’ detail.


Does Aspire 2 International explained their students regarding the procedures for equipment’s like Printer, tools, etc.


Academic Support

IN library, Academic support team is there to help every student regarding printer and other tools.


Did they explain students regarding how the insurance policy works in New Zealand to their students?


Salu Ensink

Salu is there to help student regarding their insurance policy.


Did they explain their staff and students the use of Moodle and how Turn it in works?


Rashmi Rawat

Rashmi is concerned with all this work. She will email every student regarding the use of their Turn it in and also provides passwords.

Section: 4


Bullying and Harassment:





Does Aspire2 International have policy regarding how to support their staff and student from psychological mental health called bullying or harassment?


Salu Ensink

Their work is to help students if they find any difficulty and if they are unable to do so they contacted NZQA for further help.


Does Aspire2 International have policy regarding prohibiting the students and staff from alcohol consumptions?


Akhil Chopra

Aspire2 International have that policy to prohibit students from alcohol.


Does Aspire2 International providing a positive environment, where all individuals’ feels that they are treated them with dignity and respect?


Akhil Chopra

Aspire2 is very multicultural and they are celebrating each festivals and the environment is very positive.


Does Aspire2 International treat all complains seriously and are they taking prompt steps to resolve the complaint?


Mauricio Morsch

Aspire2 take complains very seriously and solve the matter thereafter.


Is there any harassment officer or representative to whom students can go and ask for help in Aspire2 International?



Pranay is the one to whom students can call every 24*7. They are ready to help.

Section: 5

Health and Safety:




Is there any health and Safety representative in Aspire2 international or committee, who is in charge of health and safety walkabout?


Akhil Chopra

Akhil is the Health and Safety representative and he will look after to all walkabouts.


Are they considering health and safety as an important topic at times of meeting with their staff?


Milton D’Souza

Sir, told me that every week all staff members will receive emails regarding health and Safety.


Is Aspire2 International provide their student academic support classes?


Academic Support team

In tower-c, Level-4, Academic team is there to help the students.


Are students and staff can get an opportunity in terms of participating in ongoing health and safety of Aspire2 International


Zosha-lee Paul

Zosha every now and then distribute handouts for awareness regarding health and safety.


Does the board of Aspire2 International keep accepting the reports of compliance of college regarding Health and Safety Work Act 2015?


Akhil Chopra

Aspire2 keep follow the process according to health and Safety Work Act 2015.







TASK: 1B Aspire2 International ongoing health and safety processes requirements based on Work safe requirements and health and safety 2015:




Section: 1


Work Safe and Health and Safety act 2015 Requirements:


   Aspire2 International College:

1. Green been café:








All café staff must maintain their personal hygiene by wearing proper dress code such as Uniforms, cap and apron. They must have to wash their hands regularly with anti bacterial soap when they enter café area.


Aspire2 International is Meeting the requirement.

All the students who work in Green Bean Café they look nice and tidy with proper uniforms and they are required to wash their hands every now and then.











All hard surfaces like walls, floors, shelves and cabinets must clean at all times and well maintained.

Aspire2 International is Meeting this requirement because there is a enough space for ventilation with exhaust fan inside the green been café and this will remove the moisture odor and throw it outside and will help provide fresh air inside.



All café must have their Food premises certificate approved from Auckland Council and they should have to display it appropriately.

Not Meeting the requirement:

Green been café did not display the certificate outside their entrance door. However, the certificate they have has already expires in June 2018.

Note: I have provided this evidence as my appendix.

4. Toilets:


Toilets are placed in strategic locations to avoid long queues and delays

Meeting the requirement:

In order to reduce the long queues, they have provided toilets in every floors.


The water must be cleans and away from contamination

Meeting the requirement:

The water flowing through flush tank or basin is clean without any weird smell.


In order to provide enough of oxygen and clean air that circulate inside the toilet, there must be a proper ventilationsysteminstalled.

Not Meeting the requirement:

The size of toilet in Aspire2 International is very small. Although, the ventilation system is not proper and this will make toilets more smelly.


Every toilet must provide all cleaning amenities like basin, soap, paper towel and provision to wash and dry hands including both hot and cold water is necessary. There should be sanitary dressing for all females.  (Health and safety Act , 1995)

Meeting the criteria:

All toilets in Aspire2 International is having all facilities and are equipped with all sanitary products for females as well.  However, the criteria for hand dryers are Not meeting because in some toilets dryers is not working and it spreads bacteria and can cause disease.


8. Health and safety



Classrooms with acceptable temperature to teach including the size of the room and considering the humidity level.  (PPTA , 2019)

Meeting the requirement:

There are enough windows and ventilation in every classroom to provide clean air to maintain the amount of carbon dioxide.


Classrooms with acceptable temperature by providing sufficient heater during winter season and air condition for summer.

Temperature between 18’c to 22’c is acceptable and for winter 19’c to 24’c is required. (PPTA , 2019)

Not Meeting:

Aspire2 International, there is not enough heaters and air-conditions in class to warm up and cool down the temperature in big classrooms.



It is required that all students and teaching staff gets good lighting while studying each and every classroom should not have a height twice as window head.

Meeting the requirement:

In class of Aspire2 International there won’t be any issue with the lighting. However, the lights are bright and can help student while studying.

11. Library



The computer screen must be at a right angel to window and address reflected glares on screen. They need to use curtains to fit diffusing screen to any monitors. (Health and Safety Issues in Libraries, 1992)

Meeting the criteria:

All computers in Aspire2 are right angel to windows. However, there are blinds to fit diffusing screen to monitors.


Cables and wires are not running across the floor. The wires are either removed to probably be tapping down.

Meeting the requirement:

All wires and cables are properly concealed.



 A library must have their standard methods for controlling the noise.


In Aspire2 international library they have placed carpets on the floor in order to control noise.



14. Risk Management:

All accidents or incident, whether it cause injury to any staff, students or any visitors must be reported and for that there must be a proper report form. That contains 5w’s i.e. Who, why, where, what and when.

Meeting the requirement:

In Aspire2 International, every incident and accident is reported and they have all that in appropriate and in detailed format. If student wants to take help regarding the report form than they have to go and see student services and they help students.


All accident and incident report form must be handle by Health and safety representative or if any doubt they can get advise from Work Safe New Zealand. (Employement New Zealand, 2019)

Meeting the requirement:

Health and Safety representative of Aspire2 International are very much committed to their role and help students and other staff to solve the incident.  If they are sometimes not aware of such case then they take advice from NZQA.


16. Student and employee induction:

Every student in college’s must be aware from where they can get their First Aider from the day they start their college for example orientation.

Meeting the requirement:

In Aspire2 International, from the very first day of student and staff they arrange orientation sessions and during those sessions they explain Health and Safety to students.



First Aid kit must have these important things like: antiseptic wipes, bandages, disposable gloves and tweezers. These things will helpful in emergency situation. (Worksafe, 2018)

Meeting the requirement:

The first aid kit is available in Aspire2 International and has everything in it considering the work safe in mind. Moreover, sometimes they don’t allow us to take the drugs like paracetamol   because that can create more problems.    


18. Bullying and harassment



All college’s must provide a good environment where each individual are valued and treated with respect without bullying or harassment.

(WORKSAFE, 2019) 

Meeting the requirement:

In Aspire2 International if student fell that they are being harassed than they can get support. Each student can email to Health and Safety representative for help. Recently, Aspire2 International has set up one bullying campaign which is called Pink Day.



Task: 1 (C) Investigating Health and Safety representative and examine whether the mentioned detail processes have been followed or not:






Aspire2 International:

Primary Investigation:




  • On 11th June, Me any my class Members created one workshop Regarding Health and Safety.
  • Health and Safety Representative Akhil Chopra came to our class and answer

 the questions rose from students.

  • On 10th June, me and my other classmates, we are in a group of 5 went to see all the hazards in college campus.
  • We all then click some photos for the Hazards found in college campus.


Secondary Investigation:




  • Aspire2 International have some health and safety policy which I have gone through by doing this assignment.
  • I found that in every class there is one handout about Emergency and Evacuation Procedure chart in which that write regarding the building warders if student need help in case of emergency situation.
  • Our tutor also forwarded us the handouts for the accident/incident procedure flowchart. This is because every student can aware of what to do in certain situation.
  • Whenever student is having a problem and they can make a consultation with New Zealand qualification Authority Centre. In every class they have provided this guidelines to follow.

Task:2  Evidence of Health and Safety Audit:

(A) Note:   (Audit form I have provided in my appendix)

(B) Note:   (Audit form I have provided in my appendix)

(c) Non Compliant aspects found in Aspire2 International campus:

The table below describes the non-compliant aspects the facilities is Aspire2 International campus does not meet the requirement with health and Safety Act 2015:

Health and Safety aspects not compliant


1.   Common rooms:


Time Frame:

Aspire2 International needs to take care of the dirty microwave.

Clean dirty microwave and sanitized properly.

Microwaves in tower A lunchroom is very dirty, as it is very dangerous for one’s health because it creates germs inside the microwave. I have attached the picture with my appendix.

Twice a day:

They need to clean it After the lunchtime finish and at the end of the day.

They need to replace the Top loading water dispenser with the bottom-loading dispenser.

Water dispenser in tower A lunchroom is very high as this is the risk for the students at the time of refilling the water. It might get splashed on someone’s face. However, the need to replace it or they can placed it lower

By the end of this term that is after 28th June, they can fix this problem.

Toasters need to be clean.

Toaster in lunchroom is very dirty. As per the health is concerned, dirty toasters are very dangerous. As old crumps stuck in the bottom, it will spoil the taste of food or also it may cause fire. They have to replace the toasters or clean with vinegar everyday (Heath, 2016).

Replace the toasters by the end of this term, i.e. after 28th June.

Section: 2

2. Toilets:

Basin support plate is damaged.

Level 6,Tower A, Female toilet, the support plate is broken. This is very dangerous as it might fall on someone’s leg. As that washbasin plate is of wood. Hence they need to replace it with new one.

After 28th June


Tower A level 8, I found that the hand dryer is not working. The heat coming out from that dryer is too slow and it will end up causing bacteria. However, now Aspire2 have to install a bigger hand-dryer with greater power.

After college hours

26th June

Drawers needs be replaced:

In level-7, Tower-A, Men’s toilet, the drawers are broken. This is the biggest risk for someone who is standing there and it might falls on their feet. To solve this issue, they need to fix it as soon as possible.

28th June until 5th July


3. Classrooms:

Broken Fan Base:

In A-7-2 class, there is a broken fan base with pedestal base. If someone starts the base, the fan is shaking and because it starts shaking it might fell on someone’s leg. To overcome with this issue, the need to replace this.

26th June until 28th June.

Section: 4

4. Lifts:

Emergency Button is not working:


Tower C lifts, Interiors are damaged. As the emergency button inside the lifts are not working which means that if someone trapped in lifts they can’t call someone for help.

As this is very important they need to fix it urgently as soon as possible.

Door Sensors:

Tower A lift, the sensors are too slow and because of that the sensors cannot predict the motion of humans. Hence, they need to replace the sensors immediately.

In mid term vacation where there is no student in premises. Month of June first week.

Section: 5


Courtyard area’s:


Drinking water area on ground floor is too slippery. Hence, health and safety representative need to place a RUG to avoid people falling from slippery area.

21th June 2019

Concrete in parking area:

Students with bikes usually parked their bikes on ground floor, they have created a parking area for students. The problem is because of big concrete; the person who tries to park their vehicle might hit their head. They need to put mind your head sign to avoid that problem.

20th June





Task: 3 Evaluation of Health and Safety Audit:

(A) Summary of findings from audit:


Section: 1 Student and employee induction:



Milton D’Souza

15 Minutes


20 Minutes


  1. What Aspire2 International is doing for the health and Safety of New Comers that is Student or Staff?


Findings: After interviewing Milton D’Souza and some of Aspire2 students, I end up with different opinions. Total 61% of students told me that on the day of orientation, Health and Safety Representative is providing some presentation slides regarding Health and Safety. However, 6% students told me that they are not giving any information regarding health and Safety.


Aspire2 International is very strict and very mindful for their actions for health and Safety of new comers. Students and staff is getting an induction on the day of their orientation. The Health and Safety Representative of Aspire2 is then conduct a small presentation on the Health and Safety. In that presentation period they explain regarding how students can get any First Aider, or what to do during any emergency situation.


  1. Does Aspire2 International is having any evacuation procedure for any emergency situation like Earthquake, Tsunami or any Bomb threat?



Findings:  After findings, I came to know that 80% of total members told me that yes; Aspire2 International has emergency evacuation procedure. Moreover, 20% total number of students doesn’t know regarding the evacuation procedure.

Analysis:  Aspire2 International has all perfect plans for Emergency Evacuation Procedure. In every class they have stick emergency procedure to aware students for what to do in terms of emergency like Earthquake, Tsunami or any bomb threat. In that note they also mention to whom students can call when they need help. However, if there is any problem then health and safety representative is ready to help the student or victim.



3.      Does Aspire 2 International make efforts to minimize the hazards or follow the process to monitor risk control plan?


Findings: Aspire2 International could not guarantee to minimize the risk but at some point they and monitor the risk as much as possible. Total 55% member told me that Assistant of Health and Safety manager Sahil nanda could continuously ask students and also come and check the hazards in college. Other 20% members are not sure about that.


Analysis: According to my analysis, Health and Safety Representative, they come often and check for the hazards. However, there are many hazards in campus and sometimes its impossible for them to check each and every hazards and control them.

4Are cleaner’s follow the correct cleaning method and also are suitable cleaning chemicals available and store properly in Aspire 2 International?


Findings: After taking interview, 60% of total student told me that toilets are clean. However, some students in comments wrote that the toilets are not cleans as well as not enough chemicals. 

Analysis: According to my analysis, I have been observed that the toilets are clean and after interviewing our Health and Safety Representative we came to know that cleaners come twice and keep cleaning and refilling the chemicals. Moreover, they came after the lunch break so that the toilets are clean until they come and clean it in evening.

5.  Does Aspire2 International have policy regarding how to support their staff and student from psychological mental health called bullying or harassment?


Findings: Aspire2 International have 24*7 helpline number in which students can call and ask them for help whether if they stressed to much or they think they are getting Bullying. 90% of them told me that aspire2 international is providing help to students.

Analysis:  Aspire2 International is keep-spreading awareness to students regarding bullying and harassment. Recently, the have organized Pink Day against Anti-Bullying.

Task:3 (b)

Recommendations for the premises based non-compliant aspects to overcome it:



How will Aspire2 implement?

1. Renovation and redesign the outline of Aspire2 campus like classrooms and offices.

Aspire2 International should renovate and redesign the campus. As such, some of the IT offices in Aspire2 is very small as there are more staff working compared to the size of the room. Moreover, this will create a risk in emergency situation because the people inside working have to face a lot of hazards like bench, chairs, desk, computers, wires, etc. According to my recommendation, they need to separate classrooms and offices instead of turning classroom into offices and offices into classrooms.

2. Aspire2 needs to install handrails and put visual contrast on stairwell.

First and very important thing for Aspire2 International is to provide handrails on stairwell. Sometimes, lifts are not working and many of students and staff use stairwell. This will reduce many risks like overstepping. Install handrails on the sides of stairwell and also they need to add visual contrast at the end of each stairs.


Task: 4



The purpose of the assignment is to check whether Aspire2 have fulfilled the requirements given by Health and Safety Work Act 2015. Moreover, student need to make an checklist include the complete Internal and External compliance requirements. Further, following the assignment we need to provide certain recommendations for the premise of Aspire2 International.

Purpose of Health and Safety:

Health and Safety Work Act 2015, Government design this act to protect all the their stakeholders from hazards, to guide all small and big businesses in New Zealand. After certain point an audit will be process and they come with two outputs, i.e. Negative or Positive. Moreover, if the results are negative then certain actions will be taken and Organisation needs to follow thereafter.

Outline of the task that were completed to achieve the audit:

Here, after doing the health and safety audit, we examine some of the tasks that were meeting the requirement of Health and Safety Act 2015. Some of the sections like Hygiene factor, now they regularly come and monitor the hygiene factor in campus twice a day. This will make the audit check completed.

Summary of Findings:

Health and Safety standards of Aspire2 International are meeting the standards when it compared to Health and Safety Work Act 2015. Aspire2 International have perfect plans for their emergency situations like Earthquake, Fire, Tsunami, etc. All this facility is under the health and Safety Representative of Aspire2 i.e. Akhil Chopra. Aspire2 International is very good in giving feedbacks and they are ready to provide the best to all their stakeholders.


1. Aspire2 International will redesign the structure of offices like IT. It offices in Aspire2 is very small and people working in it is more than the space of the room. This will create the hazards. However, they should not turn offices into classrooms and classrooms in to offices.

2. Aspire2 International have to install handrails to the stairwells. These will create big hazards for students as sometimes students and staff oversteps and this will create a risk. In order to avoid these problems, they need to provide handrails on both sides and also provide visual contrast at the end of stairs.


Note: (I have provided my appendix to my tutor)


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