Analysis Of Man And Superman English Literature Essay

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Act one of ” Man and Superman ” takes place in Portland , London this act starts with a great shock between Tanner and Ramsden , because they discover that both of them will serve as guardians of Whitefield’s daughters Ann and Rhoda , whose father has just passed a way.

Tanner and Ramsden dislike each other ; Ramsden is a respectful man who hates Tanner because of his ideas and thinking . He sees him as a person without moral . On the other hand ,Tanner sees Ramsden as an old fashioned man . There is another man on the stage ; he is Octavious , Tanner friend , a young poet . He loves Ann but Ann doesn’t respond to Octavious love . On the contrary , she rejects him , because she loves Tanner .

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Ann appears with her mother , Mrs. Whitefield .Ann is a beautiful girl . She seems sad because of the death of her father . Tanner and Ramsden present this dilemma to Ann and her mother . Ann asks them to accept this partnership , and don’t reject it because it is her father wish . Then, Ramsden departs the stage .Tanner and Octavious sit and talk. Suddenly , Ramsden appears with a new what that is Octavious’s sister , Violet is to become unmarried mother . She is pregnant without marriage .

All of the characters are shocked except Tanner , who congratulates Violet on ” the fulfillment of her highest purpose and greatest function to increase , multiply , the replenish it earth ” (Shaw.1973)

Miss Ramsden , a spinster decided that Violet must be fired from the house as soon as possible . Violet is in an unenviable position ; she enters and asks them to be quiet to reveal the truth . She is not a fallen woman yet , but she has a secretly married .

Violet adds that she cannot tell them the identity of her husband . This fact makes the characters relax .

Act Two

Act two of ” Man and Superman ” takes place in the park of house near Richmond .This act starts with a conversation between Jack Tanner and his chauffeur , Henry Straker. Straker is a skillful mechanic . He feels sad , because there is a new steam car is being driven down ; this type of car is very fast and his car is not as fast as the new car . Fortunately ; there is a good news for Straker that is both cars will be used for traveling . All characters are planning to go on a trip to France .

Octavius comes and talks with his friend about his love and emotion toward Ann . Through their speech the audience reveal that Ann refused Octavius .Tanner mock of his friend , because he has not tried love in his life . Tanner is given a note from Rhoda Whitefield by Octavius , in this note ; Rhoda tells Tanner that Ann , her elder sister , had forbidden her to go on the motor trip with him .

Ann comes and tells Tanner that Rhoda has a headache, so that she can not join them in the motoring party .While Tanner faces Ann , she offers many reasons .Ann claims that she is a dutiful daughter obeying her mother’s order . Mrs. Whitefield appears with Hector Malone , the young American , and followed by Ramsden and Octavius , through Mrs. Whitefield talking ; she asks Tanner to take Rhoda out for a motor trip . He becomes sure that Ann is lying . Ann introduces Hector quickly to absorbs Tanner’s angry .Ann tells Hector that they are planning to go on trip .

Hector reveals his respect toward Violet and appears his desire to accompany Violet in the trip . He is warned that Violet is a married woman . Violet is asked to have a few words in privet by Hector . In conversation between Hector and Violet , the audience finds out that Hector is Violet husband .The reason for making their marriage in secret is that , Hector belongs to a billionaire family , his father wants him to marry a member of the aristocracy, so he refuses this marriage between his son and Violet .

Violet forbids Hector to announce their marriage , because his father may disinherit him , on the other hand, she has no desire to live poor .

Tanner returns with his chauffeur. They discuss the continental trip .Straker tells Tanner that Ann looks for Tanner as a spouse , so she refuses Octavious .Tanner is shocked and tells his chauffeur to ride new car to go out of Ann’s reach because he wants to be free .

Act three

Act three of ” Man and Superman ” takes place in the Spanish Siewas . It is evening , there are a group of bandits , their works are stopping cars and stealing their owners . Mendoza is the leader of this group , which contains twelve men . When waiting for cars . the necessary procedure is made by the brigand They have strewn nails on the road . The brigands force the car to stop , cars owner . Tanner and Straker , are arrested . Mendoza postpones business until the next day, there will be no talk of ransom , so that they can now relax Mendoza tells Tanner and his story . He was a waiter and became a brigand after disappointment in love . He is rejected by his lady , because he is a Jew . She has a strong feeling that Jews are dirty in their custom .Through his talking , it is revealed that Straker is a brother of Louisa, Mendoza’s lady .Tanner calms the two men .Straker go to sleep . An original love Lyric addressed Louisa is read by Mendoza to Tanner who is asleep before Mendoza has finished .

Tanner views himself as Dan Juan in hell in his dream he sees an old woman . He goes and talk to her . Don Juan shocks her when he tells her that she is in Hell . She has expected to be in heaven , because she is a good girl and a loyal daughter of the Church . Don Juan explains that there are many good people in hell . she asks him about himself . He declares that he killed the father of his lover in a duel between them . At the same time , he assures her that he is not guilty .

When they finished talking about her status in hell , Juan asks her to choose any age she dreams to be . she prefers to be twenty —seven. She is changed to a beautiful girl , Don Juan sees her as Ann Whitefield, and calls Through their discussion , Ana discovers that Juan is the murderer of her Dona Ana de Ulloa . Suddenly , Ana’s father appears as the living statue of the commander of Calatraven .He doesn’t remember his daughter . After a short time , the devil enters . he welcomes the statue and citizens . then the statue, declares that he wants to leave hell and go out to heaven , because ” the hell is a place of where you have nothing to do but amuse your self ” .( Shaw.1973)

The statue doesn’t like to think at all . Dan Juan explains that the object of the life is intellect . Ana starts talking about the relationship between men and women . she believes that the great function of men is to earn money for their family . On the other hands , the function of women is to raise their children . Juan shocks Ana and her father when he explains that marriage is the most bawdy in human organization. Ana begins the defense of marriage .

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Don Juan shows desire to leave hell and go to heaven because he is stuck in hell ,people in hell do not use their brain , and they fined their happiness in doing nothing . On the contrary, Juan finds his happiness in thinking . He can develop his mental capacity in Heaven .Don Juan departs hell and go to heaven .

It is morning Tanner woke up , the brigand’s sentry tell the brigands that there are car and two armored cars approach the place. Tanner is told that Ann had traced him everywhere. Everyone is happy to find Tanner and Straker .

Act four

Act four of ” Man and Superman ” takes place in the garden, in an a expensive and pretentious villa in Granada. Enry Straker in the stage with an Irishman , Hector Malone , Sr. there is a note sent to Hector ; Straker had received it and he is asked to give it to Hector introduces himself as Hector Malone , Sr. Violet welcomes him . He is made a ware of his son’s deep interest in some woman unknown to him by the note , which is for his son . But now Malone know that Hector’s lover is Violet .He refuses her to be a wife for his son , because she is romantic to cope with money like his son , Although he considers her an intelligent girl .

The conversation between Violet and Malone reveals that the father may disinherits his son if he marry Violet . He sees that Violet’s social position isn’t good as Hector’s position , Violet belongs to a middle class .The conversation between them is stopped by Hector’s arrival .Hector is angry with his father for having read the letter .Violet calms him by explaining that Malone’s name was on the Lehrer’s cover .

Tanner , Ramsden ,Ann and Octavious enter. Hector is asked by his wife to introduce his father to her family , but he refuse .Malone became sure that his son married Violet . He faced Hector whom doesn’t deny and a vow his marriage to Violet his father describes his son’s wife as a thief . The son refuses the description and challenges his father . He tells his father that he is a worker and he can earn money for his family .Hector wants to be independent of his father .

Tanner and his friend , Octavious , show that they are willing to help Hector get a good start. Hector is still refusing any help from his father .so that , his father asks Violet to return his son to his senses .Violet advices Malone not to do anything without informing her . Then , she is given a thousand —dollar bill, by Malone .

Violet leaves ,The father Malone is excited , Tanner and Ramsden talk with Malone Through their talking the audience find that Malone’s business in Mendoza , limited Malone is informed by Tanner that he knows Mendoza , and he promises to take Malone to him . Malone and Ramsden leave . Octavious is called by Tanner and is told that brigands its financed by Malone , then Tanner follows Malone and Ramsden .

Octavious walks with Ann in the garden . He tries to convince her to marry him . Ann explains that her mother decides that Ann will marry Tanner and it is also her father’s wish . This fact shocks Octavious .Ann adds that Tanner has no illusions about her , and asks Octavious that he must not tell Jack what she tells him . Octavious becomes very sad . Ann leaves him lonely and enter her villa Mrs. Whitefield appears and sees the weeping Octavious through her speaking with him ; he tells her what Ann told him Tanner arrives , and asks Octavious bout his tears . Octavious hopelessly departs after asking Mr. Whitefield to tell Tanner what she wishes . Mrs. Whitefield tells Tanner that she wants him to marry her daughter Tanner refuses Ann because , she is a liar .The mother agrees with him , but she explains that she can’t hate her daughter just she sees her daughter’s mistakes .

Ann enters , she is a lone with Tanner on the stage the conversation on between them shows that Tanner refuses the marriage to Ann , and she convinces him to marry her. At last . Tanner announces that he will marry Ann she swoons when she hears that .

Violet , Octavious , Mrs. Whitefield , Malone , Ramsden , Mendoza and Straker enter Tanner declares that he will marry Ann . He is congratulated by his friend Octavious , Ann shows her happiness . Then , Tanner and Ann Announce that they will marry will make a simple wedding, when they return to England . The curtain of the play is closed .


My research is devoted to discuss main characters in George Bernard Show’s play ” Man and Superman ” which was written in 1903 .

It contains a discussion of Shaw’s life and some of his famous works It also contains a summary of the play . Which consists of four acts .


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